Undefeatable – Ch708

Chapter 708 – Luo Tian Wants To Cry

Luo Tian didn’t even think about it. Once he reached a certain distance, he immediately cast Magic Charm.

“Ambushing this daddy?”

“This daddy will use you to level up!”

A tooth for a tooth!

Luo Tian had always wanted to make a boss his summoned pet so that it could go about killing monsters. Watching it kill its own fellow monsters is really an awesome feeling!

In his previous life, the game settings usually didn’t allow players to make a boss their summoned pet.

But anything was possible in this world.

Luo Tian wanted these Steel Blade Beasts that almost killed him to be punished by being killed by the divine beast boss.

But everything depended on the spell’s success.

If he were to fail…

Actually, Luo Tian never thought he would fail. He felt that Teacher Sola Aoi was constantly watching over him so there was no way he would fail. The moment he cast Magic Charm, Luo Tian turned around and ran. If he didn’t flee quickly enough, he might really be killed by this fierce boss.

So the moment he turned around…


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for your successful summon!”

“You have charmed the super boss pet Blade River King!”


Luo Tian instantly became dumbstruck.

His eyes were dull, his brains had short-circuited, and he could only say a single word. It was like his brain couldn’t catch up with what was happening before him. He turned back stiffly and noticed the divine beast boss was making all sorts of cute actions with a cheap face trying to please Luo Tian.


“Holy shit!”

“Teacher Sola Aoi is mighty! Teacher Sola Aoi is domineering! Teacher Sola Aoi, this one loves you! This one loves you to the point of going crazy!” Luo Tian rambled on without making sense. He then said to himself: “If I can get back to Earth one day, and that day you are still on Earth, I will definitely buy up all your authentic movies instead of the bootlegs. I will then seriously watch each move from start to end. You are simply too awesome! I am so moved that I’m about to cry!”


Luo Tian really wanted to cry!

He never imagined that he could really succeed on the first try.

He had charmed and made a divine beast boss his summoned pet!

As for its name…

Luo Tian’s gaze suddenly changed as he muttered to himself: “Blade River King? This name seems very familiar like I’ve heard it before. Where have I heard of it before? It’s not from this world and sounds like someone from a novel in my previous life.”


“That’s a super expert in the novel Swallowed Star!”


“Do you really need to have the same name?” Luo Tian cursed out. The Blade River King was a nickname given to a super strong person in the novel. And here, he had become a demonic beast boss glowing golden colored.

Of course, the Blade Rive King here was completely different from the one in the novel. It would be very strange if they were the same thing.

However, nothing is ever definite here.

What if the Swallowed Star universe is related to the three thousand realms here?

Luo Tian swallowed his saliva a few times and said: “Damn, this can’t be right? It would be a bit too awesome if that’s the case. That would mean I could encounter Xiao Yan, Linley, Qin Yu, Lin Dong, and others?”

Three thousand realms, all connected with each other.

This kind of thing…

Luo Tian shook his head and said to himself: “Luo Tian, oh Luo Tian! It looks like you’ve read too many novels in your past. You’re about to enter cultivation deviation!”

If what he imagined was really true, then he will stomp on all those powerful main characters. The only reason is that they would definitely be super bosses amongst bosses. He wouldn’t need any system rewards for killing them because they will definitely explode with the best martial skills!

But this was just Luo Tian’s fantasy.

Who knows how the future will turn out and what happens in other higher realms?

“Damn it!”

“Why am I thinking about these useless things? My time is limited and the most important thing is to level up.” Luo Tian read too many novels in his previous life and had lost himself in that world. He pushed out all distracting thoughts and commanded through his mind: “Blade River King, get rid of all these Steel Blade Beasts. If you can’t get rid of them, you will be the one to die! Your mother! Who told you to make a trap for this daddy? Every dog has their day, now it’s your turn to experience the blade qi and arrows from the Steel Blade Beasts, hahaha.”

Luo Tian started getting angry just thinking about it.

The current Luo Tian looked like some rich old landowner. He was leisurely lying on top of the Blade River King like he was sunbathing. Seeing the dark mass of Steel Blade Beasts charging over, Luo Tian pointed and said: “Annihilate them.”


“Owww~, owww~, roar~!”

The Blade River King cried out in a strange manner. His mind was struggling like crazy trying to stop Luo Tian’s thoughts from controlling him. But no matter how much he tried, the power of Heavenly Temptation was too strong for him to handle.

Even in his dreams, he never expected he would be restrained by Luo Tian before they even started fighting.

He had become Luo Tian’s little brother, a henchman to do the dirty work! He couldn’t accept this!


After roaring out, his mind was still ringing and he couldn’t resist.

Immediately after, the Blade River King started rampaging about like a thunderstorm. The blade aura around his body shot into the air and condensed a huge image of a saber. It towered in the air and stood there aiming at the mass of black. The saber then slashed down at the Steel Blade Beasts that were once his little brothers.




The blade qi was powerful to the point of practically being peerless!

Luo Tian’s face was pale as he felt horrified by the scene. The blade qi was tens of thousands of meters long and hundreds of meters thick. “This kind of power is definitely considered heaven-defying! This boss… shit, it’s fortunate that I managed to charm it. Otherwise, I would most likely be the one keeling over right now.”



“Ding~, ding~, ding~…”

The system exploded with a series of alert tones.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a Steel Blade Beast. You have gained 1,500,000 experience points, 150,000 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a Steel Blade Beast. You have gained 1,500,000 experience points, 150,000 profound energy…”

Those messages kept popping up.

A single move instantly killed a large swath of Steel Blade Beasts, turning them all into powder! This kind of power…

Luo Tian’s back was damp as he said once more: “This is too heaven-defying…”


“Kill them! Keep killing them for me!”

The Blade River King couldn’t go against Luo Tian’s command.

He could only kill without stopping. The original imposing and aggressive formation of Steel Blade Beasts had collapsed. They didn’t know what was going on at all. Has the boss lost his mind?


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for leveling up. You are currently at the Profound God 5th rank!”

Luo Tian grinned in excitement, “Hahaha, I leveled up again! What a good Blade River King! You shall be my grinding tool for leveling up! This is great!”

At this time, the health bar of the Blade River King appeared over its head.

One billion!

“F*ck!” Luo Tian instantly cursed out.

“Isn’t this a bit too scary?!”

At the same time, Luo Tian suddenly thought of a very important question – how was he supposed to kill this divine beast boss called the Blade River King?

“Damn it!”

“This is a bit too f*cked up, right? This kind of boss needs a group of at least a few hundred people to kill!”

Luo Tian wanted to cry!

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