Undefeatable – Ch75

Chapter 75 – Puppet Soldier – Ghost Dragon

The strength of someone at the Profound Master 5th rank and 4th rank were completely different.

A single small level difference yet the strength gap was like a ravine.

Whether it was strength, speed, profound energy, or defensive properties, they had all increased greatly. The moment Luo Tian broke through, he clenched his fists and became excited as he reveled in the power of a Profound Master 5th rank.

“Let’s see how you show off in front of this daddy now!”

During these past eight days, Luo Tian would often think of the Thousand Year Zombie King. The gold shimmering glow of a boss was similar to a scratching post to a cat.

Kill it; I definitely have to kill it!

Luo Tian had been desperately killing monsters these eight days in order to break through to the Profound Master 5th rank.

His power increased and his profound energy filled up. Right now he should have enough strength to give the Thousand Year Zombie King a good fight.

That night…

Luo Tian set up a campfire and started roasting demonic beast meat.

The oil of the roasted meat dripped out and caused a sizzling sound in the fire – sounding like a beautiful tempo of a couple’s waltz.

Feng Lei’s hands were rubbing his stomach that couldn’t get any bigger while revealing content smile.

Who knows how much blood essence he had devoured in these past eight days.

The power and profound energy concentrated in the blood essence had allowed him to level up two times. He was now at the Profound Pupil 9th rank and his strength was almost double of what it was a few days ago.

This cultivation speed is the definition of perverted.

Of course, Feng Lei was still lacking when compared to Luo Tian.

So when we mention something being perverted, Luo Tian would unanimously become the perverted king of leveling.

“Get a good night’s rest because we’re going to look for that guy tomorrow and pay him back for chasing after our lives.” Said Luo Tian as he handed some grilled meat to Feng Lei.

Feng Lei shook his head to show he couldn’t eat anymore. “En. It’s unfortunate that my blade has been destroyed or else I would like to try again to see how strong its head is.”

Recalling this made Feng Lei pissed.

That huge machete was something he really liked, so he never imagined it would actually break from the rebounding shock.

Luo Tian smiled, “You’ll get plenty of other blades in the future. Go get some rest and replenish your spirit, tomorrow will be destined to become a bitter fight.”

“En!” Feng Lei nodded and immediately closed his eyes to replenish his energy.

Not much time had passed before Feng Lei’s heaven sundering snore was heard.

It was too tiring since they hadn’t rested for the past eight days.

Luo Tian smiled in understanding while he finished eating the grilled meat. He then took out the spatial plaque that Feng Lei used to store the demonic beast bones and went to a more open area.


Luo Tian took a deep breath before a blueprint of a puppet soldier appeared in his mind. He was then lost in thought before starting…

His right hand made a move and a piece of demonic beast bone flew out.

“Whoosh~, whoosh~, whoosh~…”

Luo Tian’s actions were quick and resolute – each move he made would cause the demonic beast bone to land at specific locations.

Half an hour later…

Over a thousand pieces of demonic beast bones had been placed on the open ground creating a certain design.

The image was ferocious looking, its four claws exceptionally sharp, and the two black hole like eyes emitted a terrifying aura.


Luo Tian’s mind roared out: “Level 2 Berserk!”


A loud humming noise was heard while a huge wave of power surged out of Luo Tian’s body. His eyebrows formed a slight frown before his right hand slapped down.


An ear piercing sound was heard, and below Luo Tian’s right palm was a mass of white profound energy that was roiling about.

Under the power of level 2 Berserk, the profound energy shot out of Luo Tian’s palm like crazy under his strict control.

When creating a puppet soldier, it was important to maintain a strong amount of profound energy.

Each piece of demonic beast bone required profound energy to act as an adhesive to connect with each other. The more profound energy used, the better the connection and the stronger the puppet soldier.

It was due to this that Luo Tian released his level 2 Berserk.

In addition to releasing a robust amount of profound energy, Luo Tian also added his own spirit into the mix. This was actually him utilizing a bold experiment of his.

He was hoping that the puppet soldier would possess some basic intelligence.

This idea was rather daring because if it does succeed, the puppet soldier will no longer be a simple puppet anymore. With an ability to think independently on its own meant its fighting capability will increase by several levels.

Of course…

This was merely Luo Tian’s theory so whether it will succeed or not will be the question.

