Undefeatable – Ch707

Chapter 707 – Please Bless Me, Teacher Sola Aoi

He was being targeted!

Even in his dreams, Luo Tian never expected to be targeted by a bunch of Steel Blade Beasts.

At this time, Luo Tian realized it was a trap.

A trap waiting for him to jump straight in.

This trap was definitely prepared by that divine beast boss that watched him leave the Floodplain World.

Luo Tian wanted to kill it and didn’t expect it to want to kill Luo Tian as well.

It was very normal for a divine beast to have intelligence. But intelligence so high that it knew how to set traps and to use beasts that went against Luo Tian’s Myriad Thunder Roar, now that was a little too outrageous.

Cold sweat appeared on Luo Tian’s palms.

At this time, another large wave of crescent shaped blade qi flew over.




Luo Tian’s body was flashing all over the place but it was impossible to dodge all the blade qi’s. He did his best to dodge and still received several large wounds. While fresh blood dripped down his body, he looked at the sky and found a group of flying Steel Blade Beasts hovering there and paying attention to his movements. They weren’t moving but had the look that if Luo Tian dared to fly into the air, they would release their arrows and turn him into a sieve.

The steel arrows on their bodies contained a strong penetrative power.

Luo Tian didn’t dare to recklessly charge out.

The only martial skills he had that were related to speed were Shadewind Steps and Shadow Clone.

Shadow Clone’s ultimate esoteric move was called Flashback.

It allowed him to phase through attacks but it only had a short travel distance, so there was no way for him to bypass the large flying army above him.

Shadewind Steps also reached the great perfection level and he was given Breaking Moon.

But it still wasn’t enough with its given speed. Those Flying Steel Blade Beasts gave Luo Tian an unusual gut feeling that their true flying speed was beyond his expectations.

“What should I do?”

“I’m going to be exhausted to death if this keeps up.”

“It is simply too slow to kill them one by one. Most likely before I can even finish killing one, my body would be sliced up into pieces already by those blade qi.” Luo Tian’s thoughts were flying and one thing he realized was he couldn’t use brute force but to use his wit.

Thinking up to the point where the trap was laid out by the divine beast boss, Luo Tian’s heart shook as he said to himself: “That boss must be somewhere nearby! As long as I kill it first, then everything should work out on its own.”

“But how am I supposed to charge out of here to find it?”

This was the problem.

He was surrounded like he was in the middle of a steel fortress. Even if Luo Tian was a Profound God 4th ranker expert, he didn’t have the power to rush out casually. The demonic beasts in the Tianxuan Continent couldn’t be compared to the ones inside this Floodplain World. The demonic beasts here were much stronger and tougher than the ones at the great perfection realm in the Tianxuan Continent.

“Who knows where Mount Hua’s progenitor went to get so many perverted Steel Blade Beasts from?”

“Demonic beasts from higher realms are truly not simple!”

Luo Tian grumbled internally while he kept thinking of ways on how to charge out of this entrapment.



Another round of crescent shaped blade qis chopped over.

Luo Tian kept retreating in an embarrassing fashion. He was extremely pissed off as he shouted: “Motherf*ckers! Don’t let this daddy find a chance out! If this daddy finds the chance, I will definitely play you all to death!”


“Puff~, puff~…” Several wounds on Luo Tian’s body sprayed out blood.

Luo Tian was covered in blood while his eyes turned fierce. “I don’t care anymore. Let me try it first to see if it works. If it doesn’t work, I will try another method.”

Luo Tian’s body suddenly shifted as he locked eyes onto a certain Steel Blade Beast in the air. He then shouted: “Magic Charm! Ultimate esoteric, Heavenly Temptation!”

“Bzzzt~, bzzzt~…”

A lightning net descended.

Luo Tian had trained his Magic Charm to the great perfection realm.

The success rate was greatly improved.

With the addition of Luo Tian’s 100 points in his luck stats, Magic Charm’s success rate should have risen even further.


“Summon failed!”

“Damn it!”

“Are you trying to take my life?” Luo Tian scolded in a low voice. The moment he cast Magic Charm, his body was hit by several more slashes of blade qis in a row. Since he had lost too much blood at this point, his face turned paler.

“My level still isn’t high enough?”

“Crunch~” Luo Tian swallowed a Divine Burst Pill.

He then shouted out once more: “Magic Charm, Heavenly Temptation!”

“Bzzzt~, bzzzt~…”

A huge lightning net descended.

Luo Tian listened carefully.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for successfully charming the Steel Blade Beast.”


Luo Tian was ecstatic as he instantly shouted: “Shadewind Steps, Breaking Moon!”


Luo Tian’s figure was like an arrow on its flight.

His reaction was fast but those flying Steel Blade Beasts were even faster. The moment he moved, all the arrows were already shooting towards his path. If he was shot by those arrows, not to mention a sieve, most likely he would be directly shot into powder.

At the most critical time, Luo Tian revealed a smug smile as he shouted: “Shadow Clone, Flashback!”


His speed suddenly changed.

His body phased past the arrows and he appeared on top of the Steel Blade Beast he had charmed. Luo Tian sent out a thought that linked to its mind, “Charge out of here…”

Everything happened too quickly.

Even those Steel Blade Beasts didn’t realize that one of their own had become Luo Tian’s summoned pet.


The Steel Blade Beast cried out as it tried to resist. But it found out all its struggles were useless as there was some time of force taking over its mind. The controlling force made it obedient to Luo Tian so it had no choice but to break out of the area.


“This daddy escaped!”

“I’m simply a once-in-a-lifetime genius! I’m starting to admire myself now!” Luo Tian smiled narcissistically. At the same time, he looked about and noticed the divine beast boss standing on top of a mountain not too far away. Luo Tian immediately became pissed off as he scolded: “Motherf*cker! This daddy knew it was you who did this!”

“Go charge over there for me!”

“Whoosh~, whoosh~, whoosh~…”

Its wings started flapping and the speed increased like crazy. Luo Tian felt fortunate as he said to himself: “It’s good that I didn’t rely on my own speed to break out away from them or else the consequences would be unimaginable.”

Behind him was a large group of Steel Blade Beasts chasing after him like they didn’t care about their lives.

It was just a large black mass of moving beasts.

If they caught up to him, death would be the only outcome.

Not too far away, there was a divine beast with a golden glow that looked very similar to a legendary Pixiu of his previous life. The only difference was its body was much larger and the golden glow was so bright that Luo Tian couldn’t see its exact looks.

Getting closer and closer.

The divine beast didn’t move and its face had a cold smirk filled with disdain.

Being looked down on!

The boss was looking down on Luo Tian!

When it looked at Luo Tian, its eyes were like it was looking at an already dead person. Luo Tian only came here to seek his own demise!

Your uncle can endure…

Your aunty can endure…

But Heavenly Emperor Luo Tian couldn’t! After killing demonic beasts for several years, this was the first time he was being disdained by one! How could he allow this to happen? Luo Tian’s eyes narrowed as he scolded: “You dare to look down on this daddy? You just wait and see how you’re going to suffer later!”

This distance was getting closer and closer.

At this moment, Luo Tian roared out: “Magic Charm, Heavenly Temptation!”

“Please bless me, Teacher Sola Aoi!”

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