Undefeatable – Ch757

Chapter 757 – Ding!

(T/N – Xuan Yuanyi is now Xuanyuan Yi. Sorry, didn’t know this was another two-character family name.)

Dark North City, Xin Er was crying.

Her hands were clasped together while she prayed on her knees.

Her cheeks were streaked with tears. Anyone seeing her current face would definitely feel pain in their hearts.

She had seen everything that was going on and she even saw Luo Tian’s death. She tried stopping him but she knew that there were things that Luo Tian would insist on doing. So no matter how much she tried to dissuade him, it was all useless.

This was fate!

The law of destiny that cannot be broken!

Tens of millions of kilometers away.

The most secretive place of the Starsea Immortal Sect, the Star Platform.

Li Xue’er’s tears were like rain. She was clenching her fists so hard that her nails had sunk into her palm. Blood flowed down her hand as she screamed out: “Big brother Luo Tian…!”

All the stars in the sky were her eyes.

She was watching everything that went on.

Tianxuan Continent’s Immortal Terrace.

An Chunchun was crying inexplicably.

Her tears gushed out uncontrollably.

“Chunchun, what’s going on?”

“I, I, I don’t know. I feel something very uncomfortable like someone is about to leave me. It’s very painful. I miss big brother Luo Tian. Big sister Yue’er, big sister Tang Tang, mother, I miss big brother Luo Tian very much. Can we go look for him?” An Chunchun was crying with so much sadness in her heart and suddenly wanted to see Luo Tian.

“Chunchun needs to be a good girl. Nothing bad will happen to big brother Luo Tian. Nothing…”

Those women looked off into the distance with a frown. They couldn’t help saying to themselves: “Luo Tian, you smelly scoundrel. Nothing bad can happen to you…”


In the abyss of the Blood Rites.

A fatty was standing in a pool of blood with a pair of long horns growing out of his forehead. He looked up suddenly and his body burst forth with a powerful surge of blood light. His eyes darkened as he shouted: “Boss!”

On the side of the blood pool was a huge sword suspended in mid-air. Sitting on the huge sword was a person – Xuanyuan Yi!

Xuanyuan Yi’s eyes shook as he asked: “What happened?”

Fatty was frowning as he replied: “My heart feels gloomy like something is going to happen. I don’t know why but I suddenly thought of the boss. I wonder what he’s doing right now.”

A short distance away.

Blindman Liu was holding onto an Erhu but it was now completely white and engraved with various patterns. Its whole body was actually refined by a set of skulls. He said in a dark mood: “I also have that feeling.”

Fatty muttered to himself: “Nothing bad is happening to the boss, right?”

“It shouldn’t be… Who is the boss? Who can injure him?”

“We’re getting close to the agreed-upon date. How about we head there earlier?”

“Boss is going to deal with Murong Wanjian. Behind Murong Wanjian are the Imperial God Immortal Sect, the Starsea Immortal Sect, and the other eight great immortal sects. Our current cultivation realm is only considered not bad. We still have a few more months to break through a few more realms, and only then can we share the burden on the boss’s shoulders.”


“Whoever dares to touch my sister-in-law, I, Feng Lei will take their dog’s life!”

In an instant, a huge wave rose up from the blood pool. A ferocious blood-scaled tail flicked out and directly shattered space apart. This was fierce to a complete mess!

They were all cultivating with all their might in different areas.

They were able to sense Luo Tian was in danger.

But they didn’t make any moves.

They continued to cultivate.

They were waiting for the agreed-upon time with Luo Tian when they would snatch their sister-in-law from Shattered Sky City.

This was the time they agreed to meet.

At this time, everyone was silently speaking inside their hearts: “Boss, you need to stay alive. Nothing bad can happen to you.”

It has always been a happy thing to be in the thoughts of your fellow brothers.

On the stage.

Luo Tian’s life was in danger while Yun Ling and the others were crying their eyes out.

Jingang and the others were cursing their heads off.

Tong Yan and Wei Mo were on guard in the area in order to protect these people. If Luo Tian happens to die, those two were going to protect his people no matter the cost.

Zi Loulan was smiling.

Lin Wushen was smiling.

The sect leaders of the eight great immortal sects and Daoist Lie Yang were all smiling.

They knew Luo Tian was about to die soon as they watched him grab an immortal sect disciple and charged toward the barrier. This world will no longer have someone called Luo Tian. All the divine artifacts in Mount Hua Immortal Sect will belong to them. And finally, no one will try to stop the wedding between the true dragon and the young phoenix in a few months’ time.

It was as if the world had suddenly become a better place.

It was as if everything was related to Luo Tian.

As long as he dies, everything will become better.

All the people in the venue stood up and stopped breathing. They were staring at Luo Tian within the barrier.

Even the immortal sect disciples on the stage stopped. Their eyes were staring at Luo Tian and revealed a smug expression. It was as if they had just won a very difficult battle and some even started cheering.


“Am I dying?”

At this moment, Luo Tian seemed to have seen the God of Death. He was similar to his grim reaper phantom image where one hand was holding a scythe and one hand holding the Book of Death. There was an uncanny feeling that this deity was staring and waiting for him.

Everything seemed to be going in slow motion.

Time was slowing down.

Everyone’s gaze was focused on his figure.

Luo Tian used his last ounce of strength to desperately rush forward. He kept screaming internally: “I cannot die! I, Luo Tian, cannot die! I cannot die here! I still have a lot of things I haven’t done yet! I still haven’t trampled the ten great immortal sects to death yet! I still haven’t trampled Murong Wanjian to death yet! I still haven’t gotten little sister Xue’er yet! My, Luo Tian’s fate, shouldn’t come to an end here!”

“Aggghhh~…” Luo Tian suddenly roared into the sky with his eyes bloodshot.

Storm clouds gathered in the sky.

The wind started picking up as if something in the sky was about to change.

The blazing sun in the sky was quickly covered and the entire land suddenly dimmed.

At this moment, Luo Tian viciously slammed the immortal sect disciple he was holding into the barrier.


There was a ringing sound from the barrier that was rather harsh to the ear. The barrier rippled outwards with energy before reversing inward for a fierce recoil.

At this time, Lin Wushen started laughing crazily. “Hahaha… Luo Tian, a damn dog thing like you should go to hell already.”

Daoist Lie Yang started laughing wildly as well.

Zi Loulan revealed a cold smile, “Overestimating your own strength. You wish to marry my daughter with this little bit of strength? You should take a good look at yourself and see what kind of status you have, humph~!”

While she was saying those words, she was already getting out of her seat and standing up. She then said to a sword slave behind her: “We’re leaving.”

The reason she came here today was for Luo Tian.

At this time, the sword slave didn’t stand up and only stared at the stage without blinking.

That immortal sect disciple’s body was ripped apart and Luo Tian was sent flying. There was only 1 point left in his health bar!

Suddenly, there was a “ding” sound.

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