Undefeatable – Ch751

Chapter 751 – The Two Of Them Are Having An Affair

The Concealment skill was very strong.

One’s aura was hidden and even the airflow from moving about would disappear.

It cannot be detected with one’s spiritual sense.

Any sort of mental powers couldn’t sense it.

Luo Tian couldn’t locate Wang Xiu’s position!

Just as Wang Xiu had said – he couldn’t afford to have his energy exhausted, not even for one second!

Therefore, he had to use Sharingan which used up 10% of his lifespan. He checked his life bar previously and felt that he could still afford it so he used it without any hesitation.



Luo Tian’s pupils turned blood red and into a polygon shape!

A ripple of power surged out from his blood-red pupils and enshrouded everything within the barrier.

Wang Xiu was unable to hide from it!

The audience in the grandstand gasped at this. “Look, look, look at Luo Tian’s eyes! How did his eyes become like this? Is he some sort of evil demon?”

“What terrifying looking blood-red pupils!”

“What’s going on?”

“How come his eyes are like that? I have never seen such a thing in my life.”

There were discussions everywhere in the grandstand.

Even the group from Mount Hua Immortal Sect were stunned.

Tong Yan was hiddenly shocked, “What evil demon? Even evil demons wouldn’t have such terrifying looking eyes. What kind of background does he have? I am completely lost now. The reincarnation of Devil Sovereign Xingtian? The legacy disciple of Mount Hua’s progenitor? A descendant of the God of Gamblers? Damn it, why do I feel that he’s getting more mysterious as time goes by? I can’t see through him at all.”

Wei Mo laughed and said: “Hahaha… If you can see through him, then how can he still be our master? I’m beginning to like this kid more and more. He’s given us too many shocks. He possesses a multitude of powerful martial skills that even I haven’t seen before. This is definitely not a martial skill from our devil sect. I wonder what miraculous encounters he has experienced so far?”

Jingang and the others were shaking their heads.

They had never seen it before.

They had never seen such a strange pair of eyes before.

Of course, they hadn’t seen it before! How could they have seen the eyes that are famous inside Naruto?

On the stage.

Luo Tian’s mouth formed a cold sneer.

Wang Xiu could no longer hide in front of him after being hit with Kaleidoscope.

Luo Tian smiled and walked forward. He then ordered: “Kneel down for me.”


Wang Xiu kneeled down with dull lifeless eyes. In his world, the person in front of him wasn’t Luo Tian but the Prime Elder of the Starsea Immortal Sect – Old Ancestor Starsea!

The person with the greatest power within the Starsea Immortal Sect!

Even Lin Wushen would have to kneel down and pay his respects if he sees him, so how could Wang Xiu not kneel?

The moment Wang Xiu kneeled down, the Concealment ability disappeared and his figure was revealed.



Everyone had a look in their eyes like they couldn’t believe what was happening.

“He actually kneeled down? What’s going on?”

“Didn’t he use his Concealment skill to hide his aura? Most of the strong experts wouldn’t be able to detect his presence. How did Luo Tian make him kneel down? This is way too weird.”

“Starsea Immortal Sect’s eldest disciple kneeled in front of Luo Tian… Starsea Immortal Sect has completely lost all face this time.”

At this instant, Luo Tian glanced over at Lin Wushen before ordering: “Kowtow!”


Wang Xiu knocked his head onto the ground.

Luo Tian then shouted: “Do it harder!”


Wang Xiu shattered a thick stone tile on the stage. There was a wound on his head and blood was flowing out. Wang Xiu didn’t dare to move without a command as he looked on with eyes full of respect.

Lin Wushen was enraged!

Flames of rage were surging out of him as his face kept changing expressions. He clenched his fists and roared out: “Wang Xiu! What the hell are you doing?! Hurry up and kill him!”

Lin Wushen’s voice was like thunder as his Profound God 8th rank powers exploded forth. Even the barrier started fluctuating from his violent powers.

He was enraged!

His own eldest disciple had kowtowed to Luo Tian? This was the greatest humiliation for him and for the Starsea Immortal Sect! This was more humiliating than being slapped a few times, so the anger inside him erupted in an unstoppable momentum.

Wang Xiu didn’t show any reaction.

Luo Tian smiled coldly, “Lin Wushen, are you angry? You want to act arrogant before I, Luo Tian? And what kind of motherf*cking thing do you think you are? Your eldest disciple is kowtowing to me and it feels really great! Hahaha…”

As his voice faded, Luo Tian furrowed his brow and sent out a command: “Scold Lin Wushen!”

Wang Xiu didn’t hesitate and shouted: “Lin Wushen, you are a damn old bastard! An old pervert that masturbates every day and enjoys wearing women’s dresses! Every night, I see you pretending to be a woman, and during the day, you will wear a woman’s underwear! You damn old pervert, you’ve lost all face for the Starsea Immortal Sect! What kind of dog’s fart sect leader are you?! What qualifications do you have to be the sect leader?! You two Lin brothers were only despicable lecherous bandits back then! You were fortunate enough to be favored by Old Ancestor Starsea or else you guys would be absolutely nothing right now! How the hell would you guys be able to gain your current positions if it weren’t for a bit of luck?!”

All kinds of unpleasant words were spoken.

Moreover, it seemed like everything spoken was the truth because there were a lot of emotions behind it.

The entire venue turned silent.

Everyone was staring at Lin Wushen. They didn’t dare to speak out loud but there were some that were saying to themselves: “So Lin Wushen has such a hobby? Pretending to be a woman… hahaha… I kind of want to see what he looks like when he pretends to be a woman.”

“Wearing women’s underwear? Hahaha… I’m about to laugh myself to death!”

They didn’t dare to say anything but Jingang and the others were already laughing their asses off.


Lin Wushen was incomparably angry as he stabbed forth with a golden sword.

He had forgotten that there was no way for him to break a Profound God Sovereign’s barrier.

The golden sword pierced into the barrier but was instantly shattered into several pieces. Lin Wushen was immediately sent flying backward and sprayed out several mouthfuls of blood. His face instantly turned pale white.



“Lin Wushen, you too will have such a day!”

No one imagined Wang Xiu would be the first to comment and laugh.

“Aggghh~, aaagggghhh~, aaaggghhh~…” Lin Wushen roared out continuously. The rage inside his heart could not be described by words anymore. His killing intent was extremely dense as he said through clenched teeth: “Luo Tian, I’m going to kill you. I want you to die! Aggghhh~…”


The boss is in berserk mode!

Premature rage?

Luo Tian was faintly surprised by this. Most bosses will only enter a berserk state when their health points were lowered to a certain percentage. He never expected Lin Wushen would go berserk right from the start. He started feeling rather happy about this.

Lin Wushen wanted Wang Xiu to end Luo Tian’s life but never imagined the game would fail like this.

He never thought Luo Tian would end up making him go crazy in rage. The more Lin Wushen was like this, the more it meant the things Wang Xiu spoke about him were likely true. Even the sect leaders of the eight great immortal sects started snickering in secret.

The greatest of humiliations!

Daoist Lie Yang’s mind sank as he said to himself: “It’s fortunate that it’s not my own disciple, or else…”

He felt lingering fear.

He couldn’t bother with it right now. The battle wasn’t over yet so if Lin Wushen charged into it, his outcome would be the same as Luo Tian previously – be seriously injured by the recoil force.

Daoist Lie Yang yelled out: “Brother Lin, don’t be impulsive!”

Luo Tian made a thought and Wang Xiu shouted: “The two of them are having an affair!”

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