Undefeatable – Ch750

Chapter 750 – Sharingan, Kaleidoscope

The rules are unfair? Smash them!

The competition is unfair? Smash it!

The referee is unfair? They will eventually be smashed flying!

There are many unfair things in this world and Luo Tian had experienced them many times in his previous life. Back then, he had no ability to resist so he could only lower his head.

Now, he wanted to rise up!

Lin Wushen wanted to exhaust him to death? Then come and do it!

The ten great immortal sects wanted to watch him die on the stage? Then let’s do it!

Zi Loulan wanted to see him as a joke? Then come!

Luo Tian will use his own fists to smash everything into powder!

Daoist Lie Yang smiled at Lin Wushen and said: “Brother Lin, your move is quite brilliant. Having Luo Tian die on the stage and off the stage are completely different concepts. Having him die on the stage will let everyone see what will happen to anyone that dares to provoke the ten great immortal sects.”

Lin Wushen grinned coldly, “That was precisely my thoughts. Luo Tian is already at the end of the line. He wants to play with us? He’s still too tender!”

They wanted Luo Tian to die on the stage.

The sensation from that was completely different from dying off the stage.

This will be a fatal blow for Mount Hua Immortal Sect and could be the blow that will completely cut off Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s karmic fortune. The influence of the Imperial God and Starsea Immortal Sects will also be greatly enhanced.

They were the bosses of the immortal sects. Whoever does not submit will end up just like Mount Hua Immortal Sect!

They were establishing their might!

No one can shake their positions.

Except, Lin Wushen was a bit surprised at how Luo Tian still accepted it.

He started sneering in his heart, “You want to play with me with your intelligence level? Go play with your own balls instead! Very soon, you will be lying on the ground like a cold hard corpse. Humph~!”

“Luo Tian actually agreed to the next match?”

“He can’t even stand properly right now. Even if he doesn’t want to die, he will still have to die in the next match. Is he an idiot? He still accepted such an unfair competition. I really have to say that there’s a high possibility there’s something wrong with his brain.”

“This is just one big unfair competition.”

Those smaller immortal sects were discussing this in whispers.

They didn’t dare to speak loudly in case people from the ten great immortal sects heard it and brought trouble to their own sects.

The rest of the audience was actually like this too.

Some of them were outraged by the injustice against Luo Tian but they could only keep it inside their hearts. They didn’t voice this out loud because they were scared!

Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s side.

Tong Yan stared at Luo Tian in all seriousness. He started admiring this guy and felt that he was truly not ordinary. Luo Tian’s resilient spirit made his heart tremble. When he saw how serious Luo Tian’s expression was, he then said: “Listen to him. Luo Tian isn’t an impulsive person so he won’t act recklessly. We just need to believe in him.”

Wei Mo had the same feeling as Tong Yan so he added: “Believe in him. He will be able to protect himself.”

Eggy had followed Luo Tian the longest out of their group so he understood Luo Tian’s personality. After thinking of Luo Tian’s past experiences, he wiped away his tears and said: “Boss definitely has his own reasons. We should listen to the boss.”

Everyone returned to their seats.

Even though they had said such words, everyone felt like their hearts had risen to their throats. They were extremely worried for Luo Tian.

On the stage.

The barrier opened up and Wang Xiu entered.

The barrier immediately closed up like they were afraid Luo Tian would try to run out.

The referee on the outside quickly shouted: “Let the fight begin!”

Wang Xiu wasn’t in a rush to attack and had a cold smile on his face. “Luo Tian, kneel down and admit your loss. Maybe then I will leave you with an intact corpse. I am not Ning Wutian. He was careless which allowed you to instantly kill him. I won’t be. And you don’t have any strength left. Even if I stand here without moving, you will eventually succumb to your injuries and die here.”

He had an extremely smug look on his face.

This was his chance to become famous.

He had to grasp this opportunity!

He had been testing and probing to see how much power Luo Tian had left and how much longer he could hold out for.

Ever since he crossed the boundary of the barrier, he had sent his spiritual senses to probe Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness. What he found was that Luo Tian didn’t put up any defenses and that his sea of consciousness was like a stormy sea. It was surging about and smashing about like it was out of control. He couldn’t imagine how Luo Tian could endure this pain for so long.

Luo Tian’s eyes faintly moved as his mouth curved into his signature grim reaper’s smile. He then softly spat out a single word, “Die!”

His slightly trembling body instantly moved.

At this time, Wang Xiu’s eyes turned serious as he scoffed: “I’ve said it before, I’m not Ning Wutian. You want to sneak attack me? You’ve made a huge blunder this time.”



Wang Xiu used some type of stealth martial skill that made his figure completely disappear.

“You want to sneak attack this daddy? Hahaha…”

“Luo Tian, I can exhaust you to death. While I’m still in a good mood right now, kneel down and kowtow to admit your defeat. I might just give you an intact corpse. Otherwise, I will make it so that you can’t even become a ghost! Hahaha…”


Extremely treacherous!

He didn’t confront Luo Tian head-on and used his stealth to play a battle of attrition.

The injuries on Luo Tian’s body continued to intensify, so he couldn’t afford to exhaust himself.

Every second was extremely important to him.

There were some booing sounds from the grandstand as the audience felt Wang Xiu was too despicable.

Lin Wushen instantly stood up and shouted: “Those on the stage are competing with their martial skills and their own strategic methods to fight their opponent! Whoever dares to keep booing, I will smash their mouth in!”

Wang Xiu was his disciple.

It could be said that he was one of his best personal disciples.

Lin Wushen wanted Wang Xiu to compete because he wanted Wang Xiu to end Luo Tian’s life. That way, he would bring glory to himself.

Just when Lin Wushen finished speaking, Eggy flew into the air and booed even louder. “Wang Xiu, do you still have any face left? Since you’re so despicable, I really don’t know which kind of dog taught you such tricks. That person is definitely not someone good.”

Jingang followed up, “This daddy is going to keep booing. Go ahead, come smash my mouth in!”

Lin Wushen’s eyes turned fierce. He was about to charge over when Daoist Lie Yang pulled him back. “Why bother with a bunch of trash? Those idiots with low statuses are not worth us making a move. Don’t worry, someone will teach them a good lesson very shortly.”

On the stage, Wang Xiu’s figure kept moving about without giving off any aura. There wasn’t even a hint of air movement.

It was like he had completely disappeared. Every time he changed his position, he would start mocking: “Luo Tian, weren’t you very strong? Come at me. Come at me like a crazy dog and bite me. You want to play with me? This daddy will play you to death! Hahaha…”

Luo Tian stood there without moving.

Wang Xiu wasn’t attacking and only had the intention of exhausting Luo Tian’s energy.

He was very clear that Luo Tian couldn’t afford to exhaust any more energy.

A few minutes later or maybe even a few seconds later, Luo Tian might keel over by himself.

Wang Xiu was extremely arrogant! Extremely cocky!

He had a look on his face that showed he was sure to take down Luo Tian today. He then thought to himself: “Once I kill Luo Tian, my name will definitely be famous throughout the world! Hahaha…”


Luo Tian frowned slightly as he clenched his fists.

He then yelled out: “Sharingan, Kaleidoscope!”

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