Undefeatable – Ch735

Chapter 735 – Eggy Levels Up Twice

The Void Splitting Sword cannot be blocked?

No! There’s no such thing as an attack that cannot be blocked!

There’s also no such thing as absolute invincibility!

The surrounding murderous aura was a mist that Night Shura released in order to hide himself.

In order to find him, one must first get rid of the murderous aura.

After that, Night Shura would be revealed. Everything would be useless no matter how many times he can disappear into the void.

But this required a long amount of time. By the time Murong Bai manages to get rid of all the murderous aura, Night Shura’s sword would’ve pierced through his head already. Time was too short and Murong Bai couldn’t do it.

When Profound God realm experts fought, time was one of the main fatal factors.


Extremely fast! The kind of speed that reached the extreme!

Speed was one of the paths of the sword dao.

The White Feather Sword in Murong Bai’s hands were gently shaking. Sword qi suddenly started going crazy and causing the entire barrier to vibrate along with the White Feather Sword.

“The top of the top grade divine artifact!”

“That sword looks like it was forged from a demonic beast bone. And that demonic beast is definitely not a species from the Tianxuan Continent. It’s definitely a demonic beast bone from a higher plane. Otherwise, it’s impossible for it to have such a dense amount of aura that could even affect the barrier.”

“Refining demonic beast bones to forge a profound weapon is one of the most difficult things to do. Refining high-ranking demonic beasts are even more difficult. That White Feather Sword in his hands looks like it hasn’t been forged that long ago. In the entire Tianxuan Continent, who has the ability to accomplish such a thing?”

“Even a Master Artificer in the great perfection realm cannot do it!”

“That dragon was previously eating divine artifacts forged from demonic beast bones as well. Could it be that…”

For a brief moment, everyone was captivated by the White Feather Sword in Murong Bai’s hand.

Divine artifacts were hard to come by.

Not to mention a top of the top grade divine weapon, that was even rarer.

Following that, everyone’s eyes turned to Luo Tian.

Daoist Lie Yang, Lin Wushen, and the sect leaders of the eight great immortal sects looked over at Luo Tian. Even Zi Loulan, who hasn’t looked at anyone in the venue since entering, looked over at Luo Tian with her emotionless eyes.

“Could it really be him?”

“That’s not possible. Even if it’s the strongest master artificer, it’s impossible for them to forge so many divine artifacts.”

“Absolutely impossible!”

“In the hundreds of thousands of years of history of the Tianxuan Continent, there has never been a master artificer who has forged more than ten divine artifacts. He can forge so many divine weapons at once? Absolutely impossible!”

The crowd all denied such a thing.

Daoist Lie Yang had a sinister smile on his face as he was very sure of himself now. “Mount Hua’s progenitor… it has to be Mount Hua’s progenitor. It was him that hid a bunch of treasures in the ancient battlefield. Luo Tian definitely has much more powerful stuff in his possession.”

“Heh heh…”

“With so much good stuff, you will definitely be dying today.”

Within the Tianxuan Continent, a single divine artifact will attract countless contenders.

There’s a saying that one shouldn’t reveal their wealth.

The high-profile move by Eggy and the White Feather Sword in Murong Bai’s hand made the eight great immortal sects show even greater greed in their eyes. They looked like they wanted to eat a person alive!

Luo Tian smiled like he didn’t care. “A bunch of poor saps that haven’t seen the world before.”

A top grade divine artifact and they’ve been shocked to such a state?

If all his top grade divine artifacts were revealed at once, wouldn’t they be shocked to the point of shitting their pants?

Since this was already the case, Luo Tian snapped his finger in the air and said to Eggy: “Did you eat the Seven Moon Divine Sword yet? If you haven’t, take it out and let them all take a glance so they don’t look like some rabid dogs when seeing a top grade divine artifact.”

Eggy smiled and replied: “I haven’t yet!”

What Eggy liked the most was doing such acts to be in the limelight.

He then rushed over to Luo Tian’s side and whispered: “Boss, how do you want to do this?”

Luo Tian replied: “Eat it in front of all these people.”

Eggy giggled happily and said: “I understand!”

Immediately after, Eggy leaped into the air and sneered loudly in the venue. “You bunch of penniless vagrants, I will let you guys see what a true sword is. I will let you see the sword that an overlord of the Ancient World, Seven Moon Devil Sovereign uses.”

In an instant, a huge black sword suddenly appeared next to Eggy.

The Seven Moon Divine Sword!

Once the huge sword appeared, the entire venue became quiet.

Their hearts felt like they had stopped beating.

Their eyes were glued to the sword!

“Ancient divine weapon!”

“It’s very strong! What a strong power! What kind of miraculous encounter did Luo Tian have to get an ancient divine weapon? And it happens to be a sword from an overlord of the Ancient World, the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign. This is too inconceivable!”

“Get ready!”

“It doesn’t matter what price we have to pay! We have to get it even if we have to steal it!”

Both the expert swordsman Daoist Lie Yang and Lin Wushen were moved by what they saw.

They almost couldn’t endure any more when they stared at the Seven Moon Divine Sword floating in the air.

“Should we bring forward our plans?”

“That sword…”

When they were thinking about this, Eggy started laughing arrogantly before saying: “Has this widened your horizons? There are tons of these kinds of things in our Mount Hua Immortal Sect. They’ve basically become garbage to us! My boss has managed to kill several overlords in the Ancient World already and this divine weapon was snatched from the hands of one of those overlords. To my boss, those Ancient World overlords are basically on the same level as a pile of shit, humph~!”

“Heh heh…”

“Do you guys want this?”

“It looks like you guys want this really badly, right?”

“Looking at the greedy looks coming from your eyes, I can easily tell you guys all want this badly.”


“I’m simply not going to give it to you.”

After saying that, Eggy popped the entire sword into his mouth and started chewing. Purple light beamed out from his mouth and an incomparably formidable powerful energy exploded out.

The entire venue of people became dumbstruck.

“Don’t do it!”

“Ancient divine weapon… ancient divine weapon… gone… it’s gone…”

“You damn animal! You deserve to die!”

Their hearts shattered.

No one expected Eggy to eat it while revealing a look of pleasure. There were no traces of heartache at all. The only people with heartaches were the people from the immortal sects. They had an unbearable look on their faces like someone in their family had died. They looked like they were about to start wailing in grief.

Daoist Lie Yang’s eyes were wide open while white steam rose out of his head from being too angry. “That damn animal, I’m going to kill it no matter what!”

Lin Wushen’s eyes became dull.

An ancient divine artifact was eaten just like that.

What the hell is going on?!

Is everyone from Mount Hua Immortal Sect crazy?


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian! Your battle pet has leveled up!”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian! Your battle pet has leveled up!”

“What the hell?!”

“He leveled up two times in a row!” Luo Tian was feeling astonished as he didn’t expect an ancient golden weapon would make Eggy level up twice in a row. It was no wonder that Eggy kept dreaming about his Seven Moon Divine Sword. At this moment, the power coming from Eggy’s body had been obviously elevated.

Eggy flew back while picking his teeth. He then said with excitement: “Boss, that divine weapon was too awesome! Do you have any more? The feeling was so great that I almost orgasmed!”

Luo Tian glared at him.

Eggy instantly shrunk back and said obediently: “I will go and continue eating some divine artifacts.”

“Holy crap!”

“Second brother, you’ve already taken over my limelight. It should be my turn now, right?” said Murong Bai in an irritated mood.

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