Undefeatable – Ch709

Chapter 709 – A Boss With Two Billion Health

One billion points health bar!

If that health bar was its exact amount of blood, then letting it all out will probably form an ocean! This was too crazy!

This kind of boss needed a few hundred people to kill.

It was impossible for a single person to kill him!

Luo Tian was instantly full of bitterness.

However, this wasn’t the end of it. Using Magic Charm to transform a monster into your own summoned pet will allow it to level up. Its health, attack, and speed will increase as it levels up. And the boss Blade River King just leveled up.

Its health went up to 1.1 billion.

Luo Tian became dumbstruck.


“Motherf*cker, does it really have to be like this?!”

“This daddy ain’t playing anymore!”

Luo Tian became depressed. Even if such a strong boss stood still for him to kill, there’s no way he could kill it within an hour. He could only stay in the Floodplain World for one hour each day so what was he supposed to do now?

This was way too screwed up.

What would you do if you encountered a boss that had so much health that you couldn’t kill?

Luo Tian’s brain almost exploded as he couldn’t think of a good idea. He helplessly sighed and said: “Since I have no solutions, then I can only have it kill as many monsters as possible. That way, I would at least get a bit more experience out of it.”

When talking about killing monsters, one must mention that the Blade River King was fierce to a complete mess.

It was like cutting grass, a single move will destroy a bunch of demonic beasts. It was so fierce that no words could describe it.

The fiercer it was, the more Luo Tian felt discomfort.

Being fierce meant this guy was strong. The stronger it was, then the loots coming from it would be even better.

This was still secondary.

The most depressing part was the bones on its body. As long as he could explode it, Luo Tian could probably forge top grade divine artifacts using its skeleton. Jingang, Murong Bai, Yun Ling, and Yun Yi will then get their weapons.

“Look at your own sister!”

“Acting cute your sister! After killing these guys, go find other things to kill. If you dare to rest for a single second, this daddy will kill you! This daddy, this daddy…” Luo Tian didn’t know what to say because there was a love and hate feeling towards this Blade River King.

At this time, Blade River King leveled up once more and his health had reached 1.2 billion.

Luo Tian was already halfway through the Profound God 5th rank, and he would break into the 6th rank very soon. This kind of speed was too fierce!

But Blade River King would revert back to normal in four hours.

Luo Tian checked the system’s time, “Only twenty minutes left? Twenty minutes to deal with 1.2 billion health? System, you damn bastard! Come out here if you have the guts! I promise that I won’t beat you to death. Are you baiting me or trying to mess with me? Since a boss has appeared, you should at least give me some more time so that I can kill it. What do you mean by putting me in such a situation? A health bar with 1.2 billion points… I… I…”


Just when Luo Tian was still saying “I” in mid-thought, Bade River King was doing his best to kill.

In just a few minutes of time, it had leveled up once more.

Its health bar directly increased to 1.3 billion points.

Luo Tian cried but no tears came out.

“Oh heavens!”

“Why don’t you just chop me down right here?”

What was more painful than this in the world?

Staring at a boss that he cannot kill! What kind of world was this?

Luo Tian has never encountered such a situation in his previous life. Back then, if he discovered a strong boss he couldn’t kill alone, he would just call for his buddies to help out. Now he had no brothers and could only fight alone. No matter how strong a Profound God 5th ranker was, there’s no way he could kill this boss.



Luo Tian has never felt so helpless before.

Every game setting will have a certain degree of reasonableness. But it was beyond reason right now and was practically doing whatever it wanted!

Of course, this wasn’t a video game so it didn’t conform to the logic of a game.

Seconds and minutes went by.

Luo Tian couldn’t come up with any good solutions.

The system alert tones kept going off and his experience bar was going up one point at a time. Luo Tian paid no attention to any of it. Compared to leveling up, he was more interested in figuring out how to kill the Bade River King.

Blade River King was rampaging about.

He was destroying everything in its path.

There seemed to be a certain dao coming from the blade aura around its body. It was an extremely strong power that absolutely crushed everything.

The only way Luo Tian could kill it was to attack when it was still his summoned pet. He would then kill it the moment it reverted back to normal. Only this plan would give Luo Tian loot and experience points, or else there’s no way he can accomplish the task.

There was no other way.

Luo Tian wasn’t its opponent when facing it head-on.

When Blade River King was his battle pet, killing him wouldn’t give Luo Tian any loot explosion or experience points. These restrictions were the same as inside the game Legend of Mir.

Luo Tian was very clear on this, so he had to grasp the timing perfectly.


“Ding, ding, ding…”

Every time Blade River King attacked, a large number of system alerts will go off inside Luo Tian’s mind.

One hour will be over very fast.

Due to the restrictions of spatial laws, Luo Tian couldn’t bring Blade River King out of the Floodplain World. Luo Tian wouldn’t do it even if he could bring the guy out. If he couldn’t kill it within four hours, most likely Mount Hua Immortal Sect will be destroyed by it.

This guy was simply too tough.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian on your battle pet, Blade River King leveling up. Its current level is 7!”

A level 7 Blade River King.

Its name had turned bluish-black. Its power, aura, and speed had become even more domineering. It had reached a realm where it was practically unstoppable!

Luo Tian glanced at his health.

“Oh shit!”

“Two billion points of health?! Don’t stop me and just let me die!” Luo Tian’s eyes were dazed. In just a short half an hour, it had leveled up to level 7. Its health points went from one billion to two billion. He couldn’t even kill it when it had a billion health and now it had two billion. This…

This was even more impossible!

This time, the helplessness Luo Tian felt came from the depths of his heart.


“The time is up!”

“Alert: Please immediately leave the Floodplain World. Please immediately leave the Floodplain World…” The system started flashing those red words.

Luo Tian had no other choice and left one last command for the Blade River King. “Keep killing them for me. Kill all the demonic beasts in the Floodplain World for me or else this daddy will kill you.”

This was the only thing he could do.

This was the maximum extraction of an item’s residual value.

Next time, Luo Tian had to avoid this Blade River King or else he would definitely be ripped to pieces by him.

Immediately after, Luo Tian made a thought to leave the Floodplain World. The moment before he left, Luo Tian looked at the Blade River King and the Blade River King stared back at him. It was almost similar to yesterday when they looked at each other.

Luo Tian’s heart felt like it had shattered.

The Blade River King had a cute look on his face and would grin from time to time.


Luo Tian returned to his secret chamber and leaned against the wall. “My heart is cramping! It’s cramping to the point of extreme discomfort!”

A full day after his return, Luo Tian didn’t do anything and just kept thinking about how to kill the Blade River King.

After three hours of coming back, Luo Tian no longer heard any system alert tones. He knew that meant the Blade River King had reverted back to normal.

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