Undefeatable – Ch726

Chapter 726 – Instantly Killed By A Slap

In a way, Jingang and Luo Tian’s characters were very similar.

They could endure mockery and insults.

The best way to deal with such situations was to slap some faces!

The most brutal and vicious types of slaps!

Pretty much everyone here except for the people of Mount Hua Immortal Sect had mocked Jingang.

Laughing at him for being overconfident in his own abilities.

Laughing at Mount Hua Immortal Sect for sending out an idiotic-looking muscle head to participate in the competition.

Laughing at Mount Hua Immortal Sect for not having anyone else to send out.

Laughing at Luo Tian!

On the contrary, Luo Tian was smiling.

Murong Bai, Big Mustache, Black Widow, and the others were all smiling. Luo Tian was the only one whose smile looked rather sinister.

On the stage.

Yan Chen was swaggering about in an insufferable manner. He then mocked, “Dumbass, hurry it up for this old man. It is your greatest honor for trash like you to fight this old man. It is basically all the blessings you have accumulated for eight lifetimes!”

“Mount Hua Immortal Sect must have run out of people. They actually sent up a piece of trash onto the stage. Just one look and I can tell he’s a village bumpkin.”

“Hurry it up!”

Yan Chen was extremely arrogant and his eyes were filled with ridicule.

In the area of the Vast Heaven Immortal Sect.

Yan Chen’s nephew, Yan Bi, was angrily muttering something. His face was red and he kept scolding something but no one understood what he was saying.

“Elder Yan, kill him!”

“Elder Yan, kill him in one move!”

“Elder Yan, show everyone the momentum of our Vast Heaven Immortal Sect!”

Daoist Lie Yang coldly grinned, “How many moves do you think he needs to take care of that kid?”

Lin Wushen chuckled and said: “Less than three moves. Those people with some brute strength are useless. No matter how fierce their strength is, it’s impossible to be an opponent of a Profound God 4th ranker. We will show Luo Tian the power we have in the first battle so that he understands how to act like a normal obedient person!”


“That’s right!”

“Luo Tian, how are you going to play with me? What are you going to use to play with me? Can you beat me? Today, all your people will have to die here. And after today, all 6000 people of your Mount Hua Immortal Sect will die as well!”

This year’s immortal sect disciple competition was just one big trap.

The venue seemed very lively and everyone was here to enjoy the competition. But the true nature concealed under all of this was cold killing intent.

Jingang walked a full five minutes before he reached the stage because the location where Luo Tian and others were was too remote. After getting onto the stage, he started complaining: “That was way too far. It took me half a day to get here!”

At this time, the moderator cleared his throat and said: “Once the barrier is activated, the fight will start. Do you both understand?”

Yan Chen smiled smugly, “Hurry it up, I can’t wait anymore.”

Jingang nodded with his usual foolish look, “I understand.”

The moderator glanced at Yan Chen and revealed a faint smile. He left the stage and gave a faint cough, and just so happened to activate the barrier around the stage at the same time.


A shield of light descended.

A shield that was earthen yellow.

It was giving off a glowing light and an aura of incomparable power. This was a barrier created by a supreme expert at the Profound God Sovereign realm. It was thick and sturdy to ensure that the collision of powers wouldn’t leak out and harm the innocent spectators.

When the barrier wasn’t fully activated yet, which was also when the moderator coughed, Yan Chen already made his move.

Extremely sinister!

When it came to the ten great immortal sects, those so called rules, equality, and fairness were all thrown out the window.

The spectators were stunned by this.

“The fight’s going to be over before it has even begun?”

“This meathead is just like a stupid bull, he’s wide open and hasn’t put up any defenses. What is the point of having this fight?”

“That moderator is a bit too sinister. He deliberately coughed to give Yan Chen a heads up. Isn’t it against the rules to make a move before the barrier is fully up?”

Many people started discussing this.

Luo Tian had a faint frown while the cold sneer on his face became more intense.

On the stage.

Jingang stood there like an idiot as if he wasn’t able to react in time. A completely naive and foolish stance.

Many people started ridiculing him.

“Someone like him is here for the competition? Just go back home and plow the fields!”

On top of the stage, a Profound God 4th ranker’s speed was shown to be ridiculously fast. A weaker person wouldn’t be able to see his figure. A shout was directed at Luo Tian and not Jingang, “Luo Tian, watch carefully at this daddy! Watch how your brother will be kneeling before me!”

As the voice faded, there was another shout: “Lie down for me!”

A black-colored fist shot out.

Jingang didn’t move at all like he was unable to react in time.

Murong Bai and the other guys were fine, but Leng Hanshuang and the other girls started clenching their fists in worry.

Yan Chen started laughing smugly, “Hahaha, trash will always be trash. You can’t even keep up with this.”

He couldn’t help laughing when he saw that Jingang didn’t have any reaction.

Just when his fist was a centimeter away from Jingang’s body, Jingang’s hand formed a palm and slapped out. The speed was indescribably fast as the slap viciously landed on Yan Chen’s face. “Laugh your sister!”



Yan Chen slammed to the ground.

His head smashed into the ground of the stage before bouncing up once and then landing with a heavy thud.


Blood splattered everywhere.

Jingang sent another slap to his face before spitting on him. “You’re the trash!”

After saying that, he turned around and left. When he reached the barrier, he widened his eyes and shouted at the moderator: “What the hell are you looking at?! It’s over already! Hurry up and open the barrier for this daddy!”

The whole venue turned silent.

Not a hint of sound could be heard.

Everyone had a frozen expression on their faces as if time had stopped.


Incredibly uncomfortable! This was an unacceptable feeling of being ruthlessly shoved into one’s brain. The discomfort came from the depths of their heart. Their heart felt uncomfortable but their face felt even more uncomfortable. It was as if someone had viciously smacked their faces until they were bruised and swollen. Even their breathing had become difficult!


The moderator swallowed hard before immediately removing the barrier. He quickly ran up onto the stage and looked at Yan Chen’s twitching body in a pool of blood. He extended his index finger and placed it under Yan Chen’s nose. The moderator’s eyes looked up as cold sweat dampened his clothes. His face turned pale as he stuttered: “He’s d, d, d, dead!”


The entire venue was boiling with excitement.

Instantly killed by a slap!

This was a bit too fierce! It was unimaginable in whatever direction they looked at it! Did something go wrong somewhere?

They couldn’t figure it out.

How could he have died just like that?

Daoist Lie Yang’s eyes turned gloomy as he shouted: “Go and investigate!”

The moderator sent out his spiritual senses and said once more: “Even his soul has been destroyed. He’s deader than dead.”

Even his soul had been destroyed?

A single slap actually destroyed a person’s soul! How awesome was that?!

Niu Jingang was domineering to a complete mess!

At this time, Jingang slowly walked back to his seat. It was very slow like an old bull trudging along. But now, no one dared to laugh at him being unable to fly. No one dare to look at him straight on since he was simply too fierce!

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