Undefeatable – Ch733

Chapter 733 – Dance Of The Shura

The Soul Hall wasn’t part of the immortal sects.

They weren’t qualified to participate in the immortal sect disciple competition.

Now the names of people from the Soul Hall have appeared? Except for Daoist Lie Yang and Lin Wushen, everyone from the eight great immortal sects had looks of surprise on their faces.

They all started whispering to each other.

“Why are the people from the Soul Hall participating in the competition?”

“What are they here for?”

“Could it be that they want to become an immortal sect? That doesn’t seem possible. The Soul Hall is already the number one most mysterious force in the continent and they are not weaker than any of the immortal sects. Why are they participating in a competition where there’s no need? The Soul Hall doesn’t have or need the karmic fortune of immortal sects.”

Many people couldn’t understand it.

What made people even more confused was that when the referee drew a name from the box, he didn’t even draw a second name and already announced who was fighting whom.

The funniest thing to Luo Tian was that Murong Bai was supposed to be in the fourth group of matches!

Now he had suddenly appeared in the third group.

Did they have to make it that obvious?

This was too dark, right?

They really weren’t giving them a path of survival. Three consecutive matches and all were targeting Luo Tian. They didn’t draw anyone else and kept drawing people of Mount Hua Immortal Sect. Even if they didn’t draw them, they will say they drew someone from Mount Hua.

Everything here was being manipulated by the Imperial God Immortal Sect.

Even the people of the Soul Hall who didn’t go down to put their names in could be drawn out. What other impossible things can happen next?


There’s no such thing as fairness in this place.

This was too dark. Even darker than the triad gangs of Luo Tian’s previous life!

Luo Tian had a cold smile on his face while the raging flames inside him increased to another level. He then said to himself: “You guys have to kill someone of mine before you feel better, right? You guys just had to push it to the extreme, right? This daddy almost cannot endure any more!”

The raging flames inside Luo Tian kept trying to charge out of him.

He kept encountering unfair treatment.

He wouldn’t even frown a bit if it was just targeting him. But doing this to his brothers had touched his bottom line!

This was the main reason that pissed him off.

Murong Bai looked at Luo Tian and said: “Boss, don’t get too angry. Don’t they want to kill the people of Mount Hua Immortal Sect? Go ahead and let them try. The Soul Hall? It’s about time we learn a bit more about them.”

Jingang then said foolishly: “Eldest senior brother, fight on! The more unfair it is, the more we’re going to win. We cannot let them have their way and strike blows to our boss.”

Black Widow also said with a smile, “Little Whitey White, I will introduce you to some beauties if you win this match. I will guarantee that you will be satisfied.”

Big Mustache chuckled and said: “Eldest senior brother, you have to win.”

Eggy looked over while munching on his divine artifacts. “Little Whitey White, you have to win more domineeringly than Big Cow Cow. Viciously slap their faces. Their granny’s cha-cha, I’m about to burn up in rage!”

Luo Tian didn’t bother saying anything extra, “Just be careful out there.”

Murong Bai replied with a smile, “Everyone can watch my awesome performance.”

While they were chatting, a male in a black cloak walked out from behind Zi Luolan. He was speaking to Zi Loulan in a respectful manner before nodding his head. He turned around and a black shadow had been thrown out by him. He hadn’t left yet but his sword had already stabbed into the middle of the stage.

Like a sword returning to its sheath, his figure blurred as he landed on the stage with cold killing intent.

Murong Bai was different from Jingang and Big Mustache, he didn’t walk over but leaped into the air right where the sun’s position was. He was holding onto a white sword and his white clothes fluttered like it was dancing in the wind. His appearance and movement were designed to be elegant and suave!


Very handsome!

One must say that Murong Bai performed quite well to look as handsome as he could.

Some of the female disciples in the grandstands couldn’t help scream out.

But the moment he landed, Jingang suddenly shouted: “Eldest senior brother, you are way too handsome! There will definitely be some village girls interested in you now!”


Murong Bai lost his balance and almost fell onto the ground. Several black lines appeared on his forehead as he pretended to be calm on the stage.

The referee coldly glanced at Murong Bai and didn’t say a word.

He walked to the edge of the stage and activated the barrier.

“Senior brother Murong, I hope you have been doing well lately.” Night Shura didn’t show any expression while his tone was rather cold. The moment Murong Bai landed on the stage, he had pulled off the cloak that was covering his head. One could see that half his face was tattooed with strange rune words.

One of the ten greatest sword slaves of the Soul Hall!

Murong Bai’s expression faintly changed. “I didn’t expect the Soul Hall to send out the ten greatest sword slaves. This is Soul Hall’s ten strongest assassins. Night Shura, I actually didn’t know your identity was a sword slave.”

After being with the Soul Hall for many years, one of the rules was that one’s identity couldn’t be exposed.

A sword slave was one of the most mysterious existences in the Soul Hall.

Therefore, they will definitely not expose their identities that easily. They specialized in assassinations and rarely showed themselves in the Tianxuan Continent. When they do appear, that place will no longer have any survivors. Whether they be children or the elderly, no one will be left alive!

Night Shura maintained his cold expression and said: “The Soul King said that as long as you hand over Heavenly Plume City’s seal and the Great Tang’s jade seal, I can spare your life. Otherwise, you should be clear on what happens when someone betrays the Soul Hall.”

This was the sword slave’s main purpose in coming here!

The Geocentric Tower!

Apart from Luo Tian who knew about it, there was also another person – the Soul King!

Murong Bai replied: “Soul King? Hahaha… Night Shura, for the sake of us having trained together in the past, I will sincerely advise you to quickly get out of the Soul Hall. The Soul King is only treating you guys as tools for killing. Do you really think he treats you guys as human beings?”

A tool!

If it wasn’t for Luo Tian, he would’ve died already.

He saw through the Soul Hall.

Night Shura became angry as he coldly replied: “You actually dared to say such treacherous words? Murong Bai, you still refuse to realize your error so you can go to hell for me.”

In an instant, the black sword on him shot out.

Using sword qi to control a sword!

The black sword turned illusory in the air and manifested over a hundred thousand sharp sword qi. It formed a huge vortex of sword qi and looked like a Shura dancing about. It was extremely powerful with incomparably dense killing intent.

Outside the barrier, all the swords were making ringing noises by themselves.

Night Shura’s comprehension of sword intent had reached a very high realm. This realm was even able to penetrate through the barrier of the stage, causing the swords from those immortal sect disciples in the grandstand to tremble.

It kept making an intense ringing sound!

“A sword slave from the Soul Hall is one of their most secretive existences. A sword slave can slaughter a million people with a single thought, which means they could slaughter an entire city or even an entire country in just a few minutes. They practiced their killing intent through the sword dao of slaughter, making this type of power extremely terrifying.”

“A sword slave is too strong.”

“That other person looks like someone from the Soul Hall as well. But when going against a sword slave, that guy has no chance of winning.”

“Mount Hua Immortal Sect will definitely lose this time.”

No one thought Murong Bai would win when his opponent was a sword slave from the Soul Hall.

Just based on the words “Soul Hall’s sword slave,” Murong Bai was destined to lose!

Murong Bai stood unmoving like a mountain on the stage. His sword looked like it was submerged 10,000 meters deep into the ocean without any fluctuation. He only sneered when he stared at the huge vortex of sword qi before him, “Dance of the Shura…”

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