Undefeatable – Ch762

Chapter 762 – My Fellow Brothers, Kill!

No other choice!

He could only use his strongest move!

If he can’t get rid of the barrier, Yun Ling and Yun Yi will die. Leng Hanshuang will die. Black Widow, Jingang, Eggy, and the rest will die!

No matter how strong they were, they weren’t the opponent of Lin Wushen who was at the peak of the Profound God 8th rank.

Moreover, there were nine more super experts at the Profound God realm present.

He was out of choices so he could only use this move.

Luo Tian wanted to hide this blade of his from the beginning. He wanted to use this blade to instantly kill Lin Wushen and Daoist Lie Yang. But it is impossible now since the defense of a Profound God Sovereign barrier was too strong. It was useless no matter how many normal blade attacks he used.

This barrier had the ability to repair itself.

This is also the reason why it has stood for hundreds of thousands of years and was still not broken.

Only the power of an instant kill move will be able to completely break it.

Blade qi surged into the sky and into the surrounding ten thousand mile radius.

Sounds of thunder rumbled through the nine heavens in fury. The sky and earth briefly lost their color.

All the experts in the Tianxuan Continent were awakened by this.

This included the experts in the Profound God Sovereign realm. Their hearts and minds sank as there was no one that wasn’t shocked by the blade qi shooting towards the sky. If one looked at the Tianxuan Continent from outer space, one would see a beam of light shooting out into the darkness.

An astonishing power then poured back down.


Extremely strong!

The earth was shaking and many people in the venue were crushed by the surging blade qi that they couldn’t even speak.

Zi Loulan was surrounded by nine sword slaves.

She had an ugly expression on her face. Luo Tian kept displaying powerful martial skills time after time. Even she hadn’t seen such martial skills before. Now, he suddenly produced such an astonishing blade qi which was another martial skill she hadn’t seen before.

Furthermore, this astonishing blade skill was stronger than your typical God skill!

This wasn’t a martial skill of the Tianxuan Continent!

She had a cold and distorted look on her face. She hated Luo Tian even more at this point.

She had always looked down on Luo Tian.

Because Luo Tian was only a kid from the poor backwater countryside and will never achieve much success in life. This sense of looking down on him was irrational, but it came from the depths of her bones and it couldn’t be changed. Even though Luo Tian became an expert at the Profound God 8th rank, she still inexplicably looked down on him.

Therefore, she was even more annoyed by Luo Tian.

Luo Tian kept standing up again and again. Each time he stood up, it was like giving her a few slaps to the face. It was unbearable! Hatred started building up until it evolved into a sense of intense loathing. This was hatred that seeped into her bone marrow!

Li Xue’er wanted her to understand Luo Tian. She wanted her to understand the man who fought with his life, pursued her with his life, protected her with his life, and loved her with his entire being.

But she didn’t even want to look at Luo Tian.

Today was the first time she truly looked at Luo Tian because she didn’t have any recollection of seeing him when he was younger. She could only think of a poor wretched country bumpkin when she saw Luo Tian and felt like he was just trying to ascend to the heavens by using her daughter! And she wasn’t going to allow that to happen!

She will never agree to it no matter what happens!

Seeing how Luo Tian brought out Annihilate and used a powerful God skill Shocking Heaven Slash, she felt more hatred rising from her heart. She said to herself: “If I knew this was going to happen, I would’ve killed him back in Jade Mountain City!”


Lin Wushen’s expression drastically changed.

Seeing how the astonishing blade qi pierced through the barrier, he tried to maintain his arrogant expression: “Luo Tian, there’s no way you can break through the barrier refined by Immortal Nan Tian. You won’t be able to save your women.”

“What a pair of cute sisters.”

“It’s such a pity…”

“It’s a pity that they will die by my hands. Don’t worry, I will give them an enjoyable death. I will use their skin as a model and hang it up inside my secret chambers. Hahaha…”

Lin Wushen applied pressure to his hands while speaking.

Yun Ling and Yun Yi instantly sprayed out a mouthful of blood.

The cultivation realm between them was too large.

In Lin Wushen’s hand, they had no ability to resist at all.

The rage inside Luo Tian had reached a spontaneous combustion level as he roared out: “Break for me!”

The blade chopped down.

The blade qi that surged out over ten thousand miles instantly fell down with his motion.

There was a black line in the sky like it was being split apart!

The Floodplain World was a higher realm than the Tianxuan Continent, and Shocking Heaven Slash already caused devastating destruction. Therefore, its destructive force on the Tianxuan Continent was even greater. A heavenly shocking power instantly erupted as Luo Tian chopped down!

Blade River King’s spirit roared into the air and caused it to resonate throughout the Tianxuan Continent.

A huge powerful force crushed down. The barrier was like the windshield of a car that started emitting deep cracking sounds. Fractures then started appearing one by one. Luo Tian’s long hair was billowing in the air while his robes fluttered about.

Luo Tian was like a demon grasping onto the hilt of the blade while roaring into the air: “Aaaggghhh~!”

His hands dropped down further!




The barrier’s recoil force kept assaulting him. Luo Tian kept spraying out mouthfuls of blood but he didn’t retreat. He held on and kept increasing his strength. His jaws were numb and the bones in his arms felt like they were breaking inch by inch.


Extremely painful!

But Luo Tian could only exhale and hold on.


The Shocking Heaven Slash move was fully complete. The recoil force from the barrier disappeared. The thunder clouds disappeared and the sun came back out to a clear sky.

The surrounding was completely silent.

The stage was covered in a cloud of dust

A breeze went by and dispersed the dust.

A single person was still standing there.

A person holding a huge blade standing there without moving.

A person with an icy cold killing intent standing there staring ahead without moving.

“It broke!”

“The barrier is gone!”

It was unknown who said that amidst the crowd. People started climbing back to their feet and looked at the stage that was completely ruined. Seeing the lone man standing on the stage, a sense of fear inexplicably rose up from their hearts.

Lin Wushen was the first to react as his hands moved Yun Ling and Yun Yi to block in front of him. His expression turned ferocious as he scolded: “You damn dog thing! Who would’ve imagined that you actually broke the Profound God Sovereign barrier refined by Immortal Nan Tian! But so what?! Your women are in my hands! Luo Tian, kneel down for this daddy…”

Luo Tian’s figure had already disappeared before Lin Wushen finished speaking.

He disappeared without leaving any trace.

It wasn’t the Concealment skill!

It was the speed of a Profound God 8th ranker that was so fast that people couldn’t see.

Lin Wushen’s eyes turned fierce.

In an instant, Luo Tian’s palm had already landed on his chest.


Yun Ling and Yun Yi fell to the ground.

Lin Wushen was sent flying but he released his peak Profound God 8th rank powers. Before he could make a move, Luo Tian already arrived with another palm strike.


Lin Wushen’s figure was sent flying again.

“Breaking Moon!”

Luo Tian was in the air as he punched out.

Lin Wushen received three heavy attacks. His chest was in pain and he couldn’t react in time.

Luo Tian was high up while clasping his hands above his head. He then aimed for Lin Wushen’s chest and smashed down “Ten thousand combo hits!”

“Bang~, bang~, bang~…”

Lin Wushen smashed into the ground and created a huge pit.

Luo Tian then stepped on Lin Wushen’s head before looking at Jingang and the others. He then shouted: “My fellow brothers, kill them all!”

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