Undefeatable – Ch740

Chapter 740 – The Young Phoenix Is Here?

Luo Tian had become part of a plot inside those soap operas. In all honesty, he was very unhappy about it!

If Zi Loulan wasn’t Li Xue’er’s mother, he would immediately beat the crap out of her!

But she was her mother, so he couldn’t make a move just like that.

Things had settled down.

Luo Tian returned to his seat and his expression turned serious. “If anyone meets the people of the Soul Hall, you have to be extra careful. They are practically death sworn and are capable of anything. As long as you don’t get injured by them, it’s fine to even admit defeat.”

Murong Bai fixed the injury on his chest and said: “Sword slaves only listen to orders. They will do anything necessary in order to achieve their goal. They might even self-destruct their souls. Everyone needs to be careful about that.”

Zi Loulan was a vicious individual.

Luo Tian could tell just from the expression on her face. This woman was extremely ruthless.

No matter what, he didn’t want the people beside him to get injured.

Leng Hanshuang’s brows quivered. When she looked in the direction of the Soul Hall, she began muttering to herself: “Madam wasn’t like this before. Why did she change so much? I also have no clue if the young miss is here or not. If the young miss is really here…”

She started worrying.

She’s the only one here that knows more of what’s going on.

The relationship between mother and daughter had become contentious because of Luo Tian. Li Xue’er hadn’t seen her mother for this entire period. Even when her mother went to see her at the Starsea Immortal Sect, she refused to meet her.

Li Xue’er was also in pain because of this.

In the area of the Imperial God Immortal Sect.

Daoist Lie Yang had a playful smile on his face as he said: “Now, there’s no way Luo Tian can play anymore. Brother Lin, there’s no way Luo Tian can fly out of our inescapable net even if he has ten pairs of wings. Once they all die and Mount Hua Immortal Sect is destroyed, everything on them will belong to us! Hahaha…”

Daoist Lie Yang’s eyes turned evil when he thought of all those divine artifacts on them.

Lin Wushen also started smiling coldly.

Daoist Lie Yang’s brows suddenly formed a frown. When he spoke about the ten great immortal sect’s allied army attacking Mount Hua Immortal Sect, Luo Tian didn’t have any change of expression on his face. His heart had a faint sinking feeling so he immediately said to an Elder: “Go check things out at Mount Hua Immortal Sect. Go and see how things are progressing on junior brother Tian Yang’s side. Hurry there and hurry back.”

“Order received!”

One of the Elders disappeared without a sound.

Lin Wushen was a bit surprised as he said: “Brother Lie Yang, you are really a meticulous person. There’s no way Mount Hua Immortal Sect can resist our ten great immortal sect’s allied army. Luo Tian was only laughing like crazy to cover his worries. Just watch and see, he’s going to want to finish the next few matches as quickly as possible.”

“It’s useless if he wants a quick fight. Even if he rushed back there, most likely there wouldn’t be a single person alive in Mount Hua Immortal Sect.”

“Hahaha…” Lin Wushen and Daoist Lei Yang started laughing together.

Their faces were extremely despicable and sinister-looking.


A new referee came out.

This time, it was an Elder from the Starsea Immortal Sect.

Surprisingly, the two names he drew from the box weren’t from Mount Hua Immortal Sect. They were disciples of the Imperial God Immortal Sect and the Flowing Clouds Immortal Sect.

Just when those two got onto the stage, the disciple from the Flowing Clouds Immortal Sect announced: “I admit defeat.”

They hadn’t even fought yet and one of them admitted defeat? And he even had a smile on his face while doing so!

What is even more surprising is that the strength of that disciple from the Flowing Clouds Immortal Sect was a level higher than that of the disciple from the Imperial God Immortal Sect. He had a high chance of winning the match yet he directly conceded defeat.

Many people couldn’t understand.

What was even more confusing to them was the next few matches. Whenever someone encountered disciples from the Imperial God Immortal Sect or the Starsea Immortal Sect, they would simply admit defeat without fighting.

Several matches didn’t have any fights with someone admitting defeat.

This inevitably made some spectators dissatisfied.

The referee went up to the stage once more to draw two more names. His expression was a little strange as he glanced over at the area where the Imperial God Immortal Sect were sitting. He then announced: “Imperial God Immortal Sect’s Murong Wanjian…”


“Murong Wanjian is here!”

“My idol is here! Heavens! Who would’ve imagined he really did come?! The only reason I’m here is to catch a glimpse of him. A dragon amongst men, the son of a true dragon, Tianxuan Continent’s number one talent, an existence no one can surpass within these ten thousand years!”

“Whether it’s the immortal sect disciple competition or the examination matches inside the Imperial God Immortal Sect, he has never lost a single match ever. He has a high cultivation realm and he’s very handsome. It would be great if I was the young phoenix!”

The venue was in an uproar with discussions.

Luo Tian’s expression changed as he started clenching his fists. His mouth curved into a sneer before saying to himself: “Murong Wanjian, you are finally here.”

Luo Tian had waited for this day for three years!

As long as Murong Wanjian appears here today, there is no way Luo Tian is going to let him off.

It’s perfect that Li Xue’er’s mother is present. He was going to defeat Murong Wanjian in front of her and use his strength to prove everything!

At this time, Luo Tian’s battle intent had been lighted as he felt his excitement growing.

Leng Hanshuang frowned and said: “Is he really here? He wasn’t here in the Tianxuan Continent one month ago. Could he really be here now?”

Everyone was discussing the pride of the heavens.

The influence of Murong Wanjian was too strong.

The hope of the human race.

The hope of the Tianxuan Continent.

He is regarded as the most likely person to enter the Profound God Sovereign realm within a hundred years. And the person who is most likely to break the void and ascend within ten thousand years!

Once the referee read out the name “Murong Wanjian,” there was a lot of discussion going on in the area where the Imperial God Immortal Sect was sitting. Disciples were looking around because even they weren’t sure if Murong Wanjian was here or not.

Daoist Lie Yang’s mouth was seen moving.

The referee’s pupil faintly shrunk before he immediately opened the next name on the paper. “Vast Heaven Immortal Sect’s Zhou Shan!”

“I admit defeat!”

A disciple from the Vast Heaven Immortal Sect stood up and shouted just when the referee’s voice faded.

The whole venue was in an uproar once more.

While standing, Zhou Shan said loudly: “Why can’t I concede defeat? I am an admirer of senior brother Murong so how can I be his opponent? I am directly admitting defeat. Senior brother Murong wins this match.”

Admitting defeat to such an extent?

Does manipulating a competition have to reach such levels?

The referee immediately announced: “Murong Wanjian wins this match!”

“What the hell?!”

Eggy said unhappily: “He didn’t even appear and he won? Could it be that the Imperial God Immortal Sect wants Murong Wanjian to be the number one immortal sect disciple again? Reigning supreme without appearing? This is way too ridiculous!”

That’s right!

Daoist Lie Yang had that intention.

This matter was something the Imperial God’s Cang Tianlong had him do. He didn’t ask any questions and was only responsible for adding Murong Wanjian’s name to the lot. He then ordered everyone to admit defeat whenever they were matched against Murong Wanjian.

As long as Mount Hua Immortal Sect was defeated, Murong Wanjian would become the number one immortal sect disciple once more.

The referee didn’t explain anything to the masses and proceeded to draw lots for the next match. “Sky Thunder Immortal Sect’s Jin Wang vs…”

Upon speaking up to here, he looked over at Lin Wushen before slowly finishing: “Versus Starsea Immortal Sect’s Li Xue’er!”

The young phoenix is here?

Or is she not here?

Luo Tian unconsciously stood up.

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