Undefeatable – Ch739

Chapter 739 – This Woman Is Extremely Vicious

“You are not worthy of her.”

Her voice wasn’t loud but it struck Luo Tian’s heart like a lightning strike!


Very painful!

He almost couldn’t breathe!

Luo Tian’s body faintly trembled.

Those words were a big impact on Luo Tian when they were said by Li Xue’er’s mother.

After all, she was the mother of Li Xue’er!

Luo Tian’s expression faintly changed as he calmed himself down. He then forced out a faint smile and said: “Have you ever asked Xue’er?”

Zi Loulan replied: “I am her mother and I know what her future should be. She’s still too young to distinguish how evil a human’s heart can be so I need to consider her future on her behalf. Luo Tian, you are indeed not ordinary. You are definitely not ordinary to have attained such achievements in a short few years.”

“But the more hard-won your achievements, the more you should cherish them. You shouldn’t be going against things that you shouldn’t be touching.”

“Xue’er is not the right fit for you.”

“You are also not worthy of her. She is the reincarnation of a phoenix, and she can only marry a man that is as noble as her existence. In this world, there is only the son of a true dragon Murong Wanjian that is worthy of her. I know she has good feelings towards you and she won’t listen to me. That’s why I’m hoping for the sake of her future, you would leave her on your own.”

Every word of hers was like a needle stabbing into Luo Tian’s heart.

If someone else had said that to him, Luo Tian would’ve already destroyed that person with a palm strike. But when facing Li Xue’er’s mother, he couldn’t do a thing no matter how angry he was.

Those six words “you are not worthy of her” was very painful!

Extremely painful!

This was probably more unbearable than enduring ten thousand strikes from Daoist Lie Yang.

Luo Tian bitterly chuckled as he muttered with his head lowered: “This is just like those movies from my previous life. Who would’ve imagined such a scenario could happen to me as well? This is too funny. Way too funny, hahaha…”

Immediately after, Luo Tian looked up and said: “I’m very curious… when can I be worthy of Xue’er?”

Zi Loulan faintly frowned before replying: “I’ve already said that in this world, only the son of a true dragon Murong Wanjian is worthy of her. A true dragon paired with a young phoenix, a match made in heaven. This is the will of the heavens.”

“The son of a true dragon, Murong Wanjian…”


Luo Tian looked up in the air and started laughing madly. He was roaring internally: “It’s that Murong Wanjian again! The son of a true dragon! I really want to see how powerful you are!”

Boundless rage!

From the very beginning, Murong Wanjian was like a mountain crushing down on his mind.

In order to climb over this mountain, he has been struggling, fighting, and slaughtering. He broke into Corpse City, entered the Gnome Territory, battled Devil Monarch Skysoul, joined an immortal sect, went to Dark North City, entered the Sky Palace, then the ancient battlefield, and finally the Floodplain World!

He did all of this in order to become stronger.

He did all of this in order to rescue Li Xue’er from her marriage with Murong Wanjian. Most importantly, he did it to trample Murong Wanjian beneath his feet.

He worked extremely hard for this goal!

He kept making breakthroughs and kept striking at the large mountain known as Murong Wanjian. Before he could trample Murong Wanjian beneath his feet, Zi Loulan threw him a single sentence – You are not worthy of her. The young phoenix is destined to marry the son of a true dragon.

This was no different than slashing him with a sword and sending him down to the eighteenth level of hell.

This kind of feeling was unbearable!

Luo Tian then said playfully: “I will trample the son of a true dragon, Murong Wanjian, beneath my feet.”

Zi Loulan frowned once more and unconsciously revealed a look of contempt. She then coldly said: “Luo Tian, do you really think you’re an opponent for Murong Wanjian? Do you know who his master is? Imperial God’s Primeval Lord Cang Tianlong, with a cultivation at the supreme Profound God Sovereign realm. Do you know who Xue’er’s master is? Ancestor Starsea, who is also in the Profound God Sovereign realm. Do you think you are an opponent for them? The reason why I’m here is to advise you to not do anything stupid. Don’t do things that are impossible for you to accomplish. This is my way of repaying the kindness of your father in saving Xue’er back then.”

Murong Wanjian!

Cang Tianlong, at the Profound God Sovereign realm.

Ancestor Starsea, also at the Profound God Sovereign realm.

Luo Tian faintly smiled without a trace of fear. On the contrary, his heart had become exceptionally strong. He started laughing like crazy internally before saying to himself: “I wonder how much good loot will explode forth? They are all super powerful boss existences! This daddy will definitely explode them!”

Seeing the faint smile on Luo Tian’s face, Zi Loulan thought that he was trying to cover up his true feelings. “As long as you agree, I will guarantee that you will come in first place in this year’s immortal sect disciple competition. The fortune of your Mount Hua Immortal Sect will also greatly increase because of that.”

“My Soul Hall has a method of raising the karmic fortune of an immortal sect.”

“As long as you agree to my condition!”

Luo Tian didn’t reply to that and asked: “Why did you appear here today? Why did you specifically come here for me? That’s because you’re afraid. Your Soul Hall is also afraid. The Imperial God Immortal Sect is afraid. Starsea Immortal Sect is afraid. As for Murong Wanjian, he too is afraid.”

“Afraid that I will stop the marriage!”

“You are all afraid of me! Hahaha…”

Zi Loulan’s expression changed.

She had an unsightly look on her face.

It doesn’t matter who it is, no one can ruin this marriage.

This was why she made an appearance.

Indeed, Luo Tian’s words accurately revealed their sore spot. Many people were afraid he would disrupt the marriage.

For that reason, Zi Loulan became angry and her expression turned gloomy. Her originally beautiful housewife look turned into a ferocious being. Her eyes glared at Luo Tian as she said: “Luo Tian, you are too cocky. No one is afraid of you. To the Soul Hall, Imperial God, and Starsea Immortal Sects, you are too weak. You are even weaker than an ant. You will only die by standing forward and bringing attention to yourself.”

Luo Tian replied: “It doesn’t matter if I die or not because I will only respect the choice that little sister Xue’er makes.”

After saying that, Luo Tian suddenly rejected his own thoughts. “It doesn’t matter what choice she makes because I will take her away. I will definitely stop this marriage. This I promise you. You can just wait and enjoy the show, my mother-in-law!”


Zi Loulan’s annoyance was through the roof. The harsh killing intent coming from her surged into the surrounding. Her gaze happened to land on Night Shura who was beside Luo Tian.

Her killing intent was like a manifestation of pure power that directly landed on Night Shura. His body started decomposing inch by inch!

Extremely cold and eerie!

Night Shura was an expert at the Profound God 4th rank but he couldn’t even put up a hint of resistance. He was directly crushed by her killing intent, which showed how terrifying Zi Loulan was!

“Luo Tian…”

“Since you won’t listen to me, you can just await your death today.”

“The people I will be sending next will absolutely not be garbage like Night Shura.”

After saying that, Zi Loulan left the stage with an angry look on her face.

Luo Tian smiled unconsciously and said: “Thank you aunty for your Frigid Heaven’s Sword, but I will return that sword to you very soon. No matter how powerful your Soul Hall experts are, my brothers will still end up stepping on top of them. Do you want me to tell them to show some mercy and spare their lives? Hahaha…”

Zi Loulan didn’t respond.

After returning to her seat, her expression turned ferocious. She then softly said in a gloomy manner: “If we meet anyone from Mount Hua Immortal Sect, kill them for me. I don’t care what prices you have to pay, kill them even if you have to self-destruct your soul!”

This woman was extremely vicious!

In an instant, this immortal sect disciple competition became especially thrilling!

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