Undefeatable – Ch76

Chapter 76 – Refining A Tang Blade

The killing rate of Ghost Dragon was much higher than Optimus Prime and the others.

The only sentence to describe it would be: Wherever it went, not a blade of grass would regrow!

Even though those words were a bit of an exaggeration, Ghost Dragon’s fighting ability was indeed quite high. Especially when it came to his defensive properties; a rank 3 demonic beast wasn’t able to break past it at all.


“Congratulations to player…”


“Congratulations to player…”

The system alerts came beeping in his mind non-stop. His experience points and profound energy points were all increasing rapidly. Luo Tian then excitedly said to himself: “Sure enough, it didn’t let me down.”

The construction blueprint of Ghost Dragon came from an online novel.

Back then when he read that novel, Luo Tian imagined how awesome it would be to have such a flashy Ghost Dragon under his command.

Never did he imagine that he could successfully create it.

Although it wasn’t as powerful as the one in the novel, Luo Tian felt that one day he would be able to create a rank 10 Ghost Dragon at the great perfection stage.

How terrifying would the fighting ability of a rank 10 Ghost Dragon be like? Just thinking about it made him extremely excited.

Luo Tian glanced up at the dark sky and realized it was still a long time from dawn. He was in thought for a while before taking out the leftover demonic beast bones from the spatial plaque.

There were still about several hundred jins of demonic beast bones.

After thinking about how that fatty’s machete was shattered, Luo Tian was wondering if he could refine another one for him using the demonic beast bones.


It was about time to level up his refining weapon technique.

Since the Song family had gifted them so many Grade 1 weapons, Luo Tian was thinking of repaying the favor with his own refined weapons.

Refining required a furnace, profound energy to drive the flames, the item form to freely flow, and continuous striking and quenching. One cannot relax even for even a single second.

And this was only the basics.

If one wanted to refine high-grade weapons, superior materials must be used.

Upon adding some spiritual treasures naturally formed by nature, the weapon’s power will greatly improve once the fusion succeeds. But these so called natural oddities were extremely precious so even they were available, people would not use them to refine weapons. The reason being that if one were to fail, the natural oddity will be gone as well.

Also, refining natural oddities consumed a lot of profound energy and spiritual power; a matter that was extremely difficult to accomplish. In the entire continent, there weren’t many Weapon Refining Masters that were capable of doing it.

Luo Tian didn’t think of these issues.


Not mentioning refining natural oddities, Luo Tian’s current proficiency rating made it that refining demonic beast bones was already an extremely difficult task.


He was different from your typical Weapon Refining Master.

Luo Tian wasn’t trying to succeed in refining a weapon; he was just planning on raising his proficiency!

This was his true strength! He didn’t need to contemplate things and didn’t have to figure out how to get insights to make breakthroughs. Luo Tian only had to raise his proficiency level – it’s as simple as that!

Luo Tian didn’t even use a furnace and just went out to get some dry branches.

After starting the fire, he released his profound energy as a catalyst and caused the yellow flames to become blue. The heat of the flames had now reached very high degree!

Luo Tian’s left hand tossed out a piece of bone, and then instilled his will into it before activating his weapon refining technique.

His profound energy dropped by 100 points.


“Weapon refining failed, proficiency value +1.”

“As expected!”

“Just what I expected, as long as I make an attempt at refining, the proficiency value will increase.” Luo Tian said to himself. He then waited for the thirty second cool down period before starting to refine again.

Thirty seconds each time!

This was unheard of by anyone in the continent! The increase in proficiency rating wasn’t considered fast because Luo Tian kept failing. But if he manages to succeed in a refinement, the proficiency might double or triple the fail amount.

Luo Tian wasn’t in a hurry.

Since the night was long and he didn’t want to sleep, he might as well practice like crazy.

This reminded him of his previous life in Legend of Mir when he spent the entire night increasing his proficiency with Summon Shinsu. He was energetic throughout the night and the feeling was similar to right now.


“Proficiency value +1.”


Luo Tian continued training without stopping a single minute.

One can imagine the degree of fatigue when you haven’t slept for eight days and night. Luo Tian had the leveling system and was superior to others in many aspects, but he still persisted with his training.

