Undefeatable – Ch754

Chapter 754 – It’s Time To Reap Death

The barrier around the stage was suddenly opened.

The people were like a tide surging in.

In just a second, the stage was filled with people.

Soul Hall’s side.

Zi Loulan had an unsightly look on her face as Luo Tian’s words had angered her. The cold expression on her face somehow turned even colder.

“Madam, should we go up as well?”

“No need.”


“Watching him die will become one of my happiest memories. I want to slowly enjoy how he will die from being surrounded by the disciples of the ten great immortal sects,” said Zi Loulan in a grim tone. She almost went crazy from the hate she was feeling but she managed to hold it in.


“Brother Lin, we can enjoy the rest of the show in peace and quiet now.” Daoist Lie Yang had a playful smile on his face as he said that. But he suddenly thought of Lin Wushen’s special hobby and his body unconsciously moved aside before continuing: “Even if Luo Tian manages to grow ten pairs of wings, it will still be useless for him.”

Lin Wushen faintly frowned. He was unhappy with Daoist Lie Yang’s faint movement but he didn’t say anything. The muscles on his face faintly twitched as he watched Luo Tian getting surrounded. “I will let him act as arrogant as he wants. Now, I want to see how he can continue acting arrogant. Did he really think we wouldn’t send that many disciples down? Does he really think we would care about the ten great immortal sect’s faces and not send so many disciples? Luo Tian, you’ve made a huge miscalculation this time.”


The ten great immortal sects are the strongest collection of forces on the Tianxuan Continent. They were all respected and dignified people. Who would’ve imagined that they were really that shameless to send out so many disciples to deal with a single person?

Did Luo Tian miscalculate?


Luo Tian predicted that this was exactly what they would do.

When have the ten great immortal sects needed face? Their face had been long lost and fallen to some unknown place already.

Why did Luo Tian do this?

To level up!

The more people, the merrier. If Luo Tian wanted to level up, he needed a large number of experience points. The cultivation realm of these talented disciples wasn’t low, so the experience he would get from them shouldn’t be low either. This was Luo Tian’s greatest opportunity to level up, and maybe the only chance left.

If he doesn’t level up soon, the injuries inside him will truly be what they have planned – he would be exhausted to death.

His health bar was decreasing a little bit at a time.

He was in excruciating pain from the backlash of using Sharingan. Luo Tian had been holding it in the entire time.

Because he was enduring all of this and roared out his previous words, his injuries became even more serious. Even using Regeneration was useless at this point. The only way out was to level up!

As long as he levels up, his attributes will automatically be refilled!

All the injuries he has will instantly disappear.

Luo Tian knew that Daoist Lie Yang, Lin Wushen, and the rest of the eight great immortal sects were shameless. As long as he mentions challenging the disciples of the ten great immortal sects, they will definitely send out all their talented disciples. On the surface, it looks like Luo Tian provoked trouble by being overly arrogant. In fact…

Everything was progressing according to Luo Tian’s plan!

It was the same for not wanting anyone from Mount Hua Immortal Sect to participate.

Another thing was his undefeated points.

Ever since he got the Black Tortoise bloodline, the undefeated points were rising too slowly for Luo Tian. This was because he hadn’t killed anyone lately. These disciples from the ten great immortal sects had long been an eyesore for him, so don’t blame him for being ruthless here.

He had to raise his undefeated points!

It’s about time that he got the fourth bloodline, the White Tiger bloodline!

In addition…

Daoist Lie Yang and Lin Wushen were experts at the peak of the Profound God 8th rank. Luo Tian felt that he was still capable of fighting them one on one. But if those two attacked him together, he has absolutely no chance of beating them and might even be killed by them.

But breaking through the Profound God 8th rank will be different.

A Profound God 8th ranker versus a Profound God 8th ranker… Luo Tian could blow them all up with his martial skills!

That’s why he had to make a breakthrough! He had to level up!

In front of Li Xue’er’s mother, he had to rise up to the occasion. He had to give Zi Loulan a vicious slap to the face and let her see that this daddy is stronger than that dog’s fart son of a true dragon, Murong Wanjian!

This was actually the most important point!

The disciples of the ten great immortal sects all charged onto the stage.

There were a total of 890 people!

At this time, Lin Wushen shouted: “Close the barrier! Without my command, no one can open the barrier!”

The referee immediately closed the barrier and then announced: “Start!”




Everyone released the strongest powers they possessed. The sound of power activating was like an endless thunder erupting. The combination of more than eight hundred people’s power seemed to have formed a tsunami that ruthlessly rippled towards Luo Tian.

The stage was very large, with nearly 10km of surface area.

But 10km to an expert was merely a blink of an eye.

The tsunami of power charged over.

Luo Tian strained to stabilize himself as he heavily exhaled. He steadily watched as those ferocious disciples of the ten great immortal sects charged toward him like crazy. Their speed was like lightning as they arrived in front of him in the blink of an eye.

Luo Tian wanted to use Sharingan again!

He wanted to put them all into an illusion using Kaleidoscope.

But his lifespan and his body couldn’t withstand Sharingan’s backlash anymore. Most likely he will keel over the moment he tries using it.

His area of effect skill, Myriad Thunder Roar, was unable to instantly kill them all.

Nothing works!

Luo Tian frantically scoured through his skill lists and found that none of them could kill these people in the shortest amount of time possible. Eventually, his gaze focused on his new Concealment skill and the corner of his mouth curved into a cold smile. He then muttered: “Since I can’t take care of you all at once, then I will take care of you guys one at a time.”

He helplessly prayed internally: “I hope I can endure until I level up. Teacher Sola Aoi, please bless me!”

At this time, Luo Tian could only beg for a blessing from an adult video actress, Teacher Sola Aoi.

Back in the days, he had supported Teacher Sola Aoi quite a bit by buying a blowup doll of hers!

“Hahaha… Luo Tian, go to hell for me!”

“His life is mine!”

“Starsea Immortal Sect disciples have killed their way over!”

A large group of people were only meters away from Luo Tian and their attacks were about to land.

Luo Tian sneered before shouting: “Secret skill, Concealment! Hide!”


“Boom~, boom~, boom~…”

All those attacks landed on air!

The entire venue became silent.

Lin Wushen was dumbstruck before saying: “Concealment? How does he know how to use Concealment? Impossible… absolutely impossible! Concealment is my Starsea Immortal Sect’s secret skill. There’s no way Luo Tian would know it.”

There was shock in Daoist Lie Yang’s eyes as he said: “That dog thing has cultivated many different martial skills and many of them don’t belong to Mount Hua Immortal Sect. Your immortal sect’s secret skill Regeneration was also cultivated by him.”

When they were chatting, a mournful wail was heard coming from the stage.


A person’s head exploded after that.

There was only a scream and a body swaying back and forth. The people around that body didn’t know what had happened.

They were all dumbfounded!

Lin Wushen shouted: “Luo Tian is inside there somewhere! You can find his position if you carefully comb the…”


Another disciple keeled over.

Luo Tian’s figure flickered and disappeared once more. Only his voice that was like a Death God was heard saying: “It’s time to reap death!”

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