Undefeatable – Ch747

Chapter 747 – Forced To A Dead End

The recoil power was too fierce.

Luo Tian had been enduring all this time.

In fact, the powers inside his body couldn’t be controlled anymore as they ran amok in chaos. It was similar to someone experiencing cultivation deviation. His mind and his sea of consciousness were suffering from intense fluctuations. Luo Tian wasn’t capable of suppressing the chaos inside of him any longer.

He couldn’t hold it in and sprayed out a mouthful of black blood.

At this time, Luo Tian lost control of his body and almost fell down. It was fortunate that Jingang was beside him and supported his figure.


Another mouthful of black blood spurted out and his face became even paler. The anger in his heart and the injuries he sustained were stacked together, so the damage he received was even stronger. The pain he was feeling was extremely unbearable!



“Big brother Luo Tian, don’t scare us…”

Everyone’s heart tightened.

Tong Yan frowned as he sent out his spiritual senses. He then muttered out: “What a heavy injury! How is he enduring such heavy injuries? A barrier refined by Immortal Nan Tian contains the power of a Profound God Sovereign. Since he kept smashing against it, we can all easily see how strong the recoil powers were.”

Wei Mo then said: “Old Tong, stop muttering those things and quickly think of a solution. We can’t just watch the master die here. No matter what, he is still considered our benefactor. He was the only one willing to undo the seal on our bodies. If it were any other person in his place, they wouldn’t even care about the life and death of us old fogeys.”

They kept calling him master this and master that when it was just a form of outlet in being grateful towards him.

Putting aside the fact that Luo Tian was the reincarnation of the Devil Sovereign Xingtian, he was the one that gave them a new lease on life. Otherwise, they would really have to stay in the Soul Refining Dungeon until their lifespan was exhausted. They would then gradually become a part of the yellow earth.

Tong Yan then shouted: “You think I don’t know that?! Were you the only one that’s been staying inside the dungeon for so long?! Even if I had the best spiritual pills on me, they too can expire! There are of no use right now, so what else can I do?!”

“Can you guys save our Sect Leader?”


Han Hua kneeled in front of Tong Yan and begged: “Please save him! I’m begging you guys!”

Leng Hanshuang wanted to kneel down too but was held up by Tong Yan’s powers. “What can we do? Do you think we would do nothing if we had the ability? Sigh~… If I knew this might happen, I would’ve brought Yi Mo (Medical Devil) along with us. We are completely useless.”

“If Luo Tian happens to die on our watch, those old fogeys will not let us two off.”

“I, I, I, I… Their granny! If anything bad happens to Luo Tian, I will definitely slaughter everyone here! I’m going to die of anger soon!”

Apart from Luo Tian knowing the Healing Art, no one present had any healing abilities.

They all stared at each other without any ideas or solutions.

This kind of feeling was very uncomfortable.

Yun Ling and Yun Yi were sobbing quietly. Black Widow was secretly wiping away some tears. Leng Hanshuang was clenching her fists on and off. Jingang was supporting Luo Tian while he glared at Lin Wushen. It was the same with Murong Bai and Big Mustache.

Their battle intent had reached its peak.

“Puff~… puff~…” Luo Tian spurted out a few more mouthfuls of black blood. His body was trembling and his face unsightly. His lips had turned black as if he was about to die very soon. The pain he was enduring was too much for him to handle.

His body was covered in injuries. Every time he charged into the barrier, it was as if he took half a step into hell.

He held it in each time just by clenching his teeth.

He wanted to save Venerable Wu Nian.

He desperately wanted to save Venerable Wu Nian, but he couldn’t in the end and watched him die before his eyes. The pain he was feeling was stronger than the recoil power of the barrier. Coupled with the anger in his heart, the pain Luo Tian was suffering through was simply too unbearable.



Seeing how Luo Tian kept spraying out mouthfuls of blood, Lin Wushen started laughing out loud. “Hahaha… Luo Tian, weren’t you very arrogant saying that you were going to trample the ten great immortal sects beneath your feet? You f*cktard, go ahead and trample us now! Hahaha…”

Daoist Lie Yang immediately added: “I thought you were an intelligent individual but didn’t expect you to be as dumb as a pig. You were actually dumb enough to attack a barrier at the Profound God Sovereign grade? This is just too funny! Luo Tian, I told you that you would be dying today but I didn’t expect you to be dying this quickly. I still haven’t made my move yet! Hahaha…”

The loud mockery made Jingang enraged!

Murong Bai became enraged.

Big Mustache, Tong Yan, and Wei Mo became enraged.

Their flames of rage were surging up just like a volcanic eruption.

Luo Tian held onto Jingang’s arm and said: “Don’t, don’t, don’t be impulsive. You absolutely cannot be impulsive. You guys aren’t his opponent. Don’t worry, I will be fine. I can still endure it.”

He sprayed out another mouthful of black blood while speaking.

Yun Ling and Yun Yi bit their lips until they bled. They were trying not to cry out loud as they said: “Big brother Luo Tian, don’t speak anymore. Which one of you has a healing pill? Quickly bring it out!”

Everyone started searching and could only find those Divine Burst Pills.

Luo Tian had never concocted any healing pills because he didn’t have time for them. He just kept on concocting Divine Burst Pills. Now, no one could even take out a single healing pill. But even if they could, they would be useless.

His injuries were too severe.

Luo Tian was in so much pain that he couldn’t even concentrate to cast his skills. What he needed right now was some time to rest.

He hadn’t rested a single second during the past month inside the Floodplain World.

The old injuries and the new injuries all came out at the same time, so his pain was unbearable.

At this time, a purple streak appeared with a medicinal pill box in hand. Before the box was even opened, a medicinal fragrance could be smelled coming from it.

“Heavenly Spirit Pill?!”

“A sacred grade healing medicine!”

Tong Yan’s expression turned serious as he stared at Zi Loulan’s hand.

Wei Mo’s gaze immediately changed as well.

The person that came was precisely Zi Loulan.

Her eyes faintly changed as she didn’t expect Tong Yan to know this sacred medicine was called the Heavenly Spirit Pill. She couldn’t help asking herself: “Who are these two people?”

One needs to know that the Heavenly Spirit Pill was extremely difficult to refine. Only someone at the Profound God Sovereign realm can concoct it. A Heavenly Spirit Pill has an extremely powerful effect where it can bring a person at the edge of death completely back to life.

“Whoosh~, whoosh~!”

Two terrifying auras descended and stood behind Zi Loulan. The sword intent around them instantly locked onto Tong Yan and Wei Mo.

Zi Loulan no longer cared about those two and said with a cold smile: “Luo Tian, this pill will be yours as long as you leave Xue’er. I guarantee that no one here will dare to touch you today, including the people around you. I will guarantee that they will not die.”

Luo Tian feebly looked over and managed to shout out a single word: “Scram!”

Zi Loulan’s expression turned unsightly. Her eyes had a trace of malice while the corner of her eye twitched a few times. She then coldly said: “Just wait for your death then!”

Immediately after, those three figures instantly disappeared.

At the bidding of Lin Wushen, the referee instantly announced: “Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s Luo Tian versus Imperial God Immortal Sect’s Ning Wutian!”

Too sinister!

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