Undefeatable – Ch719

Chapter 719 – Sister-in-law Is Mighty And Domineering!

Mockery, insults, and various statements looking down on them.

Han Hua already guessed this would happen on their way over, so she reminded everyone not to get angry so easily.

They couldn’t be given an excuse to act against them.

They cannot be expelled before the competition even starts. The critical point is that Han Hua had a vague guess that Luo Tian would arrive later than them, which meant they definitely cannot act recklessly. Everything will be up to Luo Tian to decide on later.

Han Hua led Murong Bai and the others to sit down at a more deserted grandstand.

Eggy, Jingang, and several others were pissed!

Leng Hanshuang strongly reminded the others: “Everyone stop being angry. The more these people look down on us, the more we should remain calm. Wait until we get on the stage and we can just beat the shit right out of them.”

Since they’re scolding, insulting, and laughing at you, just keep tabs on them first before making them pay for it.

Don’t give this daddy a chance. Once this daddy gets the chance, it won’t matter who it is because we’re going to smash you to death first before talking!

“That’s strange…”

“Where is that dog thing Luo Tian?” Daoist Lie Yang frowned before his sight was set on the twins Yun Ling and Yun Yi. The corner of his mouth unconsciously curved into a perverted sneer as he muttered: “That Luo Tian really knows how to enjoy himself. He actually managed to get his hands on a pair of stunning twins.”

Yun Ling and Yun Yi were even more beautiful than a month ago. Every random movement of their arms and legs would exude a strong charming effect.

“Could it be that he’s scared?” Lin Wushen casually commented.

Daoist Tian Yang immediately said: “I doubt it. A person like Luo Tian isn’t afraid of death. Even if he knows the immortal sect disciple competition is a trap, he will still show up. Since his women have shown up, it’s impossible for him to not show up.”

“That may not be right.”

“Anyone will have a time when they’re afraid of death.”

“In my opinion, that trash Luo Tian isn’t so tough. He’s probably hiding in some sort of dog’s cave right this instant.” The Vast Heaven Immortal Sect’s Leader said in disdain. His expression was full of contempt as he didn’t have any positive feelings for Luo Tian.

Back during the time at Heaven’s Boundary, one of the Vast Heaven Immortal Sect disciples killed was his son!

He hated Luo Tian to the bones!

Daoist Lie Yang’s brows relaxed as he chuckled, “Brother Hao Tian, don’t you feel like these people are such an eyesore? Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s fortune has already fallen to the minimum, supported by strands that can dissipate at any given moment. This means that they will no longer be an immortal sect after the competition.”

Hao Tian coldly smiled and replied: “I understand.”

Not long after, several immortal sect disciples walked over to Han Hua.

There were disciples from the Vast Heaven Immortal Sect, Flowing Clouds Immortal Sect, and some from other various immortal sects.

“You are in this daddy’s seat. Scram the hell out of my way!” One of them said with a playful sneer on his face while his gaze was fixated on Black Widow’s chest. His throat could be seen moving as he swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Han Hua was jolted by this as she already sat down at the most deserted place of South Heavenly Gate. This area wasn’t even as good as the places where those rich merchants and those normal mortal sects were at. This was a location no one wanted so she came here just to avoid unnecessary trouble.

But she never expected the more you tried to avoid trouble, the more trouble wanted to seek you out.

Eggy instantly became enraged.

Han Hua stood up and blocked Eggy. She politely smiled and said: “My apologies, we will give this spot back to you guys.”

“Senior sister!”

“Senior sister Hua!”

“We clearly sat here first so why are we giving it to them?! Who the hell do they think they are?! Their granny’s cha-cha!” Eggy viciously glared at them as he held down his raging flames.

Leng Hanshuang was unhappy but endured. “We will change to another place.”

They all stood up.

Just when they were about to change seats, they didn’t expect a person with a frivolous smile to appear by Yun Ling and Yun Yi’s side. He revealed a lecherous smile and said: “My four beautiful ladies, my Sect Leader wishes to invite you over for a drink and to watch the competition together.”


“This daddy thinks you’re tired of living!” Eggy was enraged further. That guy dared to look at his boss’s women with such a perverted expression? He wasn’t able to endure that!

That person’s eyes turned gloomy as he glared at Eggy. “A lowly animal like you needs to scram to the side for me! Who the hell do you think you are?!”

“Your granny!”

“You wish to die, right?!”

“I dare you to f*cking say that again!”

Murong Bai, Jingang, and Big Mustache instantly became enraged as well and surrounded that person. As long as he dares to say half a word, they would immediately rip him into pieces.

That guy was given quite a fright!

His face turned a bit pale but he maintained his tough attitude. The immortal sect disciples behind him immediately came forward and surrounded Murong Bai and his group.

That person in the lead sneered and said: “Our Sect Leader has taken a liking to you and that’s considered your fortune. You four cheap sluts really think you’re really that lofty? In my eyes, you women are just rotten goods that have been played by others already…”


Before he could finish speaking, Leng Hanshuang already swung her hand towards him.

Her peak Profound Emperor realm aura exploded forth as her slap sent that person sprawling to the ground. He squirmed around on the ground like a dead dog and wailed in pain, “You dare to hit me?! You damn cheap slut dare to hit me?! Do you know who this daddy is?! You dare to hit this daddy…”

Before he could finish speaking, Black Widow’s Spirit Dragon Whip flicked out like a live snake. It streaked across the air and the tip of the whip directly struck that person’s cheek. All the teeth inside his mouth were knocked out as they scattered all over the ground.

She coldly grinned and said: “Say another word and this old lady will twist your head off.”

Pissed-off women were too terrifying!

Eggy, Jingang, and Murong Bai were scared stiff!

They all stared at those two with eyes wide and mouths agape before saying in unison: “Sister-in-law is mighty! Sister-in-law is domineering! Sister-in-law has bouncy…”

They wanted to make a move but they were one step too late.

Yun Ling and Yun Yi puffed their cheeks in anger and said: “Well struck! Humph~!”

The other immortal sect disciples around them stepped forward.

At this time, Eggy, Jingang, Murong Bai, and Big Mustache immediately turned to stop them. Their gaze was gloomy and their Profound God auras exploded forth. One of them harrumphed: “Whoever dares to make another move, this daddy will kill them.”

Leng Hanshuang revealed a female boss’ look as she lowered herself. An icy cold aura surged out of her body as she said: “You should first take a good look at who the target is before you try to cause trouble. Don’t think that we’re easy to mess with. Go and tell your Sect Leader to have some self-respect and don’t stoop so low. Otherwise, this old lady will make him unable to get it up for his entire life!”


Murong Bai swallowed his saliva and said: “So domineering!”

Immediately after, Leng Hanshuang kicked that person flying as she harrumphed: “Scram for me!”


That disciple was sent flying.

At this time, a black shadow caught him before bursting forth with their Profound God aura. The black shadow then appeared in the airspace above Leng Hanshuang’s head with murderous intent. The person’s eyes were filled with disdain before shouting: “You dare move against the people of my Vast Heaven Immortal Sect? It looks like you guys are seeking death!”

At this time, Luo Tian appeared in a flash and the sky exploded with his voice: “Who dares to touch my people?!”

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