Undefeatable – Ch700

Chapter 700 – Divine Beast Boss

Inside the Floodplain World.

Luo Tian was standing on top of a cliff, and below the cliff was full of demonic beasts. They looked like zombies in those zombie movies of his previous life, frantically trying to climb towards him. Even the cliff was shaking from their actions.

“Your granny…”

“After a full five days, I’ve attracted the demonic beasts from the surrounding 10,000 miles here.”

“Now is the time to reap the benefits, right?”

Luo Tian was sweating profusely and was soaked to the skin.

In the beginning, he was killing one demonic beast at a time.

Time was too short for him. Even though there were a lot of experience points around, his leveling speed was still too slow. He was only able to level up once after ten days. He was currently in the Profound God 2nd rank and still missing a little over 40% of his experience bar to the Profound God 3rd rank.

This was tens of billions of experience points!

Upon thinking up to this point, Luo Tian felt like this was a bit screwed up.

He had played many video games in his previous life but he has never seen a game where they made their players gain tens of billions of experience points just to level up once. Looking at the string of zeros gave him the urge to pull the system out and hang it up on a tree. Then, he would proceed to beat it up straight for eight days and nights. Let’s see the system try to level up! This was too depressing!

Even though he was unhappy about it, he still had to go level up. Luo Tian didn’t have other ways to make breakthroughs and could only kill monsters to accumulate experience points.

But when compared to other martial artists, one can only use a single expression to describe his cultivation speed – sitting on a rocket! A super rocket capable of reaching outer space and other planets! Other Profound God rankers had to use a few hundred years in order to break through to the next small realm but Luo Tian only used up ten days.

When you compare the two, they weren’t even on the same page!

The only issue is that Luo Tian was short on time.

The immortal sect disciple competition is in half a months’ time. He was only at the Profound God 2nd rank so his leveling speed was still too slow.

When it came to Eggy and the others, they were also ferocious to the max.

Eggy kept eating the items Luo Tian forged and his breakthroughs were like playing around.

Jingang, Murong Bai, Black Widow, and Big Mustache were drinking Eggy’s Dragon God essence blood so their cultivation speed was crazy too. One can only use the word perverted to describe it. They were a pack of animals breaking through without a care for their lives!

Luo Tian’s leveling speed was actually kind of slow compared to them.

But he had been luring these demonic beasts here for five days and today was the date to reap the reward!

Looking at the ferocious beasts going crazy below the cliff, Luo Tian grinned and said: “You bunch of bastards, this daddy was chased by you guys for five days already. Now it should be this daddy’s turn. Hahaha…”

After laughing like crazy, Luo Tian swallowed a Divine Burst Pill.

“Crunch~” The medicinal pill was shattered in his mouth.

The power within Luo Tian instantly changed and his cultivation went all the way to the Profound God 4th rank. This was an increase of two levels, causing his powers to become completely different from the 2nd rank. He clenched his fists and thick lines of power rippled outward.

“Level 9 Berserk!”


The power of 512 times his base attributes were released.

A berserk aura was rampaging throughout his body. His fists felt like he was holding onto two large mountains of power.

Luo Tian then flew into the air before shouting: “Myriad Thunder Roar!”

“The great perfection realm!”

“Ten Thousand Lightning Strikes, annihilate!”

“Crack~, BOOM~!”

Storm clouds suddenly gathered in the sky. They started rumbling incessantly and gradually covered a hundred mile radius and enveloped the ferocious beasts below it. The whole world seemed to have darkened like the arrival of the apocalypse.

The sound of thousands of thunder rumbling together.

This was the Furious Thunder Bull’s most powerful skill.

This was the first great divine skill that Luo Tian gained.

After training this skill non-stop for the past few days, he finally broke through to the great perfection realm.

At this moment, Luo Tian roared out: “Nine Dragons and Elephants, level 9!”

“Dragon and elephant as one, explode!”

The power of a Dragon Elephant surged into the clouds, causing them to rumble even more violently. The lightning arcing through the storm clouds became as thick as a person. Its power was condensing and expanding back and forth before reaching its peak. Luo Tian then roared out: “Blast them for me!”




Thousands of thick lightning columns descended from the clouds.

It came straight down without any fancy moves. It was like a laser beam that possessed the powers of the Dragon Elephants capable of suppressing all evil entities. Everywhere it went, stone and grass were turned into powder.

Too strong!

This was practically a scene of a massacre!


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a Serpentine Jade Beast. You have gained 1,000,000 experience points, 10,000 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the skeletal structure of the Serpentine Jade Beast.”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the Serpentine Jade Beast’s bloodline.”


“Congratulations to player…”

“Ding~, ding~, ding~, ding~…”

In the beginning, the system was giving him alert tones one at a time. And now, the system alerts were like a crazy burst of tones that sounded like a symphony to his ears. It made Luo Tian’s blood boil, his serotonin soar, and he almost ejaculated on the spot!

Too exciting!

The experience bar is soaring into oblivion!

In less than ten minutes…


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for leveling up. You are currently at the Profound God 3rd rank!”

“Heh heh…”

“I leveled up.”

“But how can a single level be enough?” Luo Tian smiled while looking at the large group of ferocious beasts that were half dead. It looks like only a small portion of them were killed. He then said, “F*ck it, let’s do it again!”

“Level 9 Berserk!”


“Nine Dragons and Elephants!”


“Myriad Thunder Roar, annihilate!”

“Smash them up for me!”


Another large cluster of laser-like lightning bombarded the area. There were demonic beasts who were dumbstruck and couldn’t react in time, there were those that shit and pissed themselves, and there were those that tried scrambling away. Unfortunately, they were all too slow.


“Ding~, ding~, ding~, ding~…”

His experience points soared.

Luo Tian felt like his eardrums were about to shatter from the alerts, yet his face showed he was feeling awesome to a complete mess. The domineering aura came out of his body like he had suddenly become a monarch. He then roared out: “Imperial God Immortal Sect! Starsea Immortal Sect! Ten great immortal sects! You guys just wait for this daddy!”

“Watch how this daddy will take care of all of you!”

His rage reached the sky!


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for leveling up. You are currently at the Profound God 4th rank!”


“This feels awesome!”

Luo Tian laughed to himself. In just half an hour, he was able to increase his level twice. This kind of speed is definitely unheard of. But Luo Tian was still unsatisfied because he wanted to break into the Profound God Sovereign realm and become a supreme expert within the Tianxuan Continent.

Only then can he suppress everything!

But the demonic beasts below the cliff were all crushed to death and not a single demonic beast could be found for 10,000 miles. Not even a mosquito or a dung beetle!

Wherever Luo Tian went, not a single beast remained alive!

“I still have half a month left.”

“I need to level up a few more times.”

Luo Tian looked around at the darkened ground that was bombarded by his Myriad Thunder Roar before looking at the time. He then exhaled and decided, “Time is almost up. I’ll go out first and come back tomorrow.”

The moment he was about to leave, a divine beast that looked like a Pixiu ¹ appeared on a nearby hill.

A blinding golden glow!

Luo Tian’s eyes shifted over and exclaimed: “Wow, a divine beast boss!”


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