Undefeatable – Ch734

Chapter 734 – A Sword Skill That Cannot Be Blocked

“Dance of the Shura!” Murong Bai shouted but his sword didn’t move.

Except, a vortex of sword qi still appeared around him which looked exactly like the sword qi made by Night Shura.

Dance of the Shura was exactly described by the name, a Shura dancing about. It was like a vigorous street dance without any restraint.

Night Shura’s expression changed as he sneered, “Murong Bai, you think you can use Dance of the Shura without the corresponding moves? Aren’t you acting a bit too arrogant?”

They were both people who trained in the Shura’s Sword Art. Night Shura was clear that Dance of the Shura required an actual corresponding sword move in order to go to the next move, Shura’s Wild Slaughter.

Murong Bai didn’t make any sword movements.

That meant his second move cannot be released.

But Night Shura wasn’t going to take this lightly. No matter what time and who his opponent was, he would always go all out. He will never give his opponent any chances, and that’s precisely what being a sword slave is all about!

With a thought, his black sword suddenly shot out.

Night Shura then shouted: “Shura’s Wild Slaughter!”

Murong Bai still hadn’t moved yet. At the moment Night Shura released Shura’s Wild Slaughter, Murong Bai’s brows formed a faint frown. His eyes widened and his pupils shrunk as he shouted: “Shura’s Madness!”


The sword qi’s from Dance of the Shura around him disappeared into nothingness.

Night Shura’s expression drastically changed. “Skipping over the second move and going straight to the third move? Murong Bai, do you even have that ability? My comprehension of the sword dao is greater than yours. Even I cannot do it, yet you think you can?”

“Go to hell for me!”

The Shura Sword Art was split into three moves – Dance of the Shura, Shura’s Wild Slaughter, and Shura’s Madness.

Each move followed the other.

There couldn’t be the slightest of errors, and one couldn’t skip a move.

But as Night Shura’s sword qi that covered the entire sky rushed towards Murong Bai, a deity-like figure landed right next to him! The Shura God!



It descended from the sky and didn’t attack but stood there to defend.

The fury of a Shura God knew no bounds!

The gigantic sword in its hands was chopping at the incoming sword qis like crazy. The sound of metal clashing could be heard with every slash it took. Fiery light scattered everywhere like a ring of fire had covered the stage. The light was blinding to the onlookers so they couldn’t really see what was happening.

Murong Bai was standing still behind the Shura God, silently watching Night Shura.

Night Shura was staring back in shock, his eyes containing a look of defiance.

One must know that he was called Night Shura because he was the first person to comprehend the Shura’s Sword Art. This title was given to him by the Soul King, which was also the title that made him stand the proudest within the Soul Hall.

But he was actually defeated by the same Shura’s Sword Art here.

He couldn’t skip the second move and jump to the third move. He had tried in the past but he couldn’t complete it.

Murong Bai smiled and said: “The first person to comprehend the Shura’s Sword Art was actually me. I just let you have the recognition, but didn’t expect it to allow you to become a sword slave. If we could do things all over again, I will definitely not let you have that position anymore since you have completely changed due to it.”

“Shut your mouth!”

“I don’t need anyone! I, Night Shura, am the number one in the sword dao! I am the strongest assassin that no one can beat!” Night Shura shouted in madness.

An incomparably thick and cold killing intent surged out of his body.

The sword qi from Shura’s Wild Slaughter was about to finish converging.

At this moment, Murong Bai closed his eyes and the Shura God in front of him disappeared.


“What is he doing?”

“Eldest senior brother, that’s too dangerous!”

“Little Whitey White, what the hell are you doing?”

“Did he lose his mind?”

Why would someone relent their absolute defense at the most important time?

Luo Tian faintly frowned before smiling, “Paying off your debt? Why are you so dumb?”

Luo Tian understood what Murong Bai was trying to accomplish!


A sword qi shot through Murong Bai’s body.

Murong Bai sprayed out a mouthful of black blood. He didn’t defend against the sword qi and just took it head-on. At this time, he looked over at Zi Loulan and said: “From now onward, I, Murong Bai, no longer owe the Soul Hall anything.”

That sword strike was him returning the kindness to Soul Hall for his upbringing.

Returning the kindness to the Soul King for his teachings.

This was drawing a clear line between him and the Soul Hall.

In reality, Murong Bai didn’t owe anything to the Soul Hall. In reverse, it was the Soul Hall that owed him.

Zi Loulan didn’t reveal any expression and didn’t even look at Murong Bai. She looked like someone that had no emotions.

At this time, Han Hua spoke up: “Sect Leader, that woman is Zi Loulan, Li Xue’er’s mother.”

Luo Tian glanced over and was faintly stunned.


On the stage.

Night Shura was even more enraged.

His Shura’s Sword Art was crushed. Now that he was given a free strike by his opponent, this was considered a complete insult to him. The rage inside his heart surged out and his usually calm self had completely collapsed. He then roared out: “Go to hell for me!”

“Void Splitting Sword!”


Night Shura’s figure continuously broke through space.

This was similar to Luo Tian’s Shadow Shift, Flashback. The difference was that his Flashback was a single short distance move while Night Shura made continuous Flashbacks. He continuously jumped through space like someone that was truly breaking through the void.”

At this moment, a cold murderous aura had permeated the area.

With the Void Splitting Sword move, Murong Bai couldn’t detect Night Shura’s position at all.

Luo Tian frowned and unconsciously stood up.

This sword skill was extremely powerful.

The identity of a sword slave from the Soul Hall wasn’t excessive vanity. Each one of them had a unique ability. Night Shura became famous due to his Shura’s Sword art, and his Void Splitting Sword allowed him to gain the identity of a sword slave. And this sword art was something he comprehended on his own.

A sword art that was nearing that of a God skill!

The faces of many people became tense.

“This sword move cannot be blocked!”

“The esoterics of this sword art is not lower than a God skill.”

“A sword slave from the Soul Hall truly lives up to its name. I have never seen this kind of sword art in my entire life.”

“Someone from Mount Hua Immortal Sect is finally going to lose.”

Daoist Lie Yang was smiling in joy. When he saw that Night Shura had used such a move, he knew that it was impossible for Murong Bai to block it no matter how strong he was. This move was unblockable and didn’t have any weaknesses to exploit.

It was the same with Lin Wushen as the two of them started smiling together.

Those behind Luo Tian felt their hearts tighten. They were holding their breath and didn’t dare to speak. They were all sweating on behalf of Murong Bai right now.

Murong Bai’s face faintly darkened as the sword in his hand finally started ringing. Inside his mind, a cluster of flames started burning up. He couldn’t detect the aura of Night Shura and could only feel killing intent surrounding him.

What should he do?

Murong Bai tried his best to calm himself down. He looked over, raised his hand, and pointed out his sword.


An intense sword ringing sound exploded out from within the barrier.

Layers of ripples could be seen crashing into the barrier.

Just because his sword was called the White Feather Sword!

A sword forged from the bones of Blade River King, a monster with two billion health points!

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