Undefeatable – Ch769

Chapter 769 – Brothers!

“Luo Tian, you dare?!” screamed Zi Loulan.

Luo Tian chuckled, “There’s nothing that this daddy doesn’t dare to do!”

After saying that, the head of the sword slave was chopped off.

This strike wasn’t calculated with a damage value because it was an instant kill.

Can they keep living when the head was chopped off?

Of course, their soul was still alive.

But Luo Tian wasn’t going to give him any chances. He made a thought and stabbed his Dragon Blade into the head. A power surged from inside him to his arm, then into the blade before activating the critical strike power.


The head of the sword slave exploded and his soul was destroyed.

Luo Tian grinned and coldly looked at Zi Loulan, “Did I dare to do that?”

“There’s nothing I don’t dare to do!”

“Whoever messes with me will be killed!”

Luo Tian suddenly moved once more and shouted: “You want to run?! Lie down for me!”

He slashed out his blade and the critical strike powers activated. That sword slave was instantly cut into two halves and died on the spot. The system then gave off an alert tone.



Luo Tian didn’t bother looking at it because he wasn’t in the mood. The only thing he wanted to do right now was to kill everyone here.

Since the devil sect and the Soul Hall were getting involved, then he might as well trample them all beneath his feet!

Luo Tian’s body was releasing a domineering aura filled with arrogance. The monarch aura coming from Devil Sovereign Xingtian was also causing the surroundings to feel unusually oppressive.

Zi Loulan’s eyes were bloodshot and she was about to go crazy from being too angry.

Sword slaves were the strongest group of people within the Soul Hall.

They were the ten strongest assassins the Soul Hall had but they were unexpectedly killed by Luo Tian in just a few moves. This made her feel especially angry. When she saw Luo Tian’s smug expression, she was roaring in rage internally and wanted to scratch that look right off his face!

She was truly angry.

Completely enraged!

But the raging flames inside her couldn’t be vented.

Her teeth were making cracking sounds from clenching so hard and smoke was coming out of her head. “Aggghhhh~… Ah Jiu, self-destruct your soul!”


One of the injured sword slaves pounced over at Luo Tian without a word.

His entire body turned crimson red.

Some sort of power was going crazy inside his body like a powerful bomb that was about to detonate. Luo Tian had seen this before when the Five Element Elders self-destructed their souls in order to help Luo Tian fight

If it weren’t for their help, there was no way Luo Tian could’ve killed Divine Monarch Seven Light.

At that time, the Five Element Elders were only at the peak of the Profound Emperor realm. The destructive powers back then were already crazy to an extreme. Now, this sword slave was an expert at the Profound God 8th rank.

How terrifying was the power within one’s soul?

Luo Tian’s expression changed as he shouted: “Jingang, Murong Bai, Black Widow, Big Mustache; quickly run! Quick!”

A sword slave was equivalent to a deathsworn.

They would execute the commands of their masters without hesitation.

That sword slave didn’t hesitate after hearing Zi Loulan’s command. He just pounced right for Luo Tian at extreme speeds. It was too late for Luo Tian to dodge now.

“Self-destructing his soul?!”

“Oh shit!”

“Boss, quickly run!”


The four of them turned to look and noticed the sword slave was very close to Luo Tian. It was already too late for them to rush forward to block so they could only scream out those words. The four of them felt like their hearts had risen to their throats right now.

At this moment, the remaining people in the venue immediately started running without hesitation.

This included Zi Loulan.

She was actually one of the first to fly away and appeared in the sky dozens of miles away. She had a smug smile on her face as she said: “No matter how strong you are, even if you’ve reached the early stages of the Profound God Sovereign realm, it will be very difficult for you to escape death. The self-destructive powers of a soul at the Profound God 8th rank is beyond your imagination.”

“Luo Tian, just await your death.”


In another area.

Daoist Lie Yang was running for his life while saying to himself: “A sword slave truly has a well-deserved fame. They are practically deathsworn. You tell them to self-destruct their soul and they would do it right away without any hesitation. I better be extra careful when I encounter them in the future.”

In Daoist Lei Yang’s eyes, Luo Tian was already a deadman.

Liu Chengfeng’s expression sank as he ordered: “Devil Generals, withdraw!”



The reaction of those devil sect Generals was very quick. And since Jingang and the others didn’t forcibly block them, they had escaped ten plus miles away in just a few seconds.

Everyone was floating in the air.

They were all coldly looking at Luo Tian with a faint smile on their faces.

“He’s finally dying now, right?”

“There will no longer be someone called Luo Tian anymore.”

“Hahaha… Luo Tian, you still had to die in the end.”

The explosion of a Profound God 8th ranker’s soul was very strong.

It was strong to the point that it cannot be blocked!

Imagine the power of someone cultivating for a few thousand years blowing up all at once.

But if a person detonates their soul, they will forever disappear from this world.



The four of them didn’t leave.

Big Mustache made a thought, and the eight remaining damaged puppets charged forward in a last-ditch effort to block. Before they could get near that sword slave, a fiery blast of energy sent the puppets flying away. That sword slave was similar to a bomb with its fuse lit that could explode at any given moment.

“Run!” Luo Tian roared out once more.

He wasn’t sure if he could trigger the invincibility attribute of Devil Sovereign Xingtian. The reason was that his head had to be chopped off in order to trigger that invincible state. Now, he was facing the self-destruction of a Profound God ranker’s soul!

Would he be able to handle it?

He didn’t know!

Can the brand left inside his body by Mount Hua’s old ancestor block it?

Luo Tian didn’t know because he had no clue how strong the self-destruction of a Profound God ranker’s soul was and how long it would last.

“Titan’s Defense!”

“Golden Bell Shield!”

“Power of the Black Tortoise!”

Luo Tian’s gaze turned serious as three defensive powers were stacked on top of him. Instead of staying where he was, he charged forward to meet the sword slave while shouting: “Level 9 Berserk!”


At this time, Luo Tian thought of Kakashi in Naruto, where Kakashi could suck attacks into another different time and space. Luo Tian then said to himself: “It would be great if I was rewarded with such a skill. I wouldn’t need to worry anymore when going against someone self-destructing their soul.”

It was useless talking about such things right now.

The only thing Luo Tian could do was attack and defend!

“Hahaha…” Jingang started laughing.

At the same time, he charged forward and shouted: “Boss, the time I’ve spent following you these few months is the most enjoyable time this cow has ever experienced. If there is an afterlife, I wish to become your little brother once more! Hahaha…”

Big Mustache followed right behind.

Murong Bai smiled and said: “How can I be missing out at a time like this? If we have to die, we might as well die together! Hahaha…”

Black Widow smiled charmingly before saying gently: “Sire, I will be your first woman if there’s really an afterlife. Heehee…”

Those four had no fear.

Luo Tian started laughing like crazy, “With such brothers accompanying me, I’ll definitely won’t be lonely in the underworld!”

He gave up using the brand from Mount Hua’s progenitor.

The five of them charged toward the sword slave together.

Zi Loulan sneered and said with disdain: “A bunch of…”

At this time, an eight-clawed golden dragon dove down from the clouds…

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