Undefeatable – Ch713

Chapter 713 – Blade River King, Explode For Me!

There were only two paths to take in front of Luo Tian.

He could use Mount Hua progenitor’s life-saving talisman to block Blade River King’s attack. He would then cast a Heavenly Flame and then use Shadow Shift to avoid the next attack. Then use another Heavenly Flame to kill him.

Blade River King will die beyond a doubt.

The second path was to immediately activate the system to teleport back to Mount Hua.

He could only kill Blade River King the next time.

There were only two choices.

This was a very difficult choice. Once he leaves, coming back to kill Blade River King in time will be a big problem. If he stays, the old ancestor’s life-saving talisman will be gone. Luo Tian didn’t know what kind of super experts he would encounter in the immortal sect disciple competition.

What should he do if a supreme expert at the Profound God Sovereign realm appears?

Luo Tian was experiencing a complicated emotion.

But he was a very decisive person so he activated the system without further hesitation, “Go back!”

As long as Blade River King is still inside the Floodplain World, Luo Tian will still have a chance to kill it. There was only one use of the old ancestor’s life-saving talisman and it will be gone once he uses it. Since he was given such a life-saving talisman, there will be a time in his life when he needs it. Luo Tian decided he could only use it at the most critical time and maximize its usage.

“You just wait for me!”

“This daddy will be back!”

Luo Tian’s figure started disappearing…


“Target locked!”

When Luo Tian’s vision turned dark, he didn’t care anymore and shouted: “Purifying Lotus Demon Flame! Smash for me!”

No matter what, Luo Tian wanted to give that guy a last second canon blast. He was too lazy to care whether the attack was a hit or miss.


Luo Tian returned to his secret chamber. There was some cold sweat on his forehead and he was in a rather wretched state. His eyes were looking off into the distance while his brows were furrowed. A short moment later, the corners of his mouth curved into a smile. “Looks like my attack landed. The damage of the Purifying Lotus Demon Flame is five million points. Even if Blade River King can slowly regain his health, it shouldn’t be too much and I can still blast him to death tomorrow.”

The only reason such an incident happened was that Luo Tian wasn’t prepared.

He had used Teleport dozens of times and couldn’t find that guy. Who would’ve imagined that using Teacher Sola Aoi once and he would get there? And it was right on top of his head. Wasn’t this basically courting death?

Moreover, Blade River King was in a berserk mode so his powers were much stronger.

One day later, the berserk state should have disappeared. Luo Tian will only need a few seconds to prepare and he could undoubtedly kill that guy.


“What a tough time. I’ve played dozens of online games in my previous life and have never encountered such a difficult boss.” Luo Tian grumbled to himself. This was probably the most embarrassing situation he has encountered after a month inside the Floodplain World. He didn’t even get a single experience point.

And he almost lost his life.

Luo Tian became angry once more from thinking about it.

Inside the secret chamber, Luo Tian wasn’t in a rush to leave. He sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes. This was the same position that cultivators of this world would do when they trained. But he wasn’t cultivating because he couldn’t cultivate the normal way due to his shattered dantian. He was actually thinking about everything that happened today.

Blade River King had become a sneaky individual.

Would he hide again the next time Luo Tian enters the world?

Luo Tian was in deep thought.

Today’s events were absolutely not allowed to happen again. He can fail once but absolutely cannot fail a second time.

“You want to play schemes and plots with this daddy? This daddy will play you to death with it!” Luo Tian faintly shouted.

“Except, my time is kind of tight.”

His plans had been disrupted.

But no matter what, Luo Tian had to explode Blade River King, or else he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night! Even though he rarely sleeps nowadays…

The next day.

When the time was ready, Luo Tian wasn’t in a rush as he steadily stood up. He exhaled a breath of air and a faint smile formed on his mouth. “If I don’t manage to kill you today, this daddy will follow your surname!”

Luo Tian touched the Xumi Ring.


“Do you wish to enter the Floodplain World?”


“Countdown timer will begin now…”

Everything turned dark with Luo Tian’s vision and he suddenly yelled out internally: “Level 9 Berserk!”

“Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise bloodlines come out for me!”

“Nine Dragons and Elephants, come out…”

Luo Tian released all his powers at once.

A blinding light appeared.

The moment Luo Tian appeared in the Floodplain World, he already yelled out without hesitation: “Shadow Clone, Flashback!”

He used the Flashback skill before his feet even touched the ground.

Was this move too hasty?

The moment Luo Tian’s figure appeared in the Floodplain World, a shockingly powerful blade qi chopped down. It didn’t give Luo Tian any time to react! The speed was so fast that normal people wouldn’t be able to react in time!

Blade River King!

That boss had made his own calculations!

It had a smug and arrogant expression on its face. It was like he was saying: “Kid, let’s see if you’re going to die or not this time!”

Blade River King’s intelligence was unusually high.

When he hid away yesterday, Luo Tian took half a day before he could find him.

Now, he suddenly guarded the place where Luo Tian was going to descend. He planned on instantly killing Luo Tian before Luo Tian could even touch the ground. This was a super treacherous move where normal people would be played to death by Blade River King. Just when Blade River King was acting smug…

He realized Luo Tian’s figure had disappeared.


The blade qi’s descent created a huge crater on the ground. The damage extended for tens of thousands of kilometers out and looked like a piece of the world had been carved out.

But Luo Tian’s figure had disappeared from his position already.


“You want to play intelligence with this daddy? This daddy can play you to death!” Luo Tian viciously grinned. He already knew Blade River King would make such a move. Luo Tian knew that Blade River King’s desire to kill him was probably ten thousand times stronger than him wanting to explode Blade River King.

Most likely it had the desire to rip Luo Tian’s body into thousands of little tiny pieces!

It hid itself yesterday in order to pull off today’s treacherous move!

Maybe it deliberately hid in a location that Luo Tian would be able to find him only at a certain time.

One must mention that this was a rather insidious move by Blade River King.

However, Luo Tian was even more sinister. He already assumed there would be a sneak attack so he was fully prepared before entering the Floodplain World. Blade River King became dumbstruck by this.

Its eyes were wide with a frozen expression on its face.


“Target locked!”

“Heavenly Flame, Green Lotus Core Flame! Go and smash all 18 generations of his ancestors for me!” Luo Tian didn’t hesitate to attack with his heavenly flame once he dodged Blade River King’s attack. He wasn’t going to give Blade River King any chance to catch his breath.


“Heavenly Flame, Purifying Lotus Demon Flame!”

“Bomb your motherf*cking ass to death!”

The second Heavenly Flame was released right after. A flame beyond the heavens smashed into Blade River King and his health bar bottomed out.

But he still wasn’t dead yet!

Luo Tian had calculated his health points accurately.

Two Heavenly Flames had smashed Blade River King backward. Luo Tian sneered before shouting: “Shadewind Steps, Breaking Moon!”

The Seven Moon Divine Sword was summoned out as well.

Luo Tian leaped up and his three meter plus long giant sword directly chopped down onto Blade River King’s head. “All my power, come out for me! Give me a big explosion!”


Blade River King’s body was split into two halves

At this time, the system gave off an alert.


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