Undefeatable – Ch74

Chapter 74 – Reward: Xiao Yan’s Martial Skill

“Blergh~… blergh~”

Feng Lei was unconscious, face pale, and his butt curled up. His mouth would occasionally spit out some water and sometimes a small fish or shrimp would be spitted out.

Those small fish or shrimp would land on his chest and struggle for their lives.

Luo Tian was standing on a large stone at the banks of the water with an ugly look on his face. He was still gasping for air while staring up at the cliff edge of the dense forest before saying to himself: “We finally escaped.”

The toughness, strength, and defensive capabilities of the Thousand Year Zombie King were much more powerful than the berserk Lava Lizard.

They was only a single level difference between them and the gap in strength was this large.

A rank 5 demonic beast was truly a tough existence.

The tougher it was, the more excited Luo Tian became. The only reason was that the stronger the bosses, the better the equipment they would explode forth.

That Thousand Year Zombie King must die!

If Profound Master 4th rank isn’t its opponent, then wait until the 5th rank. If a Profound Master 5th rank isn’t its opponent, then wait until the 6th rank. In this Ghostly Mountain Range that’s a grinding heaven, leveling up is just a matter of time.

That’s why sooner or later he will kill it!

After resting for a while…

Luo Tian kicked the half dead fatty and said: “You damn fatty, you still pretending to be dead? Hurry up and wake up for me.”

“Boss, let me spit out some more stuff first. I feel like there’s still a pond loach in my stomach that I haven’t spit out yet.” Feng Lei helplessly replied.

After that, a few more mouthful of water was sprayed out.

Feng Lei almost died at the hands of the waterfall, and he had drunk a copious amount of water that filled up his entire stomach.

It was fortunate that Luo Tian jumped in on time, otherwise that two hundred and fifty jin fatty would really die here.

“You deserve it!”

“I was almost killed thanks to you! You’ve sobered up after drinking so much water right? You finally realize how powerful that zombie was right?” Said Luo Tian in a slightly angry manner.

If it weren’t for Feng Lei appearing, he wouldn’t be in such an embarrassing situation like now.

They actually performed such a dangerous act of jumping off a cliff of the waterfall. If by chance they landed on rocks instead, then that will really be the end of them.

Feng Lei scratched his large bald head and grinned foolishly, “Boss, this one didn’t know that guy was so powerful. Next time this one will definitely be more careful.”


“Boss, the temptation of its blood essence is too strong. Seeing it makes my body turn into an impulsive beast that desires to instantly rush to kill and drink its blood. There are times that I cannot control myself and this happens to be the case.”

Feng Lei tried explaining.

He would slightly frown as he was speaking about this.

Luo Tian was a bit surprised internally. The fatty’s vicious beast tattoo that suddenly appeared on the back of his head, and him drinking blood essence to increase his strength, these were all matters that Luo Tian had no understanding of.

And there’s also the explanation fatty tried to give.

It’s most likely that Feng Lei had hit a bottleneck and needed blood essence of a certain type.

Luo Tian wanted to help him but had no idea how.

After thinking for a while, Luo Tian patted Feng Lei’s shoulder and said: “Strength! Strength will give you power to control everything. If you don’t want to be controlled, you must have strength stronger than it does. Use strength to subdue it and crush it!”

Feng Lei was seriously listening to those words… listening… listening…

Suddenly, a fountain of saliva gushed out of his mouth.

Along with it came a large pond loach!

Luo Tian almost burst out laughing.

Also at this moment…

A Spotted Leopard hiding all this time pounced out.

Luo Tian’s expression changed as he roared out: “Courting death!”

He reflexively threw out a heavy punch.


A single punch landed and the Spotted Leopard’s head exploded like a watermelon. Blood and brain matter splattered everywhere before the body landed on the ground and convulsed.



The system gave an alert tone.

Feng Lei’s eyes changed as he became serious looking. His fists were clenched, “Strength! Strength! Strength!”

He said “strength” three times in a serious heavy tone.

He ran up to the corpse of the Spotted Leopard, picked it up with a single hand and started crazily drinking. The blood essence of the Spotted Leopard was quickly sucked dry.

The eyes of the ferocious beast at the back of his head gave a brief red flash before disappearing.

Luo Tian lightly smiled before loudly shouting: “Into the mountain, and begin a killing feast!”

“Let’s go!”


“Left side!”


“Fatty, above your head!”

Within the forest, one fat and one skinny person were covered in beast blood. Their faces looked murderous as if they had just climbed out of a blood pool.

Around them were piles and piles of demonic beast corpses.

Feng Lei was fiercely sucking down blood essence. His face was red and his body looked burning hot. A vigorous amount of profound energy was contained inside the blood essence, and all of this was absorbed bit by bit as it entered his body.

Luo Tian had been killing like crazy.

Experience points!

What he wanted was experience points, huge amounts of experience points.

Every move he made did not have any martial skills behind it and was purely raw strength. Without caring about defense, he continued killing in this bloody environment in order to level up.

There were countless small and large wounds on him.

The pain on his body and the pleasant alert tones in his mind seemed to be resonating with each other. The current portrayal of Luo Tian was similar to a masochist who was deriving pleasure from pain.

“Fatty, don’t just keep devouring the blood essence. Don’t forget the task that I want you to accomplish.” Reminded Luo Tian.

Fatty Lei wiped off the blood from his mouth and said: “Don’t worry boss, I’ve been collecting the skeletal remains of all rank 3 demonic beasts for you.”

Right after, Feng Lei asked: “Boss, why do you need the bones of these demonic beasts?”

Luo Tian mysteriously smiled and replied: “You’ll know in a little while.”

The bones of demonic beasts were extremely hard, much harder than fine iron by several times. It can be used to refine weapons but the requirements were quite high for normal Weapon Refiners.

Luo Tian’s weapon refining was still at level 1 so there’s no way he could refine demonic beast bones.

He had other uses for it!


One day… two days… three days…

On the eighth day.

After a full eight days and eight nights, Luo Tian hadn’t slept. He continued killing and didn’t even let a rank 0.5 demonic beast go!



“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a Fiery Rock Boar. You have gained 500 experience points, 50 profound energy…”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for leveling up. You are currently at Profound Master 5th rank!”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining a martial skill as a system reward. Reward Item: Lion Tiger Gold Shattering Roar!”

Leveled up!

Profound Master 5th rank! The moment Luo Tian leveled up, his injuries completely recovered like lightning fast and his attributes refreshed.

Listening to the system alerts, Luo Tian was a bit surprised as he muttered to himself: “Lion Tiger Gold Shattering Roar? This martial skill seems very familiar… but what novel and main character skill is this from?”

A few minutes later…

Luo Tian’s eyes trembled before laughing out loud. “Hahaha… this is Battle Through The Heaven Xiao Yan’s martial skill!”

Martial Skill: Lion Tiger Gold Shattering Roar

Grade: 6

Proficiency: 0/2000

Consumption: 1000 profound energy

Description: This martial skill is a sonic technique where lions and tigers roar in unison. It’s capable of subduing all beasts, shatter souls, and shatter gold!

“Sixth grade?!”

Luo Tian smiled as he never imagined he could receive a grade six martial skill. One could imagine how powerful this martial skill would be.

“Boss, what made you so happy?” Feng Lei asked while scratching his head.

Luo Tian excited said: “Take out all the rank 3 demonic beast bones you’ve collected. We will make some preparations first and then it’s time to kill that thing!”

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