Undefeatable – Ch736

Chapter 736 – Luo Tian Is Furious

Eating the Seven Moon Divine Sword was just a small side event.

The fight was continuing on the stage.

The Seven Moon Divine Sword was an ancient gold grade divine weapon. It was on a higher grade than the White Feather Sword that Luo Tian forged. The reason why he didn’t give that to Murong Bai was that the White Feather Sword was more suitable for him. If the choice was given to Murong Bai, he will definitely still choose the White Feather Sword for himself as well.

Because there was something special about the White Feather Sword.

It contained the fierce and incomparable blade qi of the Blade River King!

A sword that had an innate blade qi?

This seemed a bit out of place.

But after Luo Tian’s refinement, the blade qi from the Blade River King would transform based on the user. This feature was something Luo Tian saw through from his system’s attribute panel and it will be up to whether Murong Bai could utilize it or not.

If a person that uses swords wasn’t even familiar with his own sword, then he couldn’t be considered a real swordsman.

Luo Tian felt that swords weren’t as strong as blades.

Compared to a refined gentleman’s sword, he preferred a blade that was brutal and domineering.

A fierce man should be matched with a rugged blade!

On the stage.

It was obvious that Murong Bai knew the secret of his White Feather Sword. When facing the pressure from Night Shura’s Void Splitting Sword, he didn’t panic and maintained his calm. What he liked to do was to show his handsome side at all times.

He would be the same even if a fire was starting to burn his eyebrows.

“Whoosh~, whoosh~, whoosh~…”

The sound of space breaking apart kept exploding around him.

It was extremely harsh to the ear!

Murong Bai closed his eyes and his mouth revealed a sneer. “Junior brother… Wait, I don’t have any relations to the Soul Hall anymore. Night Shura, I’m sorry but…”

“Buddha’s Sword!”

The White Feather Sword struck out.

The hidden power of Blade River King suddenly surged out like a toppling mountain and an overturning sea. The barrier bulged out like it was about to explode at any given moment.

In an instant, Night Shura’s sword pierced out. “Die!”


Void Splitting Sword!

Buddha’s Sword!

Two different sword moves collided together and kept clashing with each other.


An ear-piercing sound of a sword groaning!


“Crack~, crunch~…”

It sounded like glass breaking.

The sword in Night Shura’s hand had shattered. In his eyes, he saw a huge Buddha descending. And below the huge Buddha was a ferocious demonic beast he had never seen before roaring at him. It was at this moment that his long sword shattered.

His heart went deathly still.

If a swordsman’s sword shatters, that means he has lost.

His battle intent instantly withered.

Night Shura closed his eyes.

However, the sword strike he was waiting for didn’t fall. Murong Bai’s originally gloomy face relaxed. He then said: “Junior brother, take care of yourself.”

The sword just now didn’t stab down.

After all, they were once fellow apprentice brothers of the same sect. He was also a brother that Murong Bai kept thinking about because he treated him like a little brother. Meeting here and fighting, there was no way Murong Bai could land a killing blow.

Murong Bai’s heart had changed.

After following Luo Tian, Murong Bai no longer had a murderous intent surrounding him.

Night Shura frowned before shouting: “Aggghhh~! I don’t need your pity!”

It was as if he had lost his mind.

With his hand holding onto the broken sword, he shouted: “I didn’t lose! I haven’t lost yet!”

Murong Bai’s brows furrowed, and his White Feather Sword blurred into the image of a sword flower. His figure was like a sword as his whole body penetrated through space.

“Ommm~…” His sword started ringing.

This move was too fast!

It was faster than Night Shura’s Void Splitting Sword, and most of the people couldn’t see what had happened.

Night Shura had no reaction and just charged forward until he hit the barrier. Only then did he suddenly come to a stop. He then realized that a sword qi had penetrated through his chest, but no blood flowed out and there weren’t any traces of an injury.

After being penetrated through, the wound had healed by itself.

Lifting something heavy as if it was light!

That sword strike was so magnificent that words couldn’t describe it!

Night Shura looked at his own wound. He was unresigned and fell to his knees drained of power. “I’ve lost!”



“Little Whitey White won! Mount Hua Immortal Sect won again! Hahaha…”

“We won!”

“We won three matches in a row! Eldest senior brother, you are too mighty! This one guarantees that after today, some village girl will definitely fall in love with you. Hahaha…”

Mount Hua Immortal Sect boiled with excitement.

But the rest of the immortal sects were in shock.

Their eyes were wide open as they stared at the stage.

Everything happened too quickly. That sword style, sword speed, and the unpredictable mystery surrounding it was all too inconceivable. A wound that can heal by itself? This kind of sword dao comprehension had surpassed everything they understood!

Sword heart intent!

Sword intent that moved to the heart’s desire. It would harm if they wanted it to. It wouldn’t harm if they didn’t want it to.

This kind of power was simply too magnificent!

When the barrier opened, Murong Bai got off the stage and said: “The Soul Hall isn’t a place where you should stay at. If you are willing, you can come with me to Mount Hua Immortal Sect and my boss will protect you.”

After saying that, Murong Bai left the stage without waiting for Night Shura’s reply.

At this time, the moderator got onto the stage and announced: “Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s Murong Bai has left the stage. The victory goes to Soul Hall’s Night Shura!”



The entire venue was in a ruckus. Did they have to make it this obviously unfair?

Murong Bai instantly became enraged. He instantly turned around while the White Feather Sword in his hand was shaking. He didn’t bother with his image and cursed out: “Are you f*cking blind?!”

The referee sneered and said: “Insulting the referee? You are disqualified from the competition.”


There was a limit to what a person could tolerate.

Everyone saw that Night Shura had lost, but he was actually proclaimed to be the victor.

Daoist Lie Yang laughed and clapped: “Hahaha… Congratulations to Soul Hall’s Night Shura for winning the match. Hahaha… Congratulations! Luo Tian, your disciple insulted the referee. Such an uncultured person should be taught some manners. What a disappointing thing he is, hahaha…”

Lin Wushen also started clapping.

With them in the lead, the eight great immortal sects followed suit.

The rest of the second-rate immortal sects immediately stopped making any sounds. Those rich merchants and normal sects shrunk their necks and didn’t dare to make a peep. All those sounds of discussions had disappeared and were replaced by clapping sounds.


They were absolutely shameless!

Their shamelessness had actually reached such an extent!

“Boss, let’s just fight to the death with them!”

“His granny’s cha-cha, my rage is bursting out of control!”

“It was clearly eldest senior brother that won yet they said he lost. This old cow cannot endure anymore. That Daoist Lie Yang better wait for this one because I’m going to show him how awesome this one is. This one is so mad!”


Extremely outraged!

When they were still speaking, Luo Tian’s figure had already disappeared.

“Daoist Lie Yang, f*ck all eighteen generations of your ancestors! You motherf*cker, quickly scram down here for this daddy!”

In an instant, Luo Tian landed on the stage. His five fingers were clawed onto the head of the referee as he stared over at Daoist Lie Yang. “Die for me!”

He was beyond furious!

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