Undefeatable – Ch701

Chapter 701 – A Secret That Can Only Be Told When We Do That

Visibility slowly became blurred.

Half a second later, Luo Tian returned to his secret chambers.

He had a stunned expression on his face because that divine beast boss was coldly staring at him the moment he disappeared. It was like a lion king staring at an intruder on its territory. Its eyes had a strong killing intent concealed in its icy cold stare, causing anyone to meet its eyes to shudder uncontrollably.

“I never imagined there would be a boss there!”

The first time Luo Tian entered the Floodplain World, he didn’t do anything but fly and roam around in an attempt to see how big the place was.

He had flown for fifty minutes and only saw mountain ranges and thick forests, and didn’t see any demonic beasts.

Moreover, what surprised him was that he couldn’t find any bosses even though he spread out his spiritual senses to its maximum. Killing bosses was the greatest feeling ever but he was only met with disappointment. He found some regular beasts but didn’t find any bosses after flying for over ten million kilometers.

He thought this world didn’t have any bosses.

But he clearly saw the ferocious beast standing on top of the mountain was a boss. A boss that looked extremely tough and strong.


Luo Tian instantly became happy and said to himself: “I need to look for that guy next time. It would be great if I could use Magic Charm to control it and help me to level up. That would be so awesome! Why am I so smart? Hahaha…”

“Boss! Boss!” The sound of yelling and knocking was heard outside the secret chamber.

Luo Tian originally had no intention of leaving his secret chamber. But a few days later, he had to leave because the number of demonic beast bones he had would no longer fit into his spatial ring. There was no way he could forge that many profound weapons in a single day.

There were also the spiritual herbs.

He had too little time.

Luo Tian kept handing over resources to Han Hua so she could distribute them.

These were all good things and could replenish the resources of Mount Hua Immortal Sect. The current disciples of Mount Hua Immortal Sect were all holding either sky grade bone blades, bone knives, bone spears, or bone whips. This kind of standard was something even the Imperial God Immortal Sect couldn’t compare with.

Upon hearing Eggy’s voice, it was the perfect time to give him the profound weapons he had forged overnight. Luo Tian opened up the secret chambers and said: “You came rather early today, you can’t be hungry already, right? You damn foodie, the only thing you know how to do is to eat! I will definitely go broke one day from your eating habits!”

Eggy laughed and replied: “Boss, this one only wants to make breakthroughs faster to share in your burdens. This one cannot help it. If I don’t eat, I’m not going to get stronger. This one is the world’s most handsome dragon, so I’ve already restrained myself in order to maintain my good figure.”

“Restraint your sister!”

Luo Tian then continued scolding: “You eat over a thousand semi-divine artifacts in a single day and you want to speak of restraint to me?! Say it one more time if you have the guts! I guarantee that I won’t beat you to death!”

Eggy immediately lowered his head, “Boss, this one doesn’t dare. This one came here so early because there’s a matter that needs to be brought to your attention.”


Luo Tian was faintly surprised and asked: “What matters? Did some expert from the ten great immortal sects kill their way over? Their mothers! This daddy didn’t go looking for them yet they came looking for me?! Immediately order the doors to be shut and let Eggy out!”


“My mistake, it’s to shut the doors and let the dogs out!” Luo Tian quickly changed his words.

Since they have come, then he couldn’t allow them to leave alive.

Their granny!

Eggy quickly said: “It’s not people of the ten great immortal sects, it’s an envoy sent by the devil sect.”

“Someone from the devil sect?” Luo Tian was hiddenly surprised while a frown appeared on his face. He then said to himself: “What are the people from the devil sect here for? The last time I killed one of their Elders and a secret skill exploded from his corpse. Could they be here to settle that issue with me?”

Eggy then said: “They said they wanted to form an alliance with us. Big sister Han Hua said it was for you to decide so she didn’t kick him off our mountain. Immortal sects and devil sects are incompatible like fire and water. Boss, just one word from you, and I will quickly kill him off.”

“Form an alliance?”

“To go against the ten great immortal sects?”

“Oh? Now that’s a bit interesting.” Luo Tian then continued: “There’s no need, I’m not like those old stubborn men who believe that the immortal sects and the devil sect are incompatible like fire and water. I believe that there are no eternal enemies and there are no eternal friendships, only eternal brotherhood.”

“Since he has come, then I should go meet him. I want to see how the devil sect wants to ally with me.” Luo Tian smiled before continuing: “Where is the devil sect’s envoy?”

Eggy replied: “He’s in the outer sect’s Welcoming Hall. Little Whitey White and Big Cow Cow are there as well.”

“Little Whitey White…”

“Big Cow Cow…”


Luo Tian couldn’t hold it in and burst out in laughter before saying: “Notify senior sister Han to have someone bring them to Mount Hua’s main hall. I’m going to wash up first.”

Eggy immediately flew off.

Looking at Eggy’s back disappearing into the distance, Luo Tian started laughing his ass off. “Little Whitey White and Big Cow Cow… hahaha… Those names are too well thought out! I bet Eggy threatened them that if they don’t let him use those nicknames, he won’t give them his dragon blood. Hahaha…”

A short time later.

Yun Ling and Yun Yi served Luo Tian while he took a bath and changed into some clean clothes.

If it weren’t for the time constraint, Luo Tian would have definitely dragged them in for a game of mandarin ducks playing in the water. They would have a good water battle, which would definitely be a very fun and exciting experience.

After changing clothes, Luo Tian’s little brother was still poking out upwards even though he was trying his hardest to suppress it.

Yun Ling and Yun Yi’s cheeks and ears turned crimson red and they didn’t dare to meet Luo Tian’s hot fiery gaze.

Luo Tian gently cupped Yun Ling’s chin and said pervertedly: “After I take care of the important matters, I will definitely fully spoil you two, heh heh…”

After saying that, he didn’t forget to give Yun Yi’s little butt a rough grab.

“Big sister Leng, there’s a rascal here!”

“He’s also a big pervert too, humph~…”

The two girls puffed up their cheeks pretending to be angry. But in reality, their hearts were filled with happiness.

Leng Hanshuang then said: “The devil sect’s envoy is still waiting.”

Luo Tian walked over with a smile and stared at Leng Hanshuang. He then tsked, “I feel like you girls have become more beautiful lately. Is it the dragon blood or did Black Widow pass on her evil charming skills to you girls?”

The more he looked, the prettier he felt they had become.

They were exuding an endless charm that made him unable to extricate himself.

Whether it was their skin, every part of their body, or their eyes, everything seemed to have changed.

Leng Hanshuang giggled and said: “I’m not going to tell you, hee hee…”


Luo Tian was lost in thought upon seeing Leng Hanshuang giggling. This iceberg had truly melted. In front of him, she was just like a little housewife. Luo Tian was full of joy as he teased: “Are you going to tell me? If you don’t speak, I’m going to…”

Before he finished his words, Luo Tian grabbed onto Leng Hanshuang’s waist. The little brother in his crotch instantly rose up higher and poked against her. This was dry wood meeting fire!

Luo Tian’s fingers started tickling Leng Hanshuang’s waist, “Are you going to talk? Are you going to talk or not?”

“Hahaha… hahaha… hahaha…”

“I’ll talk! I’ll talk! Let me go first!”

When Luo Tian let go, Leng Hanshuang quickly ran off with a playful smile. “I will tell you later when we do that, hee hee.”

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