Undefeatable – Ch746

Chapter 746 – Luo Tian Participates


He finally woke up!

Luo Tian somehow managed to make Venerable Wu Nian break through the shackles and wake up from his slumber.

At this moment, Venerable Wu Nian exploded forth with all his powers and viciously struck out his palm.


That Starsea Immortal Sect disciple never expected Venerable Wu Nian would suddenly wake up so he didn’t have any defenses up. The palm strike landed on his chest and he was sent flying into the barrier.

Luo Tian’s fists smashed out at the opportune moment.


The two forces collided and a power rippled through the barrier. That disciple’s body directly exploded on the spot and blood splattered all over the stage.

Venerable Wu Nian looked at Luo Tian through the barrier.

Luo Tian stared back at him.

They both started smiling.

While Luo Tian’s mouth was curved, he finally relaxed and his body was sent flying by the recoil powers of the barrier.


Also at this time, Venerable Wu Nian smiled when he sensed Luo Tian’s cultivation. He was laughing with incomparable happiness while muttering: “I won. I won the bet. Hahaha…”

“This is the most beautiful win of my, Wu Nian’s life.”

“I won!”

“Father, I did it. Luo Tian will definitely bring Mount Hua Immortal Sect to new heights.”


Venerable Wu Nian sprayed out a large mouthful of black blood and his face instantly turned deathly gray. He looked in the direction Luo Tian was blasted flying with a smile of satisfaction. His body then swayed a bit before he fell down with a bang.


Luo Tian crawled out of the rubble. The moment he saw Venerable Wu Nian fall over, his heart convulsed in pain.

He then charged over like crazy.


Venerable Wu Nian was dead!

He had endured too many attacks so it was impossible for him to survive. The reason why he didn’t die in the beginning was because he didn’t feel any pain and didn’t feel that death was at his doorstep. He managed to attack that disciple the moment he woke up but that was also the time when death was near. His body was already turning cold as all his organs shut down.

But he died smiling.

Because he saw hope!

Once he saw Luo Tian, it was as if his hopes had been fulfilled.

The match was over.

The barrier came down and Luo Tian rushed over like crazy. “Regeneration! Regeneration! Regeneration!”

Han Hua and the others flew over quickly.

Upon looking at the peaceful expression of Venerable Wu Nian, Han Hua said: “Sect Leader, Elder Wu Nian has already died. He died with a smile on his face. He saw hope – the hope that you would bring to Mount Hua Immortal Sect. We will definitely make it rise once more.”

Yun Ling and Yun Yi said with tears streaming down: “Big brother Luo Tian, please don’t blame yourself. Can you not blame yourself? We are very sad seeing you like this. Can you not be like this, please?”

Luo Tian suddenly stood up.

His eyes were locked onto Lin Wushen as he coldly said: “I hereby announce that I will be abdicating my position as the sect leader. Senior sister Han Hua will succeed me. From this moment onward, I am only a normal disciple of Mount Hua Immortal Sect. Han Hua’s name slot will be taken over by me.”

“You shall all hear the wail of pain during my matches!”


The entire venue turned quiet the moment of Luo Tian’s announcement.

He gave up his position as a sect leader?

A sect leader of an immortal sect is a position of extremely high status. Luo Tian didn’t even think that long and immediately gave it up? What is he trying to do?

This was a position many people couldn’t get even if they begged for it their entire lives. He actually abdicated?

Many people couldn’t understand this.

This set off a huge wave in the venue.

“What is Luo Tian doing?”

“Why did he suddenly announce his abdication? What does he want to do?”

“What is going on in that brain of his? Could it be that the barrier’s recoil power knocked him senseless? It’s the position of a Sect Leader! How can you abdicate so casually? This position basically guarantees you all the best cultivation resources Mount Hua Immortal Sect can provide. His brain is definitely damaged, right?”

Everyone started discussing this.

Han Hua’s expression changed as she whispered: “Sect Leader, what are you saying? I am not qualified to become the Sect Leader of Mount Hua Immortal Sect. Please retract your words. I don’t have the ability to lead an immortal sect.”

Murong Bai added: “Boss, we can take care of it if you just want revenge. There’s no need for you to personally make a move. I won’t let these people off, so you can’t randomly say those words. No matter what, it’s still the position of a sect leader of an immortal sect. Don’t you wish to marry the young phoenix? How can you marry her without some sort of status? You should quickly retract your previous words.”

Big Mustache also persuaded: “What eldest senior brother said is correct. You cannot make the wrong choice in a moment of anger.”

The white-clothed scholar Tong Yan chuckled before speaking to Wei Mo at the side: “Too handsome! His temper really matches mine. He is indeed the reincarnation of Devil Sovereign Xingtian. If one doesn’t become enraged when their benefactor gets killed, how can one still be considered human?”

Wei Mo had a gloomy smile on his face as he said: “Master is truly master. Even I can’t help feeling a gushing admiration towards him.”

That’s right!

Luo Tian wanted revenge!

He wanted to kill everyone from the ten great immortal sects. He wanted to make all the people of the ten great immortal sects take responsibility for Venerable Wu Nian’s death, and he wanted Lin Wushen to kneel down before Venerable Wu Nian’s body!

Luo Tian’s expression was a bit cold as he said to Han Hua: “Senior sister, I don’t have the heart to properly manage Mount Hua Immortal Sect. What I pursue is the highest cultivation realm. Mount Hua Immortal Sect is too small. The Tianxuan Continent is too small. This place is simply not the stage I desire. Even if I’m not the sect leader, I can still bring Mount Hua Immortal Sect back to its peak, so don’t worry.”

“I, Luo Tian, will trample on top of the ten great immortal sects. Those who are unwilling to submit will all die for me!”

With one word at a time, his voice was like a bell that rang through the nine heavens.

All the sounds within the venue instantly disappeared.


The silence was quite eerie. Everyone was staring at Luo Tian without moving. Seeing his pair of dark frigid eyes, the disciples of the ten great immortal sects felt a chill in their hearts. A sense of fear suddenly rose up from inside of them.

At this time, Daoist Lie Yang slowly stood up and clapped his hands. He then laughed: “Hahaha… What great ambitions! Trampling on top of the ten great immortal sects? Luo Tian, I really want to see what capabilities you have to say such words.”

Lin Wushen had the same disdainful expression as he said: “I will agree that you can participate in the competition. I want to see how big of a wave a piece of trash with a crippled dantian can cause. Becoming enemies with our ten great immortal sects? The time of your demise will be nigh.”



For a brief moment, all the sect leaders from the ten great immortal sects were laughing in ridicule.

Their laughter echoed through the whole venue.

Apart from Mount Hua Immortal Sect, basically everyone was laughing at Luo Tian’s arrogance. Trampling on top of the ten great immortal sects? Any one of the ten great immortal sects could make Mount Hua Immortal Sect turn to ashes. For Luo Tian to speak such arrogant words really made people laugh until their teeth fell out.

Even over at the Soul Hall’s area, Zi Loulan revealed a disdainful smile as uttered: “A fool that overestimates himself…”

Luo Tian watched all the people smiling and laughing in mockery. He clenched his fists and said to himself: “You guys all wait for me. Just wait until you all start shaking in fear.”

At this time, Luo Tian’s chest was wracked with pain. His throat churned before a large mouthful of blood sprayed out.

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