Undefeatable – Ch766

Chapter 766 – Time For The Divine Burst Pill

Sure enough, Luo Tian narrowed his eyes as he experienced a sinking feeling in his heart.

A group of people started coming out from a black tunnel.

They were all dressed in robes with a mix of red and black colors. The robes were embroidered with blood-red clouds and looked like the Akatsuki members in Naruto. Each person had a different appearance and even the auras coming from them were different.

A group of more than ten people.

The one in the front was the sect leader of the devil sect, Heavenly Devil Liu Chengfeng!

Behind him were his ten war generals. They were all at the peak of the Profound God 8th rank while he was at the peak of the Profound God 9th rank. He was just a step away from the supreme Profound God Sovereign realm!

Other than that, the devil sect had two experts at the Profound God Sovereign realm but they didn’t make their appearance.

A Profound God Sovereign expert would typically be trying to break into the void. Their only goal was ascension and they usually didn’t want to interfere too much with cumbersome matters.

Liu Chengfeng was clapping his hands as he walked out. There was a faint smile hanging on his mouth as he said: “Not ordinary. You’re really not ordinary. Luo Tian, you are truly an extraordinary individual. I have never seen the ten great immortal sects end up as wretched as they have today. Even when they fought with my devil sect ten thousand years ago, they have never fallen into such an embarrassing situation. You are truly not ordinary. I really have to say that you can contend for the number one person within this millennium.”

The ten great immortal sects were wrecked by a single person!

Not to mention a thousand years, possibly such an event has never appeared since the birth of the Tianxuan Continent!

Daoist Lie Yang had an angry look as he harrumphed, “Sect Leader Liu, are you here just to see how funny this is? Don’t forget what you promised me.”

Liu Chengfeng had already walked up to Daoist Lie Yang by this time and said: “Don’t worry, I will definitely do what I promised. Except… Daoist Lie Yang, I must say you are a bit too useless. Hahaha… I really can’t hold back my laughter. The ten great immortal sects… you’re the only one alive out of the ten sect leaders. This is simply too tragic!”

Daoist Lie Yang’s expression changed as he coldly harrumphed.

No one could’ve imagined such an ending.

Who would imagine that Luo Tian could make the ten great immortal sects end up like this?

But what Luo Tian never imagined was that Daoist Lie Yang would collude with the devil sect!

In order to deal with him?

All ten great immortal sects weren’t enough so they had to join up with the devil sect as well? How badly did Daoist Lie Yang want to kill him?

This was too ruthless.

Luo Tian knew that people of the devil sect had come to South Heavenly Gate.

He thought the devil sect wanted to be the fisherman that took advantage when the snipe and the clam fought.

Luo Tian definitely never imagined that they would join forces.

Immortal sects working together with the devil sect in order to deal with him!

Zi Loulan suddenly stood up.

The nine sword slaves behind her stood up as well.

The ten figures moved and instantly landed on the other side. Zi Loulan had a cold murderous smile on her face before looking at Luo Tian with an air of complacency.

That smile looked like she was saying “you’re dead now.”

They originally had Daoist Lie Yang surrounded but now Luo Tian and his group were being surrounded.

Luo Tian looked over at Tong Yan and Wei Mo and there was a brief glint in his eyes. Those two nodded in response. Luo Tian then said: “Sect Leader Liu, are you sure you want to oppose me?”

Liu Chengfeng smiled, “Opposing you? Luo Tian, you’re already a dead person so it doesn’t matter if I oppose you or not. From the time you became the reincarnation of Devil Sovereign Xingtian, you were fated to die. This is the critical point of my cooperation with Daoist Lie Yang.”

“The Devil Sovereign has died for countless years.”

“He is indeed the strongest War God of our devil sect. But he has died already and even if he has reincarnated, his fame is already part of history. The devil sect no longer belongs to him. Within the Tianxuan Continent, I am the true lord of the devil sect.”

“What kind of thing do you think you are?”

Liu Chengfeng’s smile turned gloomy as an evil aura was released from his body. It was icy cold with the scent of blood mixed in.

Luo Tian smiled as he turned to Daoist Lie Yang: “Immortal sects colluding with the devil sect. Old thief Lie Yang, you even dare to do such a treacherous thing? You’re willing to earn eternal infamy just to get rid of me?”

Luo Tian couldn’t understand this.

Colluding with the devil sect was one of the greatest crimes of an immortal sect.

All other immortal sects will forsake you.

Just to deal with him?

Was there such a need?

Daoist Lie Yang sneered, “It wasn’t me that joined forces with the devil sect. You wouldn’t even imagine who they are unless I tell you. Since you’re going to die anyway, I might as well tell you. It’s the old ancestor of my Imperial God Immortal Sect, Supremacy Tianlong, and Ancestor Starsea who wanted to join forces with the devil sect. The only reason is to get rid of you. That’s why I said before that you will have to die today no matter what!”

Supremacy Tianlong?

Ancestor Starsea?

Luo Tian has never heard of those names before.

He only knew they were the top experts of the Tianxuan Continent, supreme experts in the Profound God Sovereign realm!

Those two took the initiative to join up with the devil sect just to kill him?

Luo Tian chuckled internally and said: “Did I screw their mothers or did I f*ck their sisters by accident? Or do I owe them money or something? Do they really need to use such heavy moves to deal with me? Even I can’t hold back my laughter at this point…”

Luo Tian suddenly frowned and looked over at Zi Loulan. He shouted to himself: “It must be Xue’er!”

Zi Loulan revealed a surprised expression.

She didn’t know that Supremacy Tianlong and Ancestor Starsea had cooperated with the devil sect experts.

The thought that this matter was related to her daughter never crossed her mind.

She only thought that Luo Tian was too great of a threat to the ten great immortal sects and to the devil sect. He was so great a threat that they had to join forces in order to get rid of him. Those supreme experts in the background didn’t want to take action so the only solution was to have their disciples join forces with the devil sect.

She would have never imagined that the ten great immortal sects and the devil sect would try to get rid of Luo Tian, just to ensure the wedding between Murong Wanjian and Li Xue’er would be carried out smoothly in three months’ time.

No one would imagine such a thing!

Except for Luo Tian!

He was only at the Profound God 8th rank but so many forces were joining hands together. One can say that the strongest forces of the Tianxuan Continent were cooperating in order to deal with him! They were worried that Luo Tian would go to Shattered Sky City and ruin the wedding between the true dragon and the young phoenix in three months’ time!

“What kind of secret are they all hiding?”

“The ten great immortal sects, the devil sect, and the Soul Hall have joined forces in order to make the wedding go smoothly. What is hidden behind all of this?” Luo Tian was frantically trying to come up with a plausible reason and suddenly a sense of fear arose from his heart.

He recalled Lin Long’s words where the young phoenix was merely a tool.

“Heh heh…”

Luo Tian clenched his fists and a violent aura appeared between his eyebrows. His cold gaze swept through the crowd before saying: “Don’t you all wish for me to die? Come on then!”

“Today, this daddy will fight you all to my heart’s content!”

Immediately after, Luo Tian shouted: “Eggy, protect Han Hua and the other girls! Bring them back to Mount Hua Immortal Sect first!”

“The others…’

“It’s time to use the Divine Burst Pill!”

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