Undefeatable – Ch725

Chapter 725 – The First Match

Absolutely not giving them a way out!

All the immortal sects knew that Mount Hua Immortal Sect was like a sick patient that was about to die, and their immortal sect fortune would be cut off at any given time.

This means the Tianxuan Continent will have one less immortal sect, which is a good thing for them.

Moreover, the ten great immortal sects were deliberately targeting Luo Tian.

It didn’t matter which lot Luo Tian picks because he will be matched with someone from the ten great immortal sects. And it will be someone extremely strong as well.


“You want to fight with me? I will fight you to your grave!”

“Luo Tian, just wait to watch how your brothers will die a miserable death in front of you.” Daoist Lie Yang said with a disdainful smile. His flames of rage started surging when he recalled how his Imperial God Immortal Sect’s supreme treasure Dragon Locking Chains was destroyed.

He wasn’t going to let Luo Tian off!

Luo Tian’s side.

Luo Tian returned to his seat and said with a smile: “Since they want to play, then we shall give them a good time. You guys all saw it, the ten great immortal sects are targeting us with unfair rules.”

“I didn’t want you guys to make a move at the start, but now it’s time for you guys to act.”

“As long as it’s someone from the ten great immortal sects, it doesn’t matter who it is, just kill them for me!”

“Use your strongest style to viciously kill them.”

His anger was surging.

Since they were being unfair, then there was no need to give them any face.

You try to give them some face but they don’t want it? For those types of people, there was only one way to deal with them – slap them to death!

Murong Bai smiled and said: “I was just waiting for those words.”

Jingang grinned and said: “Boss, this one’s fists have been thirsty for a long time. This one will definitely play them to death.”

Big Mustache added: “It’s finally our turn!”

Their hearts were also filled with pent-up rage.

Burning rage!

Their combat power skyrocketed upwards!

After hearing Luo Tian’s words, they instantly felt great once more and were hoping the competition could start faster.

On the stage.

The moderator took down all the names in the groups and then tossed the names in a box to draw the corresponding opponents.

“Cough~, cough~…”

“The following will be the drawing of the first group.”

The moderator started to draw up names from the box.

Luo Tian then said: “Jingang, the first match should be you. As long as it’s someone from the ten great immortal sects, you can just do what I’ve said and smash them to death.”

Jingang nodded, “Boss, this one knows. Ever since this one entered the venue, I’ve been extremely angry. If it weren’t for senior sister stopping me, I would’ve beaten everyone until they searched for their teeth on the floor.”

Sure enough, everything happened according to Luo Tian’s guess.

The moderator pulled out a name and announced loudly: “Mount Hua Immortal Sect, Niu Jingang!”

“Let us see who the next person will be.”

Immediately after, the host began to draw again with exaggerated actions. He knew all the names on the list so as long as he remembered them all, he could decide who fought against whom.

A few seconds later, he pulled out a name with an excited look. He chuckled and said: “Let’s see who Jingang is going to face off against…” He opened the paper with the name and his mouth curved into a smile. “Vast Heaven Immortal Sect’s Yan Chen!”


“Yan Chen is an expert at the Profound God 4th rank. Looks like Jingang is going to be in big trouble this time.”

The moderator had a painful look on his face when he said that but he was actually laughing in joy internally.


“Yan Chen is the Grand Elder of the Vast Heaven Immortal Sect! Is he even a disciple? How can he participate in a competition for disciples? This is a disciple competition and not an Elder’s competition! This is too unfair, right?!” shouted Yun Ling.

The moderator smiled and said: “Little Miss, the rule says that Sect Leaders cannot participate but we never said Elders cannot participate. An Elder is also a disciple of an immortal sect. Therefore, having an Elder participate in the immortal sect disciple competition is completely reasonable.”


Yun Ling was puffing in anger.

Sounds of discussion rang out through the venue.

There wasn’t much going on in the areas for the ten great immortal sects but the second-rate immortal sects were discussing this in whispers because they didn’t dare to be too loud.

Those rich merchants and regular sects were discussing this happily out loud though.

“An Elder versus a disciple? Is there even a need to fight? Just go ahead and admit defeat. Why bother fighting at all?”

“This battle will definitely be meaningless.”

“What the hell is going on? Even an Elder who has cultivated for a few thousand years has come out, yet Mount Hua Immortal Sect agreed to it? It looks like everything done today is to target Mount Hua Immortal Sect. Who would’ve thought that immortal sects would be the same as our regular sects? They too will scheme against each other. But immortal sects are much more powerful where they will openly scheme in your face. My eyes have been truly opened by such an experience.”

There were discussions everywhere.

But no one could change the outcome.

Because everything the ten great immortal sects said was the rule. Anything Daoist Lie Yang of the Imperial God Immortal Sect said would be the rule. So what if you’re not convinced by it? There’s nothing you can do to change it!

“Humph~, humph~!”

“Luo Tian, let’s see how much longer you can act arrogant for!”

“This old man will slowly play you to death.” Yan Chen smiled. He had a belly full of flames after being humiliated by Luo Tian. He could finally vent it out. He was a Profound God 4th ranker that had cultivated for over four thousand years. A kid covered in large muscles who looked like he had some brute strength was going to be his opponent? I have a thousand ways to play him to death!

Hao Tian smiled smugly and said: “Junior brother Yan, you need to show Luo Tian what you’re made of. Let him watch his brother die a miserable death in front of him.”

“Don’t worry.”

“I will still do it even if senior brother doesn’t mention it. That dog thing Luo Tian has been an eyesore to this daddy for a long time. If anyone on his side becomes my opponent, they will definitely die below my feet.” Yan Chen said with an evil smirk.

As his voice faded, Yan Chen instantly exploded forth with his Profound God 4th rank powers. The aura coming from him was especially domineering and managed to awe the entire venue. “Dog scum from Mount Hua Immortal Sect, scram over here for this old man!”

“It looks like that Mount Hua Immortal Sect disciple is going to die.”

“Sigh~, they were just very arrogant with a powerful mouth. Now they’re screwed.”

“My guess is that he would be sent flying in one move.”

“Probably not even one move. Just the oppressive pressure will force him to kneel and beg for forgiveness. Is there even a need to move? Winning with just a thought! A Profound God 4th ranker is an extremely strong existence!”

“Crack~, crack~…”

“Crack~, crack~…”

Explosive cracking sounds were heard as Jingang cracked his knuckles and his neck. He glanced over at Luo Tian and said: “Boss, this one is heading over.”

Luo Tian smiled and said: “Go ahead. Let the entire continent see your power!”


He was fierce to a complete mess!

His strength was the strongest that Luo Tian has ever seen. No one could compare!

He might even be a few levels stronger than the Titan race! Luo Tian didn’t know what background Jingang had and he also didn’t care. He only knew Jingang was his brother and that was more than enough.

Jingang walked over one step at a time.


“He doesn’t even know how to condense his aura to fly? Why is he coming out to compete? Just go home and drink mama’s milk!”

Everyone started laughing and mocking.

Jingang didn’t look at them. In his eyes, there was only the image of a single person – Yan Chen!

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