Undefeatable – Ch718

Chapter 718 – This One Will Kill Them All

South Heavenly Gate.

The ten great immortal sects arrived one after another.

This place was a holy land of the immortal sects.

Ever since immortal sects were established, this place was designated as the yearly immortal sect disciple competition venue.

There are rumors that Nan Tianxian, a supreme expert at the Profound God Sovereign realm, had broken the void and ascended here. Later on, people gave this place the name of South Heavenly Gate by using his surname. The intention was that a Profound God Sovereign can break the void and soar into the stars.

South Heavenly Gate slowly developed over the years.

Eventually, it became a place with ancient roman-like colosseum structures that was surrounded by ten spectator grandstands. Each grandstand was for an immortal sect or a major power of the continent. These forces were naturally at the top of the Tianxuan Continent.

Below the grandstand was a huge stage that reached dozens of kilometers long and wide. Once the competition begins, a barrier will appear around the stage to prevent the destructive powers from affecting the viewers or destroying the venue.

The immortal sect disciple competition was the greatest once-a-year event.

Many talented disciples will appear to the world.

They will stun and dazzle the public!

There was another reason for the competition here. The higher your ranking, the more you can add fortune for your own immortal sect. The higher the fortune, the denser the immortal force will gather in your immortal sect. This in turn leads to an immortal sect having greater influence over the world.

The reason the Imperial God Immortal Sect became the number one immortal sect was due to Murong Wanjian getting the number one immortal disciple spot for the past three years.

Last year, he alone defeated eighteen of Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s most talented disciples. It was due to this that Mount Hua Immortal Sect was knocked down and unable to recover ever since.

This was the first time ever in the competition where a single person fought against eighteen.

That year, Murong Wanjian’s name resounded throughout the continent.

He was known by the human race as the number one human in Tianxuan Continent’s history and deserved the title of the son of a true dragon.

Starsea Immortal Sect became number two because Li Xue’er had never fought on the sect’s behalf. No matter how Lin Wushen begged her, she didn’t move nor pay attention to him. She didn’t give this Sect Leader any face at all.

Starsea Immortal Sect’s grandstand was coincidentally right next to the Imperial God Immortal Sect’s.

“Senior brother Liu, I heard that the young phoenix is going to participate in this year’s immortal sect disciple competition. Is it true? I’ve dreamed of seeing her for a long time already. I heard that she is Tianxuan Continent’s number one beauty. Her appearance is capable of toppling cities and countries. It’s due to this that she is worthy of our senior brother Murong.”

“They say she will come but who knows? I also heard that your Imperial God’s number one disciple Murong Wanjian will also show up this year. Is that true? I also heard that his love rival, Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s Leader Luo Tian will be here and that he was going to beat the shit out of Murong Wanjian.”


“Just based on that trash? He’s not senior brother Murong’s opponent at all. There is no one in the younger generation that is senior brother Murong’s opponent. Our Prime Elder asserted that no one in the past or future ten thousand years can surpass senior brother Murong. He is someone that can reach the Profound God Sovereign realm, so how can that kid Luo Tian compare?”

“You just wait and see. The people from Mount Hua Immortal Sect can forget about escaping. They will all end up dying in South Heavenly Gate. After the end of today, the Tianxuan Continent will no longer have a Mount Hua Immortal Sect, hahaha…”

Many immortal sect disciples were discussing this inside the venue.

Some people debated while some joked around.

This annual event was very important to the people of the immortal sects.

Suddenly, the gaze of many people tightened.

“People from the Soul Hall have come!”

“So it was true! The people from the Soul Hall really came! This is probably the first time ever in history!”

“The Soul Hall is the most mysterious force in the Tianxuan Continent. Rumor has it that they are a branch of the Soul Hall from the Ancient World. The Soul King is one of the top experts in the Tianxuan Continent and some say he has reached the Profound God Sovereign realm already.”

“Look at the person in the lead, it’s Zi Luolan!”

“She is the Vice Hall Master of the Soul Hall, the mother of the young phoenix. Let me tell you how impressive this woman is: Her husband was killed but she managed to become the Vice Hall Master of the Soul Hall just a few years after his death. She also established the Violet Battle Arena and made it into the best venture for making money!”

The appearance of the people from the Soul Hall immediately drew the attention of many eyes.

They had sent out eleven people.

The person in front of the group was Zi Luolan, followed by ten people wearing black cloaks. One couldn’t see their faces but each of them gave off an extremely strong and imposing aura. The moment they appeared, the whole venue of people felt like something was crushing down on them.

“What is she here for?”

“Could it be that the young phoenix is really going to participate in this year’s competition?”

“Young phoenix, true dragon, and the dark horse Luo Tian who suddenly came out from nowhere? Hahaha… that means this year’s immortal sect competition is going to be a lot of fun.” In a certain corner, a person with tattoos revealed an evil grin muttered.

There was no aura coming from that person.

It was completely concealed.

It looks like an expert from the devil sect has appeared…


Many immortal sects were coming one after another.

Apart from the ten great immortal sects, there were other second-rate immortal sects participating. There were also many other people of various backgrounds invited to watch.

They were all the strongest experts amongst experts.

There were also those that spent a lot of money to buy a spot here. The Sect Leaders of those ordinary mortal sects wanted to watch the battle for the ages. This was also an opportunity for them to show their faces and meet some people.

“They’re here!” Someone whispered by the main entrance of the South Heavenly Gate.

“Go tell the Sect Leader that the people from Mount Hua Immortal Sect are here.”

The whole venue suddenly became quiet.

Han Hua brought Eggy, Leng Hanshuang, Yun Ling, Yun Yi, Black Widow, Murong Bai, Big Mustache Chen Tianjing, and Niu Jingang into the venue.


“Are these the trash from Mount Hua Immortal Sect?”

“I heard Mount Hua Immortal Sect was taken over by a piece of trash with a crippled dantian. Unexpectedly, a group of trash has come to participate in the competition. In my opinion, any random immortal sect will be able to send them packing home.”

“Did you have a good look at them? There is a worm, a silly-looking fool, and a guy that thinks he’s very handsome when in fact he’s just an ugly douchebag. Oh crap! Mount Hua Immortal Sect is really taking in any type of trash! They even took in a midget! Hahaha… I’m going to laugh myself to death at this rate! But those women… tsk~ tsk~… those four stunning beauties are going to steal my life away. It will be great if I’m lucky enough to have them. I will definitely play them to my heart’s content, hahaha…”

There was a commotion of mocking words from the crowd.

Eggy instantly became angry. He swept his gaze about and was just about to say something when Han Hua stopped him: “Eggy, don’t act recklessly. The Sect Leader isn’t here yet so just wait until he comes.”

“Their granny’s cha-cha!”

“I will endure it!”

Eggy angrily grunted before staring at those people, “I have remembered your faces.”

It wasn’t just Eggy, the rest of the group also had unsightly looks on their faces.

The normally pure and innocent Jingang was pissed too as he muttered: “This one will kill them all. You all just wait for this one! Humph~!”

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