Undefeatable – Ch728

Chapter 728 – Who Is Teaching Whom To Be a Decent Person?

“Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s Chen Tianjing versus Flowing Clouds Immortal Sect’s Wang Gui!”

As the voice faded, an old person from the Flowing Clouds Immortal Sect said with an evil smile: “It’s finally my turn.”

Immediately after, several ink-black stones appeared in his hands. In just a few short seconds, he had created a flying puppet. He jumped up and sat on top of it before making a thought: “Fly for me!”


The speed was quite fast and it looked like a flying saucer.

He appeared on top of the stage in seconds.

“A puppet!”

“Out of the ten great immortal sects, only the Flowing Clouds Immortal Sect has people with the puppet skills. The person that came out looks to be the Hall Master of the Puppet Hall, known as the Puppet King!”

“What the hell? Why is it another Elder participating in the competition?”

“This is a bit too unfair.”

“That’s right, it’s too unfair. They’ve all been sending out Elders that have cultivated for a few thousand years, so how can others be their opponent? Yan Chen was careless in the previous match so that muscle head managed to kill him. Otherwise, how can he be an opponent for an expert at the Profound God 4th rank?”

The sounds of discussion were heard everywhere.



“This daddy is the one that decides what is fair!” Daoist Lie Yang coldly harrumphed before saying: “Brother Lin, this Wang Gui has trained his Puppet Technique all the way to the last great perfection realm. Any random puppet he refines will be at the Profound God realm. His strongest battle record was one versus ten Profound God rankers. That midget cultivates the Puppet Technique as well, but he won’t be Wang Gui’s opponent no matter how strong he is.”

The Imperial God Immortal Sect had all the information on anyone that showed a bit of talent.

Wang Gui was from the Flowing Clouds Immortal Sect and was quite famous amongst all the immortal sects.

His Puppet Technique had reached the acme of perfection.

Lin Wushen also knew some information beforehand as he said: “He will definitely win this time.”

Confidence bursting at the seams!

Wang Gui refined a flying puppet in just a few seconds. He then flew past the people in the venue and landed on the stage. That action of his caused the entire venue to boil in excitement.

“So puppets can fly?”

“The speed looks like it’s faster than an expert at the Profound God 1st rank. This is way too powerful. There aren’t many people who cultivate the Puppet Technique in the Tianxuan Continent. And he’s considered a very rare existence that can cultivate the skill to such a high degree of mastery.”

“This time, Mount Hua Immortal Sect will definitely lose.”


Luo Tian’s side.

When he heard the moderator announce the name, Luo Tian started sneering and said to himself: “It looks like all the participants from the ten great immortal sects will be from the ranks of Elders. And they all happen to be experts at the Profound God realm. Daoist Lie Yang and Lin Wushen aren’t holding back any strength at all.”

Indeed, this kind of competition was unfair.

If others had to deal with this, most likely they would be loudly protesting already.

But Luo Tian didn’t do that and was smiling in excitement. “The more they are like this, the more fun it’s going to be. The stronger the people that come out, the greater the feeling when slapping their faces. There will be an inexplicably cushy and enjoyable feeling.”

Luo Tian then tsked twice before saying bitterly to himself: “It’s such a pity that I can’t personally get on the stage. All those experience points and undefeated points. They can be considered elite monsters! I could at least squeeze out some decent loot from them, right?”

This was the thing Luo Tian was most depressed about.

Big Mustache stood up and smiled arrogantly. “Freaking hell, it’s finally this daddy’s turn. I never expected to meet someone who cultivates the puppet technique as well, and he also happens to want to teach me how to be a decent person?”

Jingang then said: “Big Mustache, fight on!”

Murong Bai said with a smile: “It’s not him teaching you how to be a decent person but you teaching him. Do you see his smug expression? When I see people like him, I almost can’t hold back from giving him a few vicious slaps.”

Black Widow smiled charmingly, “Big Mustache, Ah Niu shocked the entire venue so you can’t have us be disappointed, right?”

Eggy then said arrogantly: “Old Fourth, you should use up the Dragon God’s essence blood that I gave you. If you f*ck up that something Wang Gui in the shortest time possible, I will reward you with a hundred drops of Dragon God’s essence blood.”

Big Mustache chuckled, “Second brother, you’re the one that said it. Please don’t regret your words.”

Dragon God’s essence blood?

They were very very good stuff.

For other people, they would usually ingest it to improve their cultivation.

It was different for Big Mustache.

He hadn’t used a single drop of the Dragon God’s essence blood this past month because he was waiting to use it during the immortal sect disciple competition. He wanted the entire world to know his name and the puppets he refined. He also wanted the entire world to know who his boss was!

This was his goal in coming here!

Luo Tian said with a smile: “Don’t listen to them, safety first. That Wang Gui isn’t some easy pushover so you need to be careful when you deal with him.”

Big Mustache chuckled, “Boss, you just need to watch a good show. When it comes to refining puppets, except for you, no one in the Tianxuan Continent is my opponent. I’ve already touched the threshold of the method you taught me last time. I’m just missing a certain opportunity before I will succeed, heh heh…”


Luo Tian was startled by this. It has only been a month and he’s become this awesome already?

What happened this past month?

How much Dragon God’s essence blood did these guys ingest?

Just Jingang alone and he drank a few vats? Can Eggy’s body handle this?

One month to a Profound God martial artist was considered very short.

It is so short that it is insignificant in their eyes. When walking down the so-called path of cultivation, a month was so short that it was impossible to see any changes.

However, to Big Mustache and the others, they had undergone a seismic change in a single month!

But Luo Tian didn’t know about this.

Murong Bai and the others agreed behind Luo Tian’s back that they would give him a shock during the immortal sect disciple competition.

Luo Tian was extremely shocked when Jingang’s slap was an instant kill.

What will Big Mustache show him?

Because of his height, Big Mustache had to jump off his seat and waddle towards the stage. He looked kind of funny so the audience all started laughing at his movement.


“So it’s that dwarf.”

“It’s a midget! It looks like Mount Hua Immortal Sect will accept just about anyone. Weird, ugly, and strange, they have everything! They are losing all face for the immortal sects.”

“That shorty cannot be compared to Wang Gui at all. Why the hell is there a need to fight anymore? Just go home already!”

The disciples from the ten great immortal sects all started ridiculing Big Mustache.

Wang Gui coldly sneered with ridicule. Looking at Big Mustache jump up onto the stage, he then said in disdain: “What a shameful entrance. Fighting against someone like you is a complete insult for me. But I will still use my strongest power to absolutely crush you.”

“Fuuu~, fuuu~…”

Big Mustache was huffing and puffing since he came over at a slow jog.

The moderator said once more: “When the barrier activates, that means the competition starts. Before the barrier is fully up, participants cannot make a move or else that would be against the rules. And that means an automatic loss. Do you both understand?”

While saying that, the moderator looked over to Wang Gui and gave an eye signal.

Jingang then shouted: “That stupid referee is trying to cheat again! This is too much! This competition is too unfair!”

The referee and rules were all dictated by the ten great immortal sects.

There was no such thing as fairness!

Luo Tian faintly narrowed his eyes as he coldly looked over in the direction where the Imperial God Immortal Sect were sitting.

Daoist Lie Yang also looked back at him and revealed a smug smile.

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