A full three minutes…

Luo Tian’s palm had been condensing profound energy for a full three minutes. He almost couldn’t control the powerful energy anymore and his hand felt like it was going to be blown away any second.

His hand was shaking and his entire arm felt numb.

Luo Tian’s eyes glared with strain as he roared out softly. His right palm slammed down heavily onto the ground before activating the Puppet Soldier Technique!


After the loud sound, the robust profound energy immediately shot off towards the prearranged demonic bones.

“Creak~ creak~…”

Like mercury flowing rapidly through a mold, everywhere the profound energy went would cause the sound of bones rubbing against each other. The white light from the energy started shining brightly like crazy.

Luo Tian then moved back and unconsciously clenched his fists a few times to show how anxious he was feeling.

These rank 3 demonic beast bones were extremely hard. If he was able to successfully create a puppet soldier out of them, their defense will definitely be at least one grade higher than Optimus Prime and them.

Since their defense is stronger, their attack power shouldn’t be that bad either.

Time slowly went by and the connecting bones also slowly progressed to the last stage.


“It definitely has to succeed…”

Creating Transformers as his puppet soldiers was a very ambitious idea, yet Luo Tian managed to accomplish that dream. This time his idea was even more ambitious than before.

Just thinking about it would make one’s blood boil!

The profound energy and finished fusing, so Luo Tian’s mind shouted: “Stand up for me!”

“Pak, pak pak~”

A series of noises similar to a human’s bone cracking was heard.

The legs began to move and the connecting bones of the puppet soldier seemed to start coming alive. The puppet then started releasing an indescribable aura of death.

This aura seemed to originate from hell.

This was similar to a dead demonic beast’s rage of unwillingness that was capable of stealing one’s soul away.

In an instant…

The puppet soldier made of bones stood up.

It was four meters tall, six meters long, had four claws, a pair of wings, a horn, and had long dragon whiskers.

Its image was exactly like the dragons one would watch in the movies!

That’s right!

This was a dragon!

It was a Ghost Dragon that crawled out from the depths of hell! Its body was domineeringly strong, and it possessed an aura of death!

This was a dragon from the Western culture. If it weren’t for the lack of bones, there’s no way Luo Tian would have made a Western culture’s dragon. His bias made him regard the Western culture’s dragon as an enlarged lizard, so there’s no way it could compare to the divine powers of an Eastern culture’s dragon.

Luo Tian had no other options…

Due to the lack of materials, he could only create such a dragon for now.


As long as he had enough materials, Luo Tian will one day create an Eastern dragon. He would then sit on top of one and enjoy that awesome feeling, maybe chase some skirts, all while looking flashy as hell!

Although it wasn’t as majestic looking than an Eastern dragon, this Western war dragon created from bones was not ordinary either.

Its eyes that were similar to two black holes looked like they were swirling with energy. Its entire body emanated an aura of death that could even cause lower ranked demonic beasts to lose all resistance.


This type of aura should be considered another type of oppression.

Luo Tian grinned while staring at the huge bone dragon. He didn’t expect his creation to succeed and the only thing that disappointed him was that his spirit didn’t integrate with it.

The expression of this dragon was exactly like Optimus Prime and the rest – it was completely dull just like a puppet’s.

Failure teaches people the true f*cking path to success!

Luo Tian wasn’t discouraged as he gently stroked the war dragon. He then smiled and said: “From now on, your name will be Ghost Dragon!”


Ghost Dragon’s head slightly nodded but Luo Tian didn’t notice it.

“Good enough!”

“Now let’s earn back all the profound energy that I’ve used up to create you.” Luo Tian made a thought, and Ghost Dragon looked into a location before speeding off like a grim reaper.

Not long after…

The system inside Luo Tian’s mind was dinging like crazy; his experience and profound energy points were increasing like mad!

The awesomeness of this Ghost Dragon was a complete mess!

They now had a slightly higher chance of killing the Thousand Year Zombie King!

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2 Responses to Undefeatable – Ch75

  1. savagefish says:

    He calls the western dragon an enlarged lizard, but the eastern dragon is basically the same, just being an enlarged snake. Not defending the western version here, just pointing out the flaws in his logic.


    • Michael Guss says:

      i know this is late, but i think it has less to do with appearance and more personalty. Western dragons usually are basically monsters, They burn, they pillage they loot.While eastern dragons are gods and protectors. They are seen as divine messengers. I think that’s what he meant when he compared the two.


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