Undefeatable – Ch764

Chapter 764 – Who Is The Winner?

You need to be handsome while making a move!

Your actions need to be handsome as well!

Your strength needs to be vicious!

The entire scene needs to be awesome to the max!

Lin Wushen’s various actions had made Luo Tian extremely angry. He had been ridiculing Luo Tian from the moment he appeared. Before his death, he was still mocking Luo Tian for overestimating his own strength. Only when he was sucked into Luo Tian’s grasp by 100 million profound energy did his expression change to one of incomparable fear.

He started begging for mercy.

Would Luo Tian let him off?

Even if Lin Wushen gives Luo Tian everything he owns, even throws out his few thousand year old mother, there’s no way Luo Tian will let him off!

Luo Tian’s personality has always been the same.

You want to mess with me? I’ll endure it. You want to keep messing with me? I’ll endure a little bit more. If you’re trying to kill me with all you have, then I’m going to slap you straight to hell!

It didn’t matter what Lin Wushen said because Luo Tian’s desire to kill him wouldn’t change.

Even if he tells him the young phoenix’s secrets, Luo Tian will still kill him without hesitation. The reason was that he deserved to die!

The sole reason was that he was a boss! One needs to understand that no matter what kind of changes there are, bosses in games will always be bosses. There’s only one ending for bosses, and that’s being killed by the players!

One hundred million profound energy was used up.

A golden light burst forth from Luo Tian’s palm. Golden light that spread out for tens of kilometers rose up into the sky. Lin Wushen was wrapped up by it like the meat inside a large golden bun of light.

Luo Tian stared at Daoist Lie Yang without blinking before grinning, “Explode for me!”




“No! Don’t!” Lin Wushen screamed out of misery.

The golden light exploded violently before everything disappeared!

There was nothing left on Luo Tian’s palm. Lin Wushen had died without even leaving traces of his ashes behind. He had turned into air! His scream of “don’t” was still echoing in the sky and spreading out further into the distance.


Luo Tian didn’t move but had his eyes closed and enjoyed what was to come.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Lin Wushen. You have gained 100,000,000 experience points, 1,000,000 profound energy…”

The system alerts suddenly stopped at this point.

Luo Tian’s eyes snapped open as he grumbled: “What the hell?! No matter what, Lin Wushen was a super boss! He was the goddamn sect leader of the second strongest immortal sect in the world! Shouldn’t a sect leader level boss leave behind some loot? You bastard system, come out of there if you have the guts! I promise that I won’t beat you to death!”


Severe depression!

How can nothing explode from the corpse?

It’s not like he’s still alive. He’s obviously dead so how can there be no loot? This wasn’t logical at all. There should at least be some inner cores or something, right?

Luo Tian was feeling very unhappy. He then made a thought to open up the system interface and suddenly became dumbstruck.

He had used too much strength and caused Lin Wushen’s body and everything he had on him to turn to dust!


“Lord system, are you messing with me?” Luo Tian muttered in despair. He could only admit his own bad luck. It’s not like this hasn’t happened before. Of course, it wouldn’t happen inside a game but this world wasn’t a game after all.

Last time in the Sky Palace, Eggy used up too much strength on the Soul Sovereign so the only thing he got was experience points. The system gave the same explanation that everything was destroyed due to using too much strength.

Luo Tian sighed repeatedly, “That was 100 million profound energy! I thought that a lot of good stuff would explode out, but… Your sister! Lord system, can you not treat me like that? He was at least a sect leader level boss, so how can you not give me anything? This is way too f*cked up!”

He had lost out on this transaction.

One hundred million profound energy in return for 10 million profound energy and 100 million experience points.

No matter what, at least Lin Wushen was dead.

Luo Tian had vented half the rage inside him. The other half… In an instant, Luo Tian coldly sneered at Daoist Lie Yang. “Boss Lie Yang, you’re the only one left now. How do you wish to play?”

Daoist Lie Yang had an ugly look on his face.

He never expected a peak Profound God 8th ranker like Lin Wushen would be killed by Luo Tian without any ability to fight back.

Luo Tian had only just broken through to the Profound God 8th rank, and shouldn’t have fully mastered his powers yet. How could he have killed Lin Wushen? But the reality was before his eyes, and Lin Wushen even died without leaving a corpse behind!

Now, it was his turn!

Daoist Lie Yang’s heart shivered. He then put Han Hua back onto the ground and raised both hands into the air. “Luo Tian, you’ve won. You are the champion of this year’s immortal sect disciple competition. You are the strongest disciple out of all the immortal sects. I’ve lost and I admit that. From today onward, I will never touch your Mount Hua Immortal Sect ever again.”

After saying that, Daoist Lie Yang dusted his butt and turned around to leave.

At this time, Jingang descended from the air right in front of Daoist Lie Yang. He then grinned, “You want to leave just like that? Have you asked my boss for permission yet?”

There was a sect leader of a certain immortal sect inside Eggy’s mouth when he spat it out in front of Luo Tian’s feet. He coldly stared at Daoist Lie Yang and said: “You damn old bastard, you finally want to run? It’s too late now!”


Murong Bai flicked his White Feather Sword and threw a dying immortal sect leader to Luo Tian’s feet as well. His gaze turned gloomy as he stared at Daoist Lie Yang, “You damn old thing, have you asked for my permission yet?!”

Black Widow also came up and blocked beside Daoist Lie Yang.

Big Mustache led his ten puppets over and laughed crazily, “Did you ask me for permission?”

Tong Yan and Wei Mo also appeared out of nowhere in an eerie manner.

One was fiercer than the other.

One was more arrogant than the next.

Each of them was infected by the arrogant character of Luo Tian, so they all became abnormally arrogant.

The sect leaders of the eight great immortal sects were lying beside Luo Tian on the cusp of dying.

Murong Bai had suffered many injuries during this fight. After all, these were all sect leaders who were considered old monsters that have been cultivating for thousands of years. It was all their fault as well. If they hadn’t made Murong Bai and the others angry to the extreme, the ones lying on the ground would have been Murong Bai and the others instead.

It was this anger that made them more powerful than they could imagine!

The main cause was the rage inside them seemed to have influenced the Dragon God’s essence blood that they had ingested. Therefore, the Dragon God’s essence blood erupted with power beyond everyone’s imagination. With the addition of the divine weapons Luo Tian forged for them with Blade River King’s bones, they became even more powerful!

At this time, Daoist Lie Yang was surrounded by Murong Bai and the others.

And the sect leaders of the eight great immortal sects were lying around Luo Tian on their deathbeds.

The ten great immortal sects were defeated in this battle! They lost to a complete mess!

From today onward, the eight great immortal sects will be reduced to ordinary immortal sects. The two great immortal sects, Imperial God and Starsea, still had the young phoenix and the true dragon around. But their vitality had been severely wounded so their karmic fortune will be reduced to its lowest point.

Who was the one that gained the most out of this?

Not Luo Tian or Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

Rather, it was the devil sect!

Daoist Lie Yang looked over at a dark passage below the grandstands.

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