Undefeatable – Ch763

Chapter 763 – Have The World Tremble Before Us

The sky broke apart.

The earth collapsed.

The grandstands were in ruins and everything looked like it was the end of the world.

A terrifying aura had spread out over ten thousand miles.

Luo Tian was stepping on Lin Wushen’s face. He viciously stepped down with strength on his leg before shouting at Murong Bai and the others that were already enraged. “My fellow brothers, start the slaughter!”

With that shout, Eggy and Jingang were the first ones to charge out. One of them even shouted: “Their granny’s cha-cha, this one already couldn’t stand them!”


“Bang~, bang~, bang~…”

Every step of Jingang left behind a footprint. He was like a bulldozer charging ruthlessly toward his opponents. He was never good at hiding his emotions so when he was angry, he would show that he was angry.

Several disciples of the ten great immortal sects rushed over to stop them.

Before they could make a move, Jingang had already ripped their bodies into two halves.

What a horrific sight!

Eggy flew into the clouds before diving down straight for the sect leaders of the eight great immortal sects.


When a Dragon God roars, the sound waves look like rockets being launched.

One of the weaker sect leaders was directly sent sprawling to the ground by Eggy’s dragon might blast. His body was stuck to the ground and he couldn’t move his body. The skin of his face was like a worm moving layer by layer.


A white colored sword flew into the void.

In an instant, it came out of the void and directly pierced toward a sect leader of a certain immortal sect.

Right after that, Black Widow’s whip twisted around like her seductive hips. It flickered over towards her opponents full of evil aura that caused people to feel suffocated.

Tong Yan and Wei Mo revealed an excited look. One of them licked their lips and said: “We’re finally killing people. I finally get to enjoy the taste of blood once more, keke~…”

The two of them chuckled strangely before their figures disappeared.

Under Luo Tian’s command, Murong Bai and the others were like tigers being released from their cages. They became aggressive without any fear and started killing their way over. They didn’t care how dangerous it was because the pent-up rage inside them was too unbearable.

The moment they stepped into the venue, the rage inside them had been forced to grow little by little.

Rigging the rules, manipulating the competition, and controlling the referee!

The unfairness of being targeted and subjected to despicable means. All these things were similar to pouring a can of gasoline onto their raging flames which made it expand like crazy. Their hands were tied when they watched their boss walk the fine line between life and death on the stage.

Watching Han Hua and their sister-in-laws seriously injured added to the expansion of their rage.

They were waiting for Luo Tian’s command.

Waiting for the time to burst forth.

At such a moment, the fire in the hearts had completely erupted. There was only one thought in their minds, and that was to kill! Kill all these sons of b*tches! Kill all these vile and despicable people who called themselves the ten great immortal sects!


One month of secluded cultivation had made them much stronger.

The power of the Dragon God’s essence blood exploded forth with its might!

Jingang’s Iron Blood Gloves made his attacks similar to thunder strikes. Every move of his would explode forth with raw power that tore his opponents apart. He then let out a roar: “Come! Come over and kill me! You guys are nothing but vile and despicable bastards!”

In less than a minute, Big Mustache had ten puppets behind him refined from the bones of the Blade River King. He made a thought and the ten puppets rushed forth. Big Mustache started laughing, “Hahaha… I will let you guys have a taste of this daddy’s ten lines of manipulation!”

Everyone was going crazy!

Everyone was bursting forth with their powers!

They were too angry! If they didn’t get a chance to vent, most likely they would be suffocated to death!

Luo Tian laughed!

Luo Tian laughed viciously while saying to himself: “It’s great to have brothers! Fatty Lei, Xuanyuan Yi, Blindman Liu; I’ll be waiting for the day when we meet up at Shattered Sky City. I’m eagerly waiting!”

Luo Tian couldn’t help but start thinking of Fatty Lei and the others when he watched Jingang and the rest fight.

He then thought of Chunchun, Yue’er, Tang Tang, and Li Xue’er…

Luo Tian thought he was going to die inside the barrier. He was in a miserable state and he started thinking about them, hoping he could meet them sooner.

They had parted ways for too long.

Luo Tian really missed each one of them.

Luo Tian then pulled back his thoughts and started laughing loudly once more. “Hahaha… Let us go crazy today! Use our lives to go crazy! Use our lives to slaughter! Have this world tremble before us!”

Luo Tian put more strength into stepping down onto Lin Wushen’s head. He glared at the dying Lin Wushen and sneered: “Starsea Immortal Sect? The second strongest immortal sect? Ptui~!”

A glob of phlegm was spat onto Lin Wushen’s face.

Luo Tian coldly smiled and said: “Lin Wushen, weren’t you very arrogant? Weren’t you very cocky? Didn’t you say that I will definitely die today? Come! Come! Stand up for this daddy!”

Luo Tian’s voice gradually became louder.

Eventually, it became a shout.

He grabbed Lin Wushen’s collar and lifted him into the air. He then coldly glanced at Daoist Lie Yang and said with restraint: “The next one will be you!”


The powers of a Profound God 8th ranker was released.

He then threw Lin Wushen into the air.

Luo Tian’s fist became a palm while holding up Lin Wushen by the chest. His eyes turned ferocious as he shouted: “A hundred million profound energy!”



Luo Tian’s body started emitting sounds like bubbles in the water. His profound energy went crazy! One hundred million profound energy was about a tenth of Luo Tian’s total amount. His physical body almost couldn’t endure using it all at once!

It was too wasteful to use it in killing a single person.

But to Luo Tian, he wanted to go crazy like that!

He wanted to be arrogant!

He wanted to vent the rage inside him in the most unbridled way!

His palm was attached to Lin Wushen’s chest.

Lin Wushen’s eyes widened while releasing his peak Profound God 8th rank powers. He glared at Luo Tian and shouted: “Luo Tian! You want to kill this daddy just based on your abilities? Go to hell for me!”

As his voice faded, Lin Wushen attempted to break free from Luo Tian’s palm.

But he found that he couldn’t move at all, and there was a powerful suction force glued to his chest. Since he couldn’t get free, his heart sank. He started going crazy when he felt the power gathering in the center of Luo Tian’s palm.

The crotch of his pants became wet.

He had pissed his pants from fear!

His face was pale, his pupils dilating from fear, and his voice quivered. “Brother Lie Yang! Save me!”

“Old Ancestor Starsea, save me!”

“Someone save me!”

“Luo, Luo, Luo Tian, you cannot kill me! I, I, I… I control the fate of the young phoenix Li Xue’er! I know what they are trying to do! I know everything! As long as you don’t kill me, I will tell…”

Luo Tian didn’t give him any chances.

No matter what, Lin Wushen had to die!

Luo Tian used up a hundred million profound energy as he roared out: “Profound Energy Blast, explode for me!” ¹


¹ – T/N: I don’t know where this Profound Energy Blast skill came from.

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