Undefeatable – Ch717

Chapter 717 – The Time For Revenge Has Come

“One against three!”

“King blast…”

“You damn jerk-off, you’re done for!”

“Hahaha, spring is here! Molten Devil, you’ve lost! Hurry up and give me my money! Two taels of silver, that’s enough for me to get some wine. I’ve been losing all this time so I’ve almost died of thirst. Finally, I can release all this pent-up frustration.”

The Soul Refining Dungeon was reeking of foul air.

When Luo Tian went in, he thought that he came to the wrong place.

This place was just missing a Casino word somewhere and it would look completely like one.

All the old devils were gambling.

In addition to the Fighting the Landlord game that Luo Tian showed them, they actually invented several kinds of card games that Luo Tian had never seen before. This… was the endless creativity of the working class!

Luo Tian was feeling many kinds of emotions.

“Cough~, cough~…”

No one paid any attention to him.

“Cough~, cough~, cough~…” Luo Tian started coughing again.

One of the old devils said viciously: “Who the hell here has tuberculosis?! Cough one more time for this daddy and watch how this daddy kills you!”

Luo Tian became speechless.

These guys had gambled to the point of losing their minds.

“Come, come, come! Buy big, win big! Buy small, win small! Take your hands away once you’ve made your bet!”

“Today, this God of Gamblers shall demonstrate my prowess to you all!”

A table was jam-packed with people.

The table next to that was even more crowded with people.

“Go number eight bull!”

“Go number nine!”

“Hahaha, this daddy Beef Brisket is taking it all! Hahaha…”

Luo Tian was instantly dumbstruck. “Can they not be this strong? They’re even betting on bullfighting? This kind of gambling development speed is a bit too crazy. Even planet Earth didn’t have such a fast development speed.”

Black lines flashed across Luo Tian’s forehead.

He was starting to regret leaving the deck of cards he made here. For it to develop this way, it looks like this world’s gambling industry will still flourish even if he’s no longer in this world.

At this time, Xin Er walked in. Her expression had become normal once more with a faint smile on her face. Looking at Luo Tian standing to the side with no one paying attention to him, she couldn’t help saying: “My fellow devil uncles, take a look and see who has come.”

Her voice wasn’t very loud but all the old devil experts stopped. They looked over at Xin Er and then looked over at Luo Tian.

“Miss Xin Er has come?”

“Eh? Is it time for our allowance already?”

“So awesome! We can gamble to our hearts’ content today! Hahaha… Ice Devil, I’m going to say it right now – we’re going to gamble all the way to the morning and no one can back out. Otherwise, don’t blame me, the Molten Devil, for treating you impolitely! Humph~!”

“Eh? Who’s that kid?”

“Dev… Devil… Devil Sovereign Xingtian?!”

The whole dungeon instantly became quiet.

All eyes were on Luo Tian before they were filled with respect and worship. It wasn’t towards Devil Sovereign Xingtian but towards Luo Tian himself. This kind of worship and admiration had already exceeded what they had towards a Devil Sovereign.

Suddenly, one of the old devils walked over and kneeled down in front of Luo Tian.

Luo Tian jumped up in fright and said to himself in bafflement: “I haven’t seen them for only a short time, so why are they going through such a serious ritual?”

That old devil wobbled over while kneeling before grabbing Luo Tian’s thigh. He then started crying, “God of Gamblers, please save me! Teach me some moves! I’ve lost everything including my underwear! Wuuu~…”

“God of Gamblers?!”

Luo Tian didn’t know how to react.

Looking at the heated gaze from the surrounding old devils, he realized that they were worshiping him because of the last time when he played Fight the Landlord with them. He had won 18 times in a row and didn’t lose a single time.

After Luo Tian left, they treated him as the God of Gamblers.

A God of the highest level inside their heart!

All the old devils stepped forward with their eyes trembling in excitement. “God of Gamblers is here!”


Luo Tian’s brain seemed to have short-circuited from this scene. “Damn, you guys are super expert devils from ten thousand years ago! How can you guys act like this? Can you act a little more befitting your status? Don’t you guys know the saying that people will lose nine out of ten times when gambling?”

“You are the one that gave us hope to live.”

“You are the one that made us rise to the occasion during these boring days.”

“You are the one who fills us up with hope.”

“It’s you! It’s you! God of Gamblers, please accept a bow from us!”

Before Luo Tian could refuse, everyone kneeled down and chanted: “Greetings to the God of Gamblers!”

The scene looked like triad members greeting their big boss!

Luo Tian’s eyes were filled with helplessness and he was too lazy to argue with them. “I’ve come here this time because I have a request from you all.”

“God of Gamblers, tell us what you need?”

“Not to mention you are the reincarnation of Devil Sovereign Xingtian, just your status as the God of Gamblers and we wouldn’t hesitate to go through hell or high water for you!”

“However, our cultivations have been sealed up so we won’t be able to help you out with much. It can’t be that you just want us to play Fight the Landlord with you, right? Or did you invent a new way of gambling? God of Gamblers, hurry up and teach us!”

Luo Tian became even more powerless as he glanced over at Xin Er.

Xin Er covered her mouth as she giggled. She then reverted back to a serious look before saying: “Fellow uncles, please be serious. Big brother Luo Tian has something to discuss with you all.”

After Xin Er spoke, all the old devils quieted down and didn’t make any noise.

Luo Tian was crying bitterly inside, “How can the gap between people be so big? Are they treating me as the Devil Sovereign? Are they even treating me as the God of Gamblers? How can the treatment of people be such a big difference?”

Immediately after, Luo Tian said: “Last time I left, I told you guys that I would save you and unlock the seal on your bodies. Today, I’ve come to exactly take care of that matter.”

The last time he left, Luo Tian was determined to help these cute old devils to remove their seals.

It didn’t matter if these old devils followed him or not because the Tianxuan Continent will definitely be much more interesting with them roaming about.

One of the old devils said: “Our seal is called Heaven’s Seal, cast by that damn bastard Mount Hua progenitor. It’s a martial skill that’s extremely powerful and specifically targets us devil sect experts. Your cultivation has become much stronger but…”

Before he could finish speaking, Luo Tian made a thought and shouted: “Heaven’s Seal!”

A five element energy descended and a burst of power exploded out from that person

A thick devil flame surged out and smashed against the Soul Refining Array, causing the entire place to groan and shake. Even Luo Tian, at the Profound God 7th rank, could feel a massive force striking against his sea of consciousness.

Luo Tian was dumbstruck as he said to himself: “What a powerful energy!”

Luo Tian started smiling.

All the old devils started smiling.

Immediately after, one of the old devils asked: “What do you need us to do?”

Luo Tian had an evil smile before saying: “Deal with the ten great immortal sects!”



“That’s what I like the most! Count me in!”

“Count me in!”

“His granny! The time for revenge has come!”

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