Undefeatable – Ch730

Chapter 730 – Now This Feels Great

Big Mustache’s palm was pressed against the Flying Tiger God before he shouted: “Stealing the Heavens!”

Luo Tian immediately stood up.

There was a brief flash in his eyes as he smiled: “God damn…”

“Ommm~…” Sounds of ringing came from inside the barrier.

The surface of the barrier started rippling like a wave and the stage started becoming foggy so people couldn’t see clearly inside.

Many people unconsciously stood up and leaned forward.

What’s going on?

No one knew.

But in their eyes, there would only be one outcome – Big Mustache lying on the ground dead.

“He’s definitely going to die.”

“How can a dwarf like him resist it?”

“There’s no need to think since the difference in strength is too great.”

Leng Hanshuang then said: “Nothing bad should’ve happened, right?”

Jingang then asked: “Boss, does Big Mustache know your move?”

Murong Bai said with a smile, “Big Mustache can do it. He has learned everything.”

Black Widow then said: “Little sister Leng, there’s no need to worry so much. Nothing will happen to Big Mustache.”

Luo Tian had a faint smile while he looked over at Daoist Lie Yang.

Daoist Lie Yang had a smile and stared back at Luo Tian. He then said smugly: “Your person is already dead. Luo Tian, how does it feel to watch your brother die in front of you? I actually think it feels great, hahaha…”

Lin Wushen also laughed before saying: “What a good kill!”


The barrier rippled again before the stage became clear once more.

There were still two people there.

There was still a puppet there.

The strange thing was that Big Mustache wasn’t lying on the ground.

Wang Gui’s body was swaying back and forth. His eyes were staring at Big Mustache as he stuttered: “How, how, how can this be? This is impossible, absolutely impossible. There’s no such move in the Puppet Technique. There’s no way there’s such a move.”

He was in shock.

The super puppet he refined, Flying Tiger God, had reached the Profound God 3rd rank. It could absolutely crush that Big Mustache. But in just an instant, everything changed. He no longer had a connection to his Flying Tiger God.

This meant his spiritual senses could no longer control his Flying Tiger God.

This wasn’t considered much.

What he couldn’t accept was that once his Flying Tiger God’s attack was a few centimeters away from Big Mustache, the incomparably powerful attack suddenly took a turn and came back to him instead. His eyes were blurred from confusion!

Imagine someone raising eagles their entire lifetime, suddenly having their eyes pecked out by them.

Wang Gui couldn’t react in time.

His face turned pale white in fear. He simply didn’t know what was going on and could only watch himself getting struck by the Flying Tiger God.

His chest was shattered. His sea of consciousness had collapsed. Wang Gui’s body was teetering on the brink of falling.

Big Mustache sneered before saying: “You thought that you were very strong? Your Puppet Technique isn’t even comparable to a fart, let alone compared to my boss. You have no clue what’s going on, right? This daddy ain’t telling you. I’m just going to let you die without peace, humph~!”

A belly full of fire.

Big Mustache was extremely angry after being called a damn midget multiple times by Wang Gui. He originally wanted to use a puppet to fight head-on with Wang Gui, but he eventually decided to use Luo Tian’s Stealing the Heavens. Luo Tian taught him the insights of Stealing the Heavens and he had been cultivating it like crazy.

For the fanaticism and talent towards the Puppet Technique, Big Mustache was stronger than everyone.

This included Luo Tian!

One needs to know that Luo Tian’s skills only need proficiency and didn’t need him to comprehend anything. It was different for Big Mustache because every step of progression for him was due to his comprehension. Just some hints here and suggestions there had changed him greatly.

Compared to when he hadn’t met Luo Tian yet, his Puppet Technique comprehension had at least doubled!

Everything was thanks to Luo Tian.

In his heart, Luo Tian had given him a second lease on life!

“Bang~, bang~…”

Wang Gui’s figure kept retreating backward. His eyes rolled over before his body fell to the ground. Large amounts of blood gushed out from his chest and stained the stage crimson red.


His body convulsed a few more times until there were no more movements.

Big Mustache then spat a glob of phlegm on Wang Gui’s corpse. His eyes turned cold as he swept his gaze through the venue. “Didn’t you guys enjoy mocking me? Why don’t you keep mocking me now?”

“Pak~, pak~, pak~…”

At this moment, it was as if tens of thousands of slaps had rung out in the venue. Those people mocking Big Mustache had a red hot palm print on their faces. It was very difficult to stomach as their faces distorted. Their eyes stared at the stage in a daze as they didn’t know what had just happened.


What happened?

What the hell just happened?

Apart from Big Mustache and Luo Tian, no one else knew.


Daoist Lie Yang had an ugly expression on his face as he clenched his fists. “Trash! Trash! Everyone is trash!”

Lin Wushen had the same look. His face was red like someone had given him a vicious slap. This kind of face slapping really wasn’t easy to accept.

What angered them, even more, was that Luo Tian started dancing across from them.

“Kill him!”

“Kill him!”

Luo Tian started doing the Gangnam Style and shouted: “Big Mustache! You f*cked him over perfectly! Hahaha…”


Extremely beautiful!

If we say Jingang’s instant kill by a slap was domineering, then we can say Big Mustache fought beautifully. His move was very weird and others wouldn’t be able to understand it.

This method of killing people was even more shocking than the previous one.

People will remember this more vividly because they were all wondering how Wang Gui had died.

This question will haunt them for a very long time.

At this time, Big Mustache walked to the edge of the barrier and calmly looked at the moderator. “The fight is over. Why have you not opened the barrier yet?”


The referee swallowed some saliva before opening the barrier. He ran over to inspect Wang Gui’s corpse before frowning. He then looked over in the direction of the Imperial God Immortal Sect and shook his head, “He’s dead.”

At this moment, Big Mustache sneered: “Calling me a damn midget? This daddy will let you see my methods.”

“Crack~, crack~ crack…”

“Crack~, crack~ crack…”

“Crack~, crack~ crack…

On the stage, behind the referee.

The Flying Tiger God’s body collapsed into countless pieces of stone and every stone contained a powerful energy. Even though the pieces of stone weren’t as strong as a whole Profound God 3rd ranker, the stones definitely had the power of a Profound God 1st ranker.

It looked like rocks rolling down a cliff.

They all came crashing down and buried the referee.

“Save me! Save me! Save…”


Piled up like a burial mound.


“Hahaha…” Eggy was laughing in joy. “Big Mustache did very well! I will reward you with a hundred drops of Dragon God’s essence blood. Hahaha, this one is about to laugh myself to death! Who told him to f*cking pick his nose at me. Now that is awesome! Hahaha…”

Due to being rescued in time, the moderator wasn’t smashed to death. But he was on his last breath and was carried away like a dead dog.

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