This world was a place that supported those that were prepared.

When facing the Thousand Year Zombie King and the inter-family competition in twenty days time, all these stressors made Luo Tian feel a bit suffocated. That’s why he was so hell bent on doing his best.

Many people will only witness a hero’s brightest moment, but behind them were innumerable sweat, hard work, and countless fights with their life on the line.

There aren’t many geniuses around.

Many were hard-working and became the so called geniuses with their bitter training.

When one was more ruthless to oneself, this will allow them to walk a little further in their martial path.

The transmigrated Luo Tian completely understood this principle. That’s why he clenched his teeth and used his utmost concentration to work hard on this task.

Seconds and minutes continued to disappear.

His proficiency increased bit by bit.

Just when the eastern skies started to brighten, Luo Tian faintly smiled: “I’ve finally leveled up!”

Weapon Refining technique had risen to level 2!

After a night of bitter hard work, Luo Tian stared at huge rib bone in his hands. There was a slight curve to it similar to a Tang Blade; the bone was an ideal material for weapon refining.

At level 2 of Weapon Refining, wanting to successfully refine demonic beast bones was still quite difficult.

But since Luo Tian had risen to level 2, he figured he might as well give it a try. If he does succeed, then fatty will get a new blade. If he fails, it’s no big deal since what the Ghostly Mountain Range had was an abundance of demonic beasts; he could just go out and kill a few more.


Luo Tian lightly breathed out some turbid air. He closed his eyes and calmed his mind which was like an untouched ancient well.

Half a minute later…

Luo Tian suddenly opened his eyes wide while his right palm circulated energy. He then started to roar out!

Profound energy roiled before gushing into the blue flames.

With profound energy as the catalyst, the temperature started soaring rapidly. Water evaporated in the surrounding atmosphere, weeds nearby visibly withered into a dry yellow color before spontaneously combusting.

Luo Tian’s right hand was circulating profound energy while his left hand placed the huge demonic beast bone into the fire.

“Level 2 Berserk!”

Four times the attributes were released, causing his profound energy to become more violent. The blue flame now had a faint trace of black within it.

Black flames!

The temperature was extremely high using profound energy as its fuel.

The bone looked like it was melting before Luo Tian immediately activated his Weapon Refining technique. His will entered the bones like a flash of electricity. It then started changing non-stop according to his thoughts.

It was rotating like crazy.

And profound energy kept gushing out like crazy.

At this moment, Luo Tian had forgotten everything except for his task at hand. A phantom image similar to an Immortal seemed to have appeared behind him.

If a Weapon Refining Master was present, they would probably be almost shocked to death.

Harmony between man and nature!

This was the legendary realm of harmony between man and nature!

A realm that only existed in legends!

No one would expect for this to appear in a Profound Master who had just trained in weapon refinery – this was simply too shocking!

Luo Tian naturally didn’t know this was happening since his mind was entirely focused on the bone.

“Succeed for me!”


The black flames exploded and the surrounding temperature immediately dropped. The current environment had gradually become normal like before.

On top of the burning embers, a dazzling white blade similar to an elephant’s tusk was faintly giving off light. It was rather beautiful to behold because it was like a star shimmering in the dark sky.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for successfully refining, proficiency value +3.”

“I’ve succeeded!”


Luo Tian started laughing loudly in excitement as a burden lifted from his mind.

It was also because of this sudden feeling that he almost fainted. His whole head was covered in sweat, his body drenched, and the mental fatigue was similar to a mountain crushing him causing him to feel very sleepy.

“Fuuu~… fuuu~…” Luo Tian took several deep breaths as he sprawled to the ground. He then realized something in fear and said to himself: “Your sister, next time I shouldn’t train randomly like this because it’s too tiring. If a rank 2 demonic beast suddenly appeared here, I’d have no strength to handle it.”

Sometimes you might jinx yourself!

“Bang, bang, bang~…”

Each step shook the grounds, followed by a vicious aura of death.

Luo Tian was dumbfounded, “Shit! No way, I can’t be this unlucky right?”

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