Undefeatable – Ch756

Chapter 756 – I Cannot Die

Taking it head-on!

No defense and only attacking with all his strength!

Luo Tian was fighting to wrest time away from the God of Death.

At this time, he was completely like a madman. A lunatic trying to kill everyone before him. He didn’t dare to relax as a single second was extremely precious to him. He needed time more than anything else right now.

Seeing how crazy he was acting, everyone in the grandstands were shocked.

“Is he still human?”

“What is he trying to do?”

“Too fierce! I have never seen such a fierce man in my entire life. But what else can you do apart from being fierce? You still have to die. You are only killing a few more people. Can you finish killing all the people from the ten great immortal sects? Once you die, the entire Mount Hua Immortal Sect will be done for.”

“Even if he has to die, he’s dragging a few others down with him.”

There were various discussions taking place.

As they watched Luo Tian killing people like a madman, they couldn’t understand why he had to do that.

Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s side.

Yun Ling and Yun Yi were sobbing uncontrollably. Their tears were dripping down like it was raining. Their hands were covering their mouths so that they wouldn’t cry out loud.

Leng Hanshuang was crying.

Black Widow was also crying.

Even Eggy, Jingang, Murong Bai, and the others couldn’t hold back their tears.

“What is the boss doing?”

“How did it turn out like this? Nothing bad will happen to the boss, right? Absolutely nothing bad can happen to the boss.”

“Big brother Luo Tian…”

Everyone’s heart was swamped in pain.

The pain couldn’t be described with words. They watched Luo Tian fighting with his life on the line. They watched him kill others and watched others attack him. They watched him keep spraying out blood from his mouth and how his whole body was covered in wounds. The pain they were feeling was worse than death.

Why is this happening?

They also didn’t know what Luo Tian was doing and had become stupefied in fear.

They were so scared that they could only stare at Luo Tian and didn’t know what else they could do.


Incomparable pain!

This uncomfortable pain slowly became rage. Little by little, that rage converged towards their heart.

There were 890 people fighting one person!

And it was against a person that was seriously injured and on the brink of death.

The difference in power for this match was simply too big!

Even though Luo Tian’s Profound God 7th rank cultivation was higher than the others, he was already seriously injured. It was as if he was struggling to hold in his last breath of air. If that last breath comes out, his time of death would be nigh.

Luo Tian didn’t know how much longer he could hold on for.

He only knew to kill, kill, and keep killing!

It looked like he and the Grim Reaper’s image were dancing together. A dance that was filled with energy and wildness. With blood spurting into the sky and people slowly toppling over, the dance had an uncanny beauty to it. Luo Tian’s figure was like a specter shuttling through the crowd.

The scenery was very beautiful!

Beauty that can take one’s breath away.

There was no sound coming from the grandstand as everyone was staring at Luo Tian.

Let’s see how long he can hold on for. Let’s see how many disciples of the ten great immortal sects he can kill. Let’s see how long he can dance around for. Let’s see much longer he can act wildly arrogant for…

Lin Wushen had an ugly look on his face.

Daoist Lie Yang and the other sect leaders of the eight great immortal sects had ugly looks on their faces.

How strong were the ten great immortal sects?

How spectacular was their reputation? They have ruled over the Tianxuan Continent for at least ten thousand years. They were the strongest collective force in the entire continent yet they were being trampled on by a single person. Nearly nine hundred people couldn’t kill a single person? This was considered a great insult to them.

Therefore, they felt extremely uncomfortable and were roaring internally. They wanted to rush inside the barrier themselves right now.

But they all knew Luo Tian would be dying very soon.

Because Luo Tian’s actions were getting slower. The strength he was displaying was getting weaker. He looked very tired. The profound energy and immortal force inside him had been used up. He couldn’t muster up his power anymore and was about to keel over.

Lin Wushen had a ferocious and smug expression on his face now. Luo Tian was about to die after such a long affair.

Even though their victory wasn’t very honorable, they had still won in the end!

For them, the process wasn’t important while the results were the most important.

“Puff~… puff~…” Luo Tian pulled his fist back and sprayed out two large mouthfuls of blood. His face turned paler as a result. The profound energy he had was almost depleted. This was the first time he was experiencing having fully depleted his profound energy.

Nearly a billion points of profound energy weren’t enough for him.

He had used all the strongest powers he possessed, so his profound energy drained away like a receding tide.

Every part of his body including his face, chest, stomach, hand, and legs was covered in sword and saber injuries. Several of his ribs were broken and his internal organs were at their limit for injuries. His mind and his sea of consciousness were both seriously injured. And his health bar was already at its lowest point.

Most likely he wouldn’t be able to hold on for more than a minute.

But even if this was the case, Luo Tian didn’t give up.

When he was attacking, he noticed there was a smirk on Zi Loulan’s face.

Seeing that disdainful smirk, it was like she was saying: “How can a piece of trash like you be worthy of Xue’er? Only Murong Wanjian is suitable for my Xue’er. Luo Tian, you are about to die very soon. You won’t be able to stop the wedding in a few months’ time, hahaha…”

There was a smile on Lin Wushen.

There was a smile on Daoist Lie Yang.

There were smiles on the sect leaders of the eight great immortal sects.

They were all mocking Luo Tian.

They were laughing at him for overestimating himself. They were laughing at him for being overly arrogant. They were laughing at how embarrassing he looked right now.

“I cannot die!”

“I definitely cannot die!”

“I absolutely cannot die. I will stomp all those who laughed at me, Luo Tian, to death. I want Zi Loulan to see that whatever ten great immortal sects, whatever Soul Hall, and whatever Murong Wanjian will all be f*cked over for provoking me, Luo Tian!” Luo Tian roared inside his heart. His pair of fists smashed out and sent an immortal sect disciple flying. That disciple didn’t die instantly but smashed into the barrier before the recoil power killed him.

At this time, someone said: “He’s almost out of strength.”

“His profound energy should be all used up now.”

“Hahaha… Luo Tian, you damn dog thing! Hand your life over!”

Numerous immortal sect disciples revealed their ferocious faces.

Their cultivation realm wasn’t low so they were able to clearly sense that Luo Tian’s profound energy had been exhausted. He could no longer support the usage of his martial skills.

Their attacks became heavier and their speed increased!

A few more disciples were successful in their sneak attack and two swords were stabbed into Luo Tian’s back. One of them directly penetrated through his body and blood gushed out like crazy. Luo Tian chopped down with his hand and snapped the sword sticking out of him. He then used the broken blade to reverse stab the two nearby disciples in a vicious manner.



Two system alert tones were heard.

Luo Tian glanced at this system interface to see his experience bar. He then said to himself: “Just a bit more. I’m missing just a tiny bit more.”

“Blergh~…” Black blood sprayed out of Luo Tian’s mouth.

He had completely depleted his profound energy.

Blood was gushing out from all over his body.

The Grim Reaper’s image behind him gradually disappeared.

A person like him was already nearing death, but Luo Tian didn’t fall down.

He was holding onto his last breath and didn’t fall over. His eyes became especially fierce as he exhaled what seemed to be his last breath of air. He then grabbed an immortal sect disciple and charged towards the barrier with a shout: “Explode for me!”

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