Undefeatable – Ch748

Chapter 748 – A Gorgeous Instant Kill

They’ve seen despicable people before but not ones to this extent.

The referee went onto the stage, grabbed two names from a box, and announced the participants. And it just so happens to be the seriously injured Luo Tian!

One must say that Lin Wushen was one of the most despicable people ever.

Lin Wushen stood there with an evil smile, “Playing with me? This daddy will play you to death.”

Jingang instantly burned up in rage as he yelled out: “Lin Wushen! This one wants to fight you one on one! Come on over if you have the guts!”

It was the same with Murong Bai, “This daddy has never seen a despicable villain like you in my entire life! You manipulate the competition and control the referee from behind the scenes. My boss is injured and he is immediately the participant in the next match. Lin Wushen, do you need any f*cking face?!”

Big Mustache also scolded: “Count me in! Today, I will throw my life on the line and play with your Starsea Immortal Sect to the end!”

Tong Yan and Wei Mo were enraged.

“What kind of dogs fart ten great immortal sects? They are even more sinister than our devil sect members! They are so despicable that they are no longer human!”

“How did they get reduced to such a state? I feel depressed for their ancestors. How can people worse than pigs and dogs appear inside an immortal sect?”

Extreme anger!

Except for Luo Tian, everyone around him was enraged.

They all stood up and stated they wanted to fight on behalf of Luo Tian.

However, Lin Wushen only coldly chuckled and said: “Luo Tian, scram out of South Heavenly Gate if you can’t afford to play. And you, damn muscle head, and you, traitor of the Soul Hall, who do you guys think you are? What kind of status do you have? You guys dare to act arrogant around me? Are you guys even qualified? Scram to the side and play with yourselves instead!”

Daoist Lie Yang mocked: “Luo Tian, are you fighting or not? My disciple is already on the stage. If you don’t want to fight, you can kneel down for me and might have my disciple spare your dog life.”

At this time, Ning Wutian started laughing crazily on the stage. “Luo Tian, you damn dog thing! Hurry up and scram over here to your death! Hahaha…”

The referee also urged: “Luo Tian, don’t say I’m not giving you any extra time. I will give you half a minute. If you don’t come up by then, I will immediately declare your loss. The immortal sect disciple competition wasn’t put together for you alone. There are many disciples waiting to participate. If you can’t afford to lose, then don’t participate. Aren’t you just injured a little bit? You’re worse than a woman moaning and groaning about it. The way I see it, you might as well take your people and scram away the earlier the better.”

“Crack~ crack~…”

“Crack~ crack~…”

“I can’t endure anymore.”

“I really can’t endure anymore.”

“Boss, just start killing. I really can’t tolerate them anymore. I’m about to lose my sanity from the raging flames inside me. I want to slaughter everyone here. They are all too hateful. This daddy’s rage is about to explode!” The dragon might coming from Eggy had started distorting the space around him.


Boundless rage! Every one of them was enraged!

But the more they were like this, the more they had to stay calm.

Lin Wushen, Daoist Lie Yang, and the ten great immortal sects were watching Luo Tian as if he was a joke.

All the audience in South Heavenly Gate were watching Mount Hua Immortal Sect like they were a joke.

The more the audience was like this, the more they wanted to slap their faces. They wanted to slap with all they had so that their mothers wouldn’t even recognize them.

Luo Tian’s voice was shaking as he said: “Everyone needs to calm down. What they want to do is anger us and make us lose all rationale. We would fall into their trap if that happens. They want to play with us right? Then we should play with them as best we can. We will play until they are crippled and dead.”

Immediately after, Luo Tian turned around and took several breaths. He coughed a few times and blood dripped down the side of his mouth. He then said with a smile: “I am participating. I am heading over right now.”

“Boss, you can’t go. Your injuries are already at their limit.”

“You can’t go.”

“Big brother Luo Tian, don’t go. I’m begging you not to go, okay?”

“Master, they are clearly making you go up after seeing your injuries. If you don’t heal your injuries now, you will definitely end up dying. If you happen to die, those old fogeys will not let us two off.”

Everyone tried to stop Luo Tian.

Ning Wutian had a disdainful smile as he said: “Luo Tian, you’re nothing but a b*tch. Just kneel down and admit your loss.”

Eggy glared angrily at him, “Damn dog thing! If you dare to speak another word, this daddy will swallow you whole!”

Ning Wutian’s expression changed as his tone became timider: “Just hurry it up. This daddy’s time is very precious.”

“Fuuu~… fuuu~…”

Luo Tian took a few deep breaths and said: “Don’t worry, nothing will happen to me. Go back to your seats and don’t interfere with whatever comes next. If I do happen to die, immediately split up and escape from here. Never go back to Mount Hua Immortal Sect and don’t try to get revenge for me.”

“Eggy; the protection of Yun Ling and the other girls will be handed over to you. You have to protect them well.”

Luo Tian didn’t know if he could walk out from the stage alive.

He could vaguely guess what would happen in the following matches.

Therefore, he had to leave some words in advance. It was fine if he died but he couldn’t drag his brothers and women down along with me. No matter what happens, he hopes that his brothers and women will continue to live happily without him.

Eggy nodded seriously without saying a word.

The girls were already sobbing their eyes out.

They all had the same thought in their hearts – if Luo Tian dies, they will fight with all they have to complete the things Luo Tian couldn’t accomplish. They didn’t care whether they would live or die.

Jingang and the others had similar thoughts.

As long as something happens to Luo Tian, they will immediately start slaughtering and not escape.

Luo Tian protected them.

They also wanted to protect Luo Tian.

This is what it means to be brothers!

Everyone moved aside as Luo Tian stepped onto the stage. His body was swaying as his mouth curved into a cold sneer. He coldly stared at Ning Wutian and said: “I’m sorry but I allowed you to live for an extra half a minute. Actually, I shouldn’t be apologizing since you should be the one being thankful to me.”

Ning Wutian harrumphed, “You’re about to die yet you’re still speaking so arrogantly. Luo Tian, let me be the one to end your life today. When you’re in hell and you meet the Yama King, you can go ahead and tell him who killed you.”

As he was speaking, the referee quickly left the stage and activated the barrier.

The referee didn’t want to give Luo Tian any time to recover.

Luo Tian was seriously injured and now was the best opportunity to kill him. As long as he dies, the pillar of Mount Hua Immortal Sect will instantly collapse. The remaining people of Mount Hua Immortal Sect can be taken care of in just a few minutes. From then on, there will be no one to stop the marriage between the young phoenix and the true dragon.

At this time, Zi Loulan was smiling in joy. Watching Luo Tian who couldn’t even stand still, she said with a mocking smile: “What a damn dog thing that overestimates himself. Does he really think he can make a comeback? He is nothing more than a toad living on the poor mountainside. Xue’er, oh Xue’er… your mother already gave him a chance to live. And it was actually twice, but he didn’t treasure it. You cannot blame your mother now.”


Ning Wutian’s sword immediately started moving.

Before his attack could land, Luo Tian charged over first. He caught Ning Wutian’s throat at shocking speeds before shoving his body towards the barrier. He then shouted: “Level 9 Berserk!”


With the powerful impact, the recoil power of the barrier exploded forth and directly turned Ning Wutian’s body into powder.

Luo Tian took several steps back before roaring into the sky: “Go ahead and keep laughing for this daddy!”

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