Undefeatable – Ch729

Chapter 729 – Murong Wanjian, Are You Here?

“You want to mess with me?”

“I will play you to death!”

Daoist Lie Yang stared at Luo Tian coldly and said: “I want to see how you’re going to beat me.”

All the people here belonged to him.

How was Luo Tian going to play?

Mount Hua Immortal Sect was weak when compared to any other immortal sect.

Their immortal sect fortune was at its lowest point and was about to disappear at any given moment. When compared to the Imperial God Immortal Sect, they weren’t even on the same level as an ant.

Daoist Lie Yang had a feeling of superiority.

“I will first kill your brothers, then your women, and finally it will be your turn.”

“Today, you will definitely die by my hands!”

Daoist Lie Yang felt extremely smug. Whenever he thinks of the Dragon Locking Chains, his heart will be filled with hatred. A supreme treasure was destroyed during his reign, so this was considered a huge shame to his reputation. This was also considered a big stain in his life.

He wanted to wash and clean the stain away.

He wanted to use Luo Tian’s blood to wash it away.


Luo Tian was very angry right now.

But he still maintained a calm expression on his face.

Those kinds of people were the most terrifying.

Once it erupts, it will definitely be on the level of total annihilation. Luo Tian was very clear that there was a huge killing intent hiding underneath this year’s immortal sect disciple competition. And that killing intent was aimed directly at him.

It wasn’t just because he was the Sect Leader of Mount Hua Immortal Sect, it was because he voiced out that he was going to ruin the wedding between Murong Wanjian and Li Xue’er.

The latter was the most important reason!

At this time, Han Hua’s figure appeared next to Luo Tian. “Sect Leader, I was able to confirm that the Imperial God Immortal Sect has put Murong Wanjian’s name into the lot. The Starsea Immortal Sect has also put Li Xue’er’s name in as well. This means both of them might appear on the stage.”

“It’s only a possibility.”

“The reason being we haven’t found either of them yet. There are no traces of Murong Wanjian in the Imperial God Immortal Sect area and no traces of Li Xue’er in the Starsea Immortal Sect area. But I did detect a powerful aura that seems to be an expert from the devil sect. But it may not be too since that person is too strong and I can’t confirm their identity.”

When the competition started, Han Hua disappeared somewhere.

She was very good at gathering information.

She wanted to control the unstable factors like Murong Wanjian and Li Xue’er.

Luo Tian’s gaze turned gloomy as a powerful aura unconsciously surged out of him. His spiritual senses swept out through the venue as he said to himself: “Murong Wanjian, have you really come?”

He was excited!

He was looking forward to it!

The battle intent inside Luo Tian was already burning.

He wasn’t too worried about the hidden forces.

They were either the forces from the ten great immortal sects or the forces from the devil sect that wanted to kill him. It didn’t matter who it was, as long as they dared to provoke him, they would only have one outcome!


Luo Tian nodded and said: “Senior sister, there’s no need to gather any more information. Sit down and enjoy the competition, Big Mustache is about to debut.”

Han Hua returned to her seat.

Leng Hanshuang looked around before her gaze stopped on Luo Tian’s back. She then bit her lips and muttered to herself: “Miss, are you really here? Where are you?”


The moderator walked off the stage.

He didn’t activate the barrier but waited a few seconds.

During these few seconds, Wang Gui’s hands were flying around in practiced movements. In just three seconds, he refined a huge tiger puppet the size of a mountain. There were two blade-like wings on its back and a berserk aura surged out from its body.

“That’s against the rules!”

“He broke the rules!” Eggy jumped out of his seat and screamed out.

The moderator picked his nose and pretended he didn’t see anything.

Voices of accusation started coming from around the grandstands.

As the voices got louder, the moderator said: “Elder Wang didn’t make a move. I only said that you cannot make a move before the barrier is fully up. I didn’t say anything about not being allowed to refine a puppet before the barrier is up. He didn’t break the rules.”

After saying that, he coldly harrumphed and muttered: “I’m the referee, and what I say is right, damn f*ckers…”

The moderator smiled sinisterly at Big Mustache and said: “It’s your own fault for standing there like an idiot and not doing anything. Stupid damn midget, it’s you that’s not refining a puppet so don’t blame me later on.”

Once the moderator noticed Wang Gui’s Flying Tiger God was completed, he immediately activated the barrier and announced: “Start!”

In the grandstand.

Eggy’s rage surged up ten meters high as he shouted: “I’m going to kill that referee! No one try to stop me! That bastard is too disgusting! He dares to pick his nose at this handsome dragon?! This daddy can’t endure any more! I’m going to kill him no matter what!”

When he was about to fly down, Luo Tian pulled his tail back down and said: “Just record this down for now. We will take care of him later.”

Eggy was angry but Luo Tian was even angrier.

Except, now wasn’t the right time to flare up.

What kind of slaughtering formations have the ten great immortal sects prepared?

There were many experts still hidden and Luo Tian didn’t have any information on them. He will only be forced into a passive position if he makes any reckless moves. The only thing he could do is wait – wait until the ten great immortal sects couldn’t endure anymore. Only then will Luo Tian reveal his powers.

Eggy angrily grumbled on the side. He then muttered: “Let’s see who will dare block me later on. I will definitely rip him apart with my bare hands.”

On the stage.

The moment the barrier was activated, Wang Gui coldly sneered: “Damn midget, go to hell for me!”

“Flying Tiger God, kill him for me!”


The tiger puppet roared out and its voice was like a sonic attack. Waves of rippling power surged out, containing a dizzying effect attribute.

Veins popped out of Big Mustache’s forehead.

He was clenching his teeth so hard that cracking sounds could be heard.

What he hated the most were people calling him a damn midget. The referee said it but since he couldn’t kill him, he endured.

Now Wang Gui was calling him that.

His expression turned vicious while his brows sank. Looking at the huge Flying Tiger God pouncing over, he felt that being directly struck by it could instantly kill him. But he wasn’t the least afraid as he said to himself: “I originally wanted to infuse the Dragon God’s essence blood into a puppet, but now I don’t want to waste such a precious blood. His granny, this daddy is extremely pissed off now.”

Big Mustache’s rage surged up.

The moment the Flying Tiger God pounced over, he too charged forward.

“What is that guy doing?”

“The weakest point of a puppeteer is their own body, so he’s basically courting death?”

“He’s not refining a puppet? He’s definitely courting death by rushing over.”

“Yeah, he is definitely courting his own death.”

A Puppeteer didn’t refine a puppet but started fighting head-on with the puppet? This… Did the guy suffer a brain injury?

Everyone thought Big Mustache was trying to court death.

Time was a crucial factor when puppeteers fought. Wang Gui refined a puppet ahead of him, so Big Mustache didn’t have time to complete his own puppet. Now, he could only be on the defensive which meant he had no chance of winning the match.

Wang Gui smiled smugly, “Stupid midget, you dare to fight with me? Go to hell!”

At the most critical time, Big Mustache’s right hand slapped out and onto the Flying Tiger God’s body. “Stealing the Heavens!”

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