Undefeatable – Ch765

Chapter 765 – Who Dares To Touch This Daddy?

Luo Tian followed Daoist Lie Yang’s gaze before frowning.

He then said to the others: “Don’t do anything. Just let me deal with him.”

After saying that, Luo Tian slashed down with Annihilate and killed off all eight sect leaders. Luo Tian didn’t dare to use too much strength because he was scared that these sect leaders would be like Lin Wushen, turning into powder and not leaving any loot behind.

No matter what, the tiny bit of meat on a mosquito was still considered meat. Luo Tian already had a lot of divine artifacts but he could still use more to feed them to Eggy.




Eight alert tones sounded off.

Many decent stuff exploded out – there were nine divine artifacts, many inner cores, and healing pills.

Luo Tian smiled in satisfaction before muttering to himself: “It’s good that some decent stuff exploded out, otherwise this venture would have become a big loss to me. Not to mention nearly dying, Zi Loulan almost saw me as a complete joke. I can be embarrassed in front of anyone but her.”

After saying that, Luo Tian glanced over at Zi Loulan.

Zi Loulan stared back at him. Her eyes were still as cold as before but now with a trace of killing intent.

Luo Tian didn’t care about it.

He would slowly calculate it out with her in the future. He wasn’t in a hurry about it.

Zi Loulan watched Lin Wushen being killed and Sect Leader Lie Yang being surrounded but had no intentions of helping them out.

Apart from the devil sect benefiting from the ten great immortal sect’s loss of strength, the Soul Hall was also a force that had benefited greatly. They had been hiding for many years and had only been developing in the Tianxuan Continent in secret. Now that Luo Tian caused the ten great immortal sects to be half dead, it was about time for the Soul Hall to rise to the surface and start controlling everything.

Therefore, the second party that benefited the most was the Soul Hall.

No one could see the expressions of the nine sword slaves in black robes behind Zi Loulan.

But Luo Tian could detect an extremely dangerous aura from them. The aura was more terrifying than Lin Wushen, who was a peak Profound God 8th ranker. He didn’t pay attention in the beginning and the sword slaves had deliberately hidden their auras. Now, Luo Tian could feel how unfathomable they were.

Luo Tian’s heart sank as he said to himself: “They are the most dangerous people here.”

After that, Luo Tian went over to Yun Ling and Yun Yi and helped them up. He then cast several Regeneration on them.

The countenance of the twin girls finally became rosier as they said: “Big brother Luo Tian, we’re fine now. Go and help senior sisters Leng and Han.”

The hearts of those two melted when they saw how Luo Tian recklessly tried breaking out of the barrier to save them. The feeling of being cherished by someone was really good. It was so good that when they were lifted into the air by Lin Wushen, they didn’t have a trace of fear and only kept smiling in joy.

Luo Tian nodded and went over to Leng Hanshuang’s side before casting Regeneration on her.

The injuries on Leng Hanshuang gradually recovered.

The next was Han Hua.

After they had recovered, Luo Tian dusted his hands and walked over to Daoist Lie Yang. He swept a glance through the grandstands and noticed the regular disciples of the ten great immortal sects had all fled. Not a single one was left. Only those second-rate immortal sects and those spectators from far away had remained. Luo Tian smiled and said: “I told you that the ten great immortal sects will be f*cked over by me. Daoist Lie Yang, you’re the only sect leader left from the ten great immortal sects.”

“I remember that Murong Wanjian had defeated eighteen disciples of my Mount Hua Immortal Sect by himself. Now, all ten great immortal sects have been trampled upon by me, Luo Tian. Does it feel good for you?”

“Hahaha…” Luo Tian started laughing like crazy.

Daoist Lie Yang wasn’t in a panic as he said: “Luo Tian, do you think that this is all the strength of the ten great immortal sects? Except for your Mount Hua Immortal Sect, all of us have an expert at the Profound God Sovereign realm as support. Any one of those supreme experts can destroy Mount Hua Immortal Sect by themselves. Sigh~, I forgot to tell you that your Mount Hua Immortal Sect no longer exists now. The alliance army of the ten great immortal sects has already killed off all the disciples of your Mount Hua. Out of the entire Mount Hua Immortal Sect, you guys are probably the only ones left. Hahaha… Luo Tian, you cannot beat our ten great immortal sects!”

Everything was in his plans.

Luo Tian looked at Daoist Lie Yang’s smug smile and replied: “Really?”

Han Hua’s expression sank when she heard the conversation.

Apart from Tong Yan and Wei Mo, the expressions of Jingang and the others changed. The rage that had previously disappeared was ignited in their expressions. It looked like they wanted to slice and dice up Daoist Lie Yang right then and there.

Luo Tian sent out his spiritual senses before looking off in a certain direction. “Look over there. Your people are back.”

Not too far away, a black shadow was seen getting closer toward them.

When the black shadow saw that the stage and the rest of South Heavenly Gate was in ruins and that many people were surrounding Daoist Lie Yang, his expression turned solemn as he shouted: “Sect Leader, the alliance army of the ten great immortal sects were ambushed! Blood flowed like a river and no one survived!”


Daoist Lie Yang’s face revealed his anger as he glared at Luo Tian. He then shook his head, “Impossible… absolutely impossible. All the strongest people of Mount Hua Immortal Sect are here. There’s no way anyone is the opponent of junior brother Tian Yang. It’s impossible for him to die.”

Luo Tian gave an evil smile and said: “Nothing is impossible. Did you really think you could destroy my Mount Hua Immortal Sect? Daoist Lie Yang, you want to play with me? You guys aren’t my opponent even if you lived for another ten thousand years.”

“The karmic fortune of the ten great immortal sects has probably been decreased to its lowest point.”

“Apart from those old monsters, what kind of people do the ten great immortal sects have left? They better not provoke me or else I will trample them all to death.”

While saying that, Luo Tian looked up into the void and said: “I know you guys are all looking at this daddy through the void. Is this daddy handsome? Hahaha… I trampled your ten great immortal sects beneath my feet. You guys better obediently cultivate in seclusion. If you dare give me any trouble, this daddy will go to your immortal sects and dig up your roots!”


Extremely arrogant!

A Profound God 8th ranker wasn’t afraid of the supreme experts in the Profound God Sovereign realm? He dared to threaten them?

Wildly arrogant to the extreme!

There weren’t any sounds coming from the void.

Luo Tian suddenly felt that the sky was filled with killing intent from tens of millions of kilometers away. Luo Tian sneered and said: “Come and touch this daddy if you have the guts! You motherf*ckers!”

Luo Tian no longer bothered with them. He looked at Daoist Lie Yang and said: “I want to know the secret between the true dragon and the young phoenix. I believe Sect Leader Lie Yang will tell me, right?”

Daoist Lie Yang’s expression turned solemn before sneering: “Luo Tian, you are really… hahaha… From Jade Mountain City to Mount Hua Immortal Sect, one truly has to say your growth is beyond shocking. I really regret not killing you early on.”

“But it’s the same as before. You cannot escape your death after all!”

The battle aura of a Profound God ranker instantly surged out from Daoist Lie Yang as he shouted: “Sect Leader Tian Mo, it’s about time you came out, right?!”

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