Undefeatable – Ch755

Chapter 755 – The Dance Of A Grim Reaper

The slaughter started.

From time to time, there would be a miserable scream on the stage and someone would fall to the ground.

Not to mention Luo Tian’s shadow, they couldn’t even detect his aura. How were they supposed to kill him?

Nearly 900 disciples of the ten great immortal sects were dumbstruck!

What should they do?

How are they supposed to kill him when they can’t even see him?

They were at a loss.

Lin Wushen was anxious as he muttered: “How did he learn my Starsea Immortal Sect’s secret skill?”

Daoist Lie Yang frowned as he said: “Now is not the time to think about this. There has to be a way to break the Concealment skill, right? You shouldn’t be concerned about this anymore and just tell us. Otherwise, all our disciples will end up dying.”

All secret skills have a way to counter it.

Secret skill!

A skill that is only lower than a God skill.

How powerful was its destructive ability? If someone tells others the method of breaking it, then the secret skill will be reduced to an ordinary martial skill and become useless.

Lin Wushen’s gaze turned gloomy. He clenched his teeth in thought before shouting: “All ten great immortal sect disciples listen to my commands!”

Daoist Lie Yang also shouted: “All disciples on the stage are to listen to Sect Leader Lin’s commands! Do not disrupt your formations! Luo Tian is only a single person that’s heavily injured! As long as you drag it out, you will all be able to exhaust him to death!”

At this time, those two were rather worried.

One needs to understand that all the disciples on the stage currently were the elite disciples of their sects.

After Murong Wanjian defeated eighteen talented disciples of Mount Hua Immortal Sect by himself, they were unable to ever get back up after that.

The stage was filled with the elite disciples of the ten great immortal sects. If Luo Tian manages to kill them all, the strength of the ten great immortal sects might be pushed back for ten thousand years. It was also possible that the weaker immortal sects might be able to catch up to them.

Elite disciples were the foundations of an immortal sect, so there must not be too many casualties!

The disciples on the stage were people who had experienced many battles themselves. Each person’s cultivation realm was deep and profound. They actually didn’t panic when Luo Tian killed several people and they maintained their calm. They were all carefully searching for Luo Tian’s figure.

When they all heard Lin Wushen’s words, the Starsea Immortal Sect disciples shouted: “All my fellow apprentice brothers, you should listen to the commands of my Sect Leader. Luo Tian is only a mouse hiding in a hole. As long as we smash open that hole, I would like to see where else he can hide!”

“Get in formation!”

“Everyone, let’s all get close to each other and watch each other’s back!”

“As long as we maintain our formation, we can exhaust him to death!”

The disciples of the ten great immortal sects quickly assembled and got close to each other. In just a few seconds, they formed a spike-shaped formation.

Their battle qi gathered.

At this moment, the various different immortal forces of the ten great immortal sects merged together and formed a resonance. The resonance produced a strong ripple of power and created a shield-like barrier.

This was the unique battle qi of immortal sects.

Back then when they fought the devil sects, this kind of effect would appear when immortal sect disciples gathered together. No one imagined that ten thousand years later, this effect would once more appear on this stage.

Lin Wushen was surprised by this and started laughing. “Not bad! Not bad at all! This is it! When immortal force forms a resonance with one another, a shield would appear. Luo Tian’s Concealment skill is useless now. The only thing he can do is to hide in the shadows and no longer be able to do sneak attacks.”

“The most important part is that there’s a time limit for the Concealment skill, so he’s unable to hide for too long.”

“The moment he disappeared, his body will appear in about half a minute. You guys need to pay attention so that once he appears, you can immediately kill him off. Use your immortal force resonance to kill him, understand?”

The disciples on the stage shouted in unison: “Order received!”

“Luo Tian, let’s see how long you can hide for! Hahaha…” Lin Wushen laughed out loud. As long as Luo Tian’s figure is revealed, the Concealment skill cannot be used again that quickly. He would definitely die at that time!


“Luo Tian, the time of your death has arrived.”

“Quickly show yourself. There’s no point in hiding any longer.”

“A dog thing like you dares to challenge the ten great immortal sects? This is the consequence of being overly arrogant.”

The sect leaders of the eight great immortal sects all stood up feeling proud of themselves.

They all had smug expressions on their faces.

It was as if this was something that brought them supreme honor.

Nine hundred people against one person – this would most likely go down as the most shameful thing in all of immortal sect history. But their faces were thicker than the city walls so they didn’t care about being shameless.

Indeed, it was exactly as Lin Wushen had said.

The disciples of the ten great immortal sects formed a resonance with their immortal force, so Luo Tian couldn’t find any opportunities to attack. When he glanced at his system interface, he noticed the timer on Concealment was going down bit by bit. He only had ten plus seconds left.

“What should I do?” Luo Tian asked himself as he lurked in a certain area.

Apart from losing time, his health was also ticking downwards slowly. If he doesn’t level up soon, he will really end up kicking the bucket.

At this time, Luo Tian felt strangely calm. His eyes turned fierce as he clenched his fists. “Since I can’t sneak attack them, then I will attack them head-on!”

“Face them head-on!”

“Even if this daddy has to risk his life, I will still trample the ten great immortal sects beneath my feet!”

“Old brother Wu Nian, just wait patiently in the afterworld. Just wait for me to avenge your death!”

“Zi Loulan, you better wait for me as well!”

At this time, Luo Tian shouted through clenched teeth: “Level 9 Berserk!”


Five hundred plus times his base attributes exploded forth.

“Nine Dragons and Elephants, level 9!”


Nine Dragon Elephants filled his body with power. Luo Tian also activated his Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise bloodline powers. The six different powers resonated with each other and the barrier started shaking from it.

“Be careful!”

“He’s coming!”

There were power fluctuations rippling through the barrier which was obviously caused by Luo Tian.

Lin Wushen coldly sneered, “Don’t be anxious, everyone. There are about ten seconds left. Once the ten seconds are up, his body will be revealed. At that time…”

Before Lin Wushen could finish speaking, Luo Tian removed his Concealment skill and appeared in front of one of the random disciples. His mouth curved into his signature grim reaper’s smile, “Go to hell!”


A punch with the full power of a Profound God 7th ranker smashed out.


This was raw strength without any accompaniment of martial skills. The chest of a Starsea Immortal Sect disciple was directly penetrated through.

At this moment, Daoist Lie Yang’s eyes widened in rage as he shouted: “Quickly kill him!”



Their voices shook the sky!

Even the barrier started twisting about abnormally.

Luo Tian had no fear and didn’t defend. He used all his strength on attacks as he too shouted: “Kill!”

A phantom image of the Grim Reaper appeared behind him.

One hand was holding a scythe and one hand was holding the Book of Death!

Underneath the black gloomy cloak, its mouth seemed to be chanting something.

At this time, Luo Tian attacked like crazy. His fists were continuously striking out and each punch was an instant kill. At the same time he was attacking, his body also suffered from multiple attacks. His health dropped even faster but he didn’t care.

There was only a single word inside his heart – “Kill!”

This was the dance of a Grim Reaper!

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