Undefeatable – Ch712

Chapter 712 – The Berserk Blade River King

Everyone was prepared.

The only one left was him.

Luo Tian felt like he was dragging his feet a bit.

The only thing he could blame was that Blade River King’s health was too high.

But Luo Tian still managed to deplete most of it.

After ten plus days of wearing it down, Blade River King only had a little more than ten million health points. Luo Tian planned on bringing that number down to a few hundred points but found out that plan wasn’t feasible. The reason was that Blade River King would regenerate about ten million health per day.

“Your granny, I will definitely kill you today!” Luo Tian made up his mind.

There were only three days left. If he couldn’t kill Blade River King today, his plans will be severely disrupted.

He will get rid of Blade River King today.

Then, he’d go back to the Tianxuan Continent and forge the weapons that Yun Ling and the others needed.

He would then go to Dark North City and go to the Soul Refining Dungeon to look for those old devils. He would randomly pick two of them and bring them to South Heavenly Gate to participate in the competition. Luo Tian had calculated everything precisely.


“Do you wish to enter the Floodplain World?”

“Yes!” Luo Tian made a thought and entered the Floodplain World once more.

Everything before his eyes turned dark before there was a flash.

Luo Tian landed on a cliff and immediately yelled: “Blade River King! Scram out here for this daddy!”

At this time, Luo Tian sent out his senses and became careful.

Blade River King was getting craftier each time.

After being played around by Luo Tian for so many times, Blade River King no longer showed his anger. He became much more devious and started hiding to launch dirty attacks, but he kept losing out when facing Luo Tian.

No matter how high the intelligence of a demonic beast, there’s no way it would be Luo Tian’s opponent.

Not to mention that most people wouldn’t be Luo Tian’s opponent when it came to dirty tricks.

When it came to playing dirty, Luo Tian could play circles around Blade River King.

But it was different today.

Luo Tian checked around his surroundings and found everything normal. He couldn’t detect Blade River King’s aura at all. “Everything looking normal means there’s something abnormal going on. That guy must be hiding somewhere trying to scheme against this daddy. That’s definitely it.”

The more it was like this, the more careful Luo Tian became.

He deliberately showed a relaxed expression on the cliff and even started singing loudly. “You are my little little butt… uhh… little apple. My love for you is not enough…”

He sang several verses and didn’t get any reactions.

“This daddy will open a concert today.”

“I’m going to play him to death!”

A full twenty minutes went by. Luo Tian sang all the songs he could think of and was almost about to sing Conquered.

At this time, Luo Tian found that things didn’t seem right. His mind sank as he said to himself: “Damn it, that guy wouldn’t have run away, right? F*ck…”

Upon thinking up to this point, Luo Tian’s expression drastically changed. He then started cursing: “Blade River King! You are too despicable! Too sinister! You’re playing the missing game with this daddy at a time like this?! Do you still consider yourself a f*cking demonic beast?! You’re only slightly more intelligent than a damn monkey!”

Luo Tian was acting like he had been conned.

Blade River King should only have a little more than ten million health points left.

A few Heavenly Flames should be able to take care of it. Its intelligence seems to be rather high for it to play missing at such a time.

Luo Tian started getting anxious.

He can recover ten million health in a day. If he couldn’t find him with the remaining time, he will have twenty million health points tomorrow. The most important point will be that Luo Tian’s plans will be disrupted.

Luo Tian made so many calculations but there was still a slip up on his plans.

He never expected Blade River King to become especially intelligent at a critical juncture and hid himself.

The Floodplain World was endless to the eye.

Luo Tian didn’t know how big this world was. A super boss like Blade River King would fly tens to hundreds of kilometers in a single day. How was Luo Tian supposed to find him if he hides far away?

Too difficult!


Luo Tian felt like he was being played with. He was naturally unhappy and scolded: “You want to play with intelligence with this daddy? This daddy will play you to death!”

Immediately after, Luo Tian cast Teleport.

He was restricted by the spatial laws of the Floodplain World. So, Luo Tian decided to use Teleport knowing he wouldn’t be teleported out of the world, making him randomly appear within the world.


Luo Tian disappeared and reappeared in a thick forest.

“Grim Reaper’s path of slaughter!”

“Come out for this daddy! I very rarely use you for battles but now it’s your turn. You better find that Blade River King for me or else you can forget about coming out forever.” Luo Tian said with a belly full of anger.


The Grim Reaper’s phantom image climbed ten thousand meters into the sky before standing in mid-air.

In an instant, countless black shadows flew out from its body. They were like ghosts from hell that flew about frantically searching.

Half a minute passed by and nothing was found in a radius of a million kilometers.

Luo Tian clenched his teeth and used another Teleport. He arrived at a new place and used his Grim Reaper’s phantom image to search once more. Blade River King was heavily injured so its aura shouldn’t be as strong as when they first met.

That guy should be very upset.

No matter if it was momentum or strength, it should have been greatly reduced.

It was impossible for it to completely hide its aura when it was injured. Luo Tian was using his Grim Reaper’s path of slaughter to search so as long as it was within range, its hiding place would be found.

“Still nothing!”


“Nothing again…”

“One more time!”

He continuously used Teleport. As time passed by, Luo Tian still couldn’t find the whereabouts of Blade River King. He became very annoyed as he saw that his time in this world was about to run out. Even if he found Blade River King right now, there wouldn’t be enough time to kill it.

“Damn it!”

Luo Tian was pissed to the extreme. “Don’t let me find you or else I will beat you until your shit comes out! Goddamn, I’m so annoyed!”

“I only have five minutes left!”

Luo Tian’s brows furrowed as he prayed: “I can only use my trump card now.”

“Teacher Sola Aoi, please bless me!”



Luo Tian’s position changed as he arrived at a place he hadn’t explored before. The surrounding was like a stone forest filled with stones of all different shapes and sizes. There weren’t any places a demonic beast could hide at but to prevent any mishaps, Luo Tian planned on releasing his grim reaper’s path of slaughter.


Before Luo Tian could release his path of slaughter, he felt a faint movement coming from under his feet. An extremely vigorous power was coming from below him. Luo Tian lowered his head to look and his expression suddenly changed.

“Blade… Blade River King…”

Blade River King popped out of the ground and Luo Tian ended up standing on top of its head. Blade River King’s eyes were glaring at Luo Tian with a vicious look.

At this time, shocking amounts of blade qi covered the surrounding million kilometers.

The world looked like it was about to break apart!

The sky turned gloomy and Luo Tian felt a powerful force crush against his mind.

At this time, Blade River King entered a berserk state when he only had about ten million health left. His power had doubled and killing Luo Tian could be done in an instant.

“Damn it!”

“Teacher Sola Aoi, do you really need to be that precise?” Luo Tian’s face paled as he only had two paths to take.

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