Undefeatable – Ch767

Chapter 767 – Brother, It’s Time To Burst Forth

There’s nothing else left to say but a single word – fight!

It didn’t matter why the ten great immortal sects, Soul Hall, and the devil sect were joining forces. Luo Tian didn’t care anymore.

He only cared about Li Xue’er.

As long as they don’t provoke the people he cared about, he wouldn’t go causing trouble for them.

But if they dare to touch his people, then apologies, he will kill them all!

Luo Tian had always been this crazy.

Even if he was facing those supreme experts at the Profound God Sovereign realm, Luo Tian will still be this crazy. He was never afraid of stuff like that!

No matter what happens in three months’ time, he will bring Li Xue’er away with him. Even the true Gods can forget about stopping him!

Under Luo Tian’s order, Eggy quickly descended and the girls all climbed onto his back before flying off.

A cold glint appeared in the eyes of one of the devil sect experts. He then yelled in a strange voice: “You want to escape? Stay here for me!”

The Spirit Dragon Whip in Black Widow’s hand flicked out and blocked that devil sect expert. She revealed a charming smile as she said: “Your opponent is me.”

Jingang, Murong Bai, Big Mustache, Black Widow, and Luo Tian quickly brought out a Divine Burst Pill and swallowed it. They were surrounded by a red glow before their aura instantly changed.

In a blink of an eye, their cultivation had increased by two small realms.

Due to an unseen barrier, Luo Tian’s cultivation only rose up to the Profound God 9th rank.

But this was already very terrifying!

Luo Tian wanted to end this battle as soon as possible since the only thing he was worried about now was Li Xue’er. Three months later, he would most likely be facing an even more powerful pressure. The strongest and the peak powers of the Tianxuan Continent would probably be in attendance. He didn’t have much time left!

He had to finish this battle quickly!

Daoist Lie Yang’s expression changed, “Divine Burst Pill? I have never heard of such a pill before. Is it an upgraded version of the Profound Burst Pill? Impossible… it’s impossible for the Tianxuan Continent to have such a pill. There’s no way a Profound God ranker can use a pill to enhance their powers.”

Liu Chengfeng’s expression also changed. He was frowning as he said: “Divine Burst Pill? Luo Tian, it looks like you’ve experienced a lot of strange encounters this past month. You even got your hands on this Divine Burst Pill. You must still have a lot of it on you, right?”

At this time, Tong Yan and Wei Mo revealed their true appearance.

The true appearance of a devil.

They stood directly in front of Liu Chengfeng with anger in their eyes. One of them directly shouted: “The devil sect has actually been messed up by a kid like you!

You have completely lost all face of the devil by joining forces with the immortal sects! This is pissing me off so badly right now!”

Devil’s nature!

A powerful force of devil’s nature!

This devil’s nature force was even stronger than Liu Chengfeng’s.

This sudden change made Liu Chengfeng’s mentality sink. When he sensed the aura coming from them, his face darkened as he said with uncertainty: “Devil King Tong? Devil King Wei? The two devil sect divine generals? You guys… you guys… How did you guys come out?”


“So you still remember us two old undying fogeys? You remember we are the devil sect’s divine generals? It looks like a kid like you still knows your stuff.” Wei Mo harrumphed before saying: “I shall now command you to withdraw. Wait, no, you should immediately capture this dog thing Daoist Lie Yang.”

Liu Chengfeng was stunned.

He never imagined that those old seniors sealed from ten thousand years ago were still alive. And their powers had recovered.

He then recalled how the allied army of the ten great immortal sects had been wiped out at Mount Hua Immortal Sect. His face darkened further as he asked: “Could it be that the Soul Refining Array was destroyed and you guys all came out? And the Heaven’s Seal on your bodies has been removed?”

Upon speaking to this point, Liu Chengfeng’s eyes turned toward Luo Tian. A cold glint flashed in his eyes as he asked: “It was you?”

Luo Tian replied with a faint smile: “It was naturally me. You didn’t expect that, right? It looks like you already know everything. I’ve always been curious why you’ve never sent anyone out to rescue those old seniors. Now I finally understand why knowing my identity as the reincarnation of Devil Sovereign Xingtian yet you still sent out people to kill me.”

Luo Tian suddenly detected an extremely dangerous aura so he shouted: “Old seniors! Watch out!”

Liu Chengfeng revealed a sinister smile, “Living for ten thousand years is already long enough. You can die for me now.”

A sudden sneak attack.

His Profound God 9th rank powers instantly reached its peak. A blood-red sword with devastating power stabbed at Wei Mo in a blur.

The speed was too fast!

The power was too fierce!

Wei Mo was also suppressed by the power of a Profound God 9th ranker.

He never imagined Liu Chengfeng would dare to make a move on him. He was a divine general of the devil sect and didn’t expect Liu Chengfeng to not care about such a status.


“Old Wei…!” Tong Yan screamed out. His body instantly burst out with devilish flames and his fists turned crimson red before punching out.

Liu Chengfeng sneered, “The Blood Sea Fists?”

“I will let you see this sect leader’s Blood Sea Fists.”

The sword was pulled back.

Liu Chengfeng’s entire body had turned crimson red and not just his fists. His whole body looked like it was dyed red as the ripple of power surged outward and formed a blood sea stretching out for ten thousand miles. His fist started moving as he punched out as well to meet the attack.


The two fists met in a collision.

Tong Yan wasn’t Liu Chengfeng’s opponent and was smashed flying. Tong Yan’s figure was like a blurred shadow as he crashed straight into the ruins of the grandstand.


His body curved inward, his arm twisted, and the bones of his arm were all shattered. Tong Yan’s face was pale white but he still glared at Liu Chengfeng. What a ruthless guy! He was smashed flying by a single fist of someone from the junior generation!

They were already in the Profound God realm ten thousand years ago.

Due to their powers being sealed, their cultivation over these ten thousand years didn’t improve half a step.

Their cultivation hadn’t fully recovered yet after their seal was removed.

Who would’ve imagined that before he could do anything big for Luo Tian, he was sent flying by a junior of the devil sect!

Wei Mo had died.

Tong Yan was on his last breath.

Luo Tian instantly landed next to Tong Yan. He cast several Regeneration on Tong Yan but Tong Yan’s face was still extremely pale.

Tong Yan smiled bitterly before shaking his head. “It’s useless. My meridians have been severed and my soul has been cracked. All kinds of treatments are useless to me. Luo Tian… cough~… help me kill him. You have to kill him for me. The current devil sect is no longer the devil sect of the past. Those old fogeys might not know this. Luo Tian… you have to kill him for me. You have to…”

Tong Yan died and his words were cut off.

Those two old guys were killed in an instant.

Everything happened too quickly.

So quick that Luo Tian couldn’t react in time.

A Profound God 9th ranker was infinitely close to the Profound God Sovereign realm. This kind of power was simply too terrifying!


“Hahaha…” Liu Chengfeng laughed like crazy before saying: “Old bastard, did you really think this is ten thousand years ago? You old bastards should have retreated along with the river of history. So what if you managed to come out alive?”

“It’s not your turn to tell me what I should be doing!”

“Damn dog things!”

Daoist Lie Yang laughed as well before saying: “Luo Tian, just accept your death.”

In an instant, the ten devil sect experts made their move.

Zi Loulan smiled coldly and ordered: “Do it now. Kill all the people of Mount Hua Immortal Sect. Leave no one alive.”

Luo Tian slowly stood up and caressed Annihilate. “Brother, it’s time for you to burst forth!”


“Activating critical strike…”

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