Undefeatable – Ch738

Chapter 738 – You Are Not Worthy Of Her

Luo Tian already figured there wasn’t anyone good within the ten great immortal sects.

They were all despicable and sinister villains.

The reason he only brought two old devils to South Heavenly Gate was that he wanted to leave more backup for Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

This was one of his fallback plans!

It’s fine if the people from the ten great immortal sects didn’t show up. But if they did, there really was going to be a river of blood there.

Those old devils had a very deep hatred towards the ten great immortal sects. If they saw them, that was practically dry wood meeting a blazing hot flame.

Luo Tian didn’t show any expressions and only chuckled coldly. “Wow, you ten great immortal sects are truly very despicable. Using such a scheme against my Mount Hua Immortal Sect? It looks like you guys really look up to me, Luo Tian.”

“Since everything has been made clear now, we might as well start the fight.”

“I will repeat the same words I’ve said – I will single-handedly fight all ten great immortal sects!”


Extreme arrogance!

One person fighting all ten great immortal sects?

That kind of tone was too brazenly wild!

But Luo Tian has always been this arrogant and this cocky.

What is Murong Wanjian fighting eighteen people considered? This daddy will make it bigger! Since the ten great immortal sects are targeting me, then I will fight them all by myself! We will play it as big as possible!

Daoist Lie Yang’s expression turned fierce. When he looked at Luo Tian, a sense of foreboding appeared in his heart. But now that the arrow had already left the bowstrings, he couldn’t think too much anymore. He immediately shouted: “You damn dog thing! I shall fulfill your wish since you want to die so badly!”

The aura around Daoist Lie Yang instantly surged.

He had fully released the powers of his Profound God 8th rank. The atmosphere around South Heavenly Gate immediately felt like all the air had been sucked out of it.

At the same time, Lin Wushen made his move as well.

The sect leaders from the eight great immortal sects all followed suit.

Ten people!

All ten sect leaders from the ten great immortal sects!

Their strength was at the Profound God 5th rank and above! Each one of them could be considered an overlord of a certain area in the Tianxuan Continent. Apart from the hidden supreme experts at the Profound God Sovereign realm, these ten people could be considered the strongest people in the continent!

There was an uproar from the spectators inside South Heavenly Gate.

Everyone started getting worked up over this.


Eggy laughed before continuing: “We’re finally about to fight. I haven’t been able to endure for a long time already.”

Jingang chuckled as well, “After suffering from so much anger, I can finally take action. This one is going to smash them all flying.”

No one was afraid of problems here. They were all people who enjoyed fighting.

They were all arrogant individuals that were afraid that this immortal sect disciple competition would go by in dullness.

Just when the final big battle was about to go off, a woman stepped forward from the area of the Soul Hall.

A single step was similar to ten thousand miles.

She appeared on the stage and glanced at Luo Tian.

Luo Tian made a slight bow as he said respectfully: “Aunty.”

Zi Loulan didn’t show any emotion and replied: “You’ve grown so big already.”

Just this sentence sent a chill up Luo Tian’s spine. In the memory of this body he took over, the memories of his childhood were rather fuzzy. But there was a memory of Zi Loulan’s ice-cold look that seemed to have burned into his mind. This was something Luo Tian couldn’t forget ever since he has transmigrated here.

He never expected that ice-cold gaze had appeared once again.

Zi Loulan no longer looked at Luo Tian but swept her cold gaze through the area. Her gaze eventually landed on Night Shura’s figure before she said: “Someone of mine has lost. Losing is losing. My Soul Hall isn’t so petty that we can’t afford to lose. Whether they are the Imperial God Immortal Sect or the Starsea Immortal Sect, we don’t need any forces to show favoritism to us.”

“As for the words that the referee said…”

“I can only say that he deserved to die!”

Her voice was so cold that it went straight to the listener’s bones.

The aura coming from here had the chill of extreme yin.

Immediately after, Zi Loulan looked over at Daoist Lie Yang. “Sect Leader Lie Yang, please give me some face and let the competition continue. The reason I came here was to enjoy the competition. It would be such a great pity if it ended halfway just like that. After the competition, I, Zi Loulan, will absolutely not interfere in whatever happens here!”

Someone from the Soul Hall stood forward and it was actually the young phoenix’s mother!

This was beyond the expectation of Daoist Lie Yang and Lin Wushen.

According to the information they received, the Soul Hall also wished that Luo Tian would die during the immortal sect disciple competition. So, why would they stand out right now?

He couldn’t understand it!

But he didn’t reveal any confused looks and just said: “Since Madam Zi Loulan has opened her mouth, I, Lie Yang will naturally listen to it. But Luo Tian has killed a referee, so this matter must be settled appropriately.”

After all, if they didn’t even let out a fart when someone from the Imperial God Immortal Sect was killed, this would send chills to the hearts of their disciples.

Zi Loulan flipped her right hand and a sword excluding coldness appeared. There were little specks of fluorescent lights all over the sword. One look and anyone could tell this sword wasn’t ordinary. With a flick of her hand, the sword accurately landed in front of Daoist Lie Yang before she said: “This Frigid Heaven’s Sword will be considered an apology on his behalf. Sect Leader Lie Yang, are you satisfied with it?”

Frigid Heaven’s Sword?!

The spectators were in an uproar!

“One of the ten most famous swords of the Tianxuan Continent?”

“The Soul Hall is truly the Soul Hall. A single move by them and a top grade divine artifact appears.”

“A Profound Emperor Elder in exchange for a divine artifact… No matter how you calculate it, the Imperial God Immortal Sect has earned a big profit.”

Luo Tian was faintly stunned by this.

He didn’t know why Zi Loulan would suddenly stand forward and take out the Frigid Heaven’s Sword. One must know that this was a very powerful top grade divine artifact that had become famous over ten thousand years ago. What is she trying to do?

What he heard from Leng Hanshuang was that Zi Loulan hated him as well. So, why would she suddenly help him now?

Was it really to help him or was it due to some other reason?

Luo Tian’s mind was going crazy trying to figure it out but he couldn’t come to any conclusions.

Daoist Lie Yang pushed down his joy before glaring at Luo Tian and saying: “Damn dog thing, you got lucky this time. I will let you live for a few more hours. A few hours later, I will personally twist your head off your body.”

After saying that, Daoist Lie Yang grabbed the Frigid Heaven’s Sword and said: “Madam, this sword…”

Zi Loulan replied: “Go ahead and take it.”

She then didn’t bother looking at Daoist Lie Yang anymore.

Luo Tian couldn’t understand what Zi Loulan was trying to do. But since she came forward on his behalf, he had to at least stand out to show his gratitude. “Thank you aunty.”

Of course, it didn’t really matter if Zi Loulan stood up for him or not.

The final battle will be fought sooner or later. The exception was that if his people could win the immortal sect disciple competition, this would increase the fortune for Mount Hua Immortal Sect. In the bigger picture of things, Mount Hua Immortal Sect should be grateful towards her for letting the competition continue on.

Zi Loulan didn’t show any emotion and said: “Luo Tian, let’s make a deal.”

Zi Loulan looked at Luo Tian.

She was looking at him with all seriousness.

Her two cold eyes revealed a trace of warmth.

But this hint of warmth didn’t bode well for him. Luo Tian then said in a composed manner: “Aunty, please go ahead and say it.”

Zi Loulan looked at Luo Tian and said calmly: “I know you like Xue’er but you are not worthy of her. I hope you can leave her on your own.”

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