Undefeatable – Ch770

Chapter 770 – I’m Really Going To Use My Special Move

They weren’t born together but they will live together.

They will also die together!

Exactly like the plots portrayed in a movie.

Luo Tian never imagined that he would have a group of brothers like this. Back then, he had them in a game but they could resurrect after dying. And then there were also those that didn’t care about being part of a brotherhood when they were lured away with huge benefits.

Even your biological brother would stab you in the back when enticed with enough benefits!

To Luo Tian, he will not die in vain to have a faithful group of brothers in this foreign world.

This was a great blessing in one’s life!

Therefore, Luo Tian didn’t use up the brand from Mount Hua’s progenitor and charged together with Jingang and the others.

At this time, an eight-clawed golden dragon descended from the sky. His dragon’s might surged out and a Dragon’s God’s power completely displayed itself. It was like the power of all nine heavens had been borrowed by him as it crushed down. Eggy opened up his mouth and roared out: “This one is here!”

“Boss, how can you not include me in such a matter?!”

Eggy sent those four girls to a safe place before immediately returning.

No matter what, he wasn’t going to leave Luo Tian.

He had already made up his mind that even if he had to die, he wanted to die together with Luo Tian. The moment Luo Tian charged forward, his speed beat Luo Tian by half a step as he opened his mouth and sucked fiercely. The golden powers around his body instantly shot out in all directions.

Eggy revealed his might by swallowing that sword slave without caring for the consequences.


Everything happened too quickly!

It wasn’t just Luo Tian who didn’t have time to react. Zi Loulan, Liu Chengfeng, Daoist Lie Yang, and the others didn’t have time to react either.


Luo Tian came to a halt as his eyes shook and his heart sank. That was an expert at the Profound God 8th rank that was self-destructing his soul. Eggy swallowing him would only result in his body being blown to ashes. “Eggy, have you gone crazy?! Hurry up and spit him out!”

“Second brother!”

“Second brother…”

Jingang, Murong Bai, and Big Mustache all cried out for him.

Eggy grinned, “Boss, this one will leave first. Thank you. Thank you for letting me experience such an enjoyable time. Thank you for taking care of such a foodie like me. This one will be going now.”

After saying that, Eggy’s eyes widened in anger. He flicked his giant tail and flew off like lightning into the air. In a blink of an eye, he had already disappeared into the clouds that were 10,000 meters high up.




Those explosions sounded like thunder that blew apart the clouds and resounded throughout the entire Tianxuan Continent.

An abundance of energy shot out all over.

Luo Tian’s body swayed as he was assaulted with extreme pain in his heart. He didn’t care anymore and stared at Zi Loulan with a deathly stare. “Zi Loulan… agggghhhh~…!”

After that mournful scream, Luo Tian’s figure charged at her with fury.

Eggy had died!

His heart was in so much pain!

This kind of pain couldn’t be described! All he wanted to do was to kill all these people, especially Zi Loulan!

No one will be spared!

Zi Loulan was surprised by what happened. Seeing how Luo Tian was looking at her full of killing intent, a faint chill rose up in her heart. But she still sneered in contempt, “The death of an animal made you become like this? You are truly a poor wretched thing from the countryside. Just this point clearly shows you are not worthy to marry my daughter. You are not qualified!”

After saying that, Zi Loulan frowned while ordering: “Ah Liu and Ah Qi, self-destruct your souls and kill Luo Tian.”

“Order received!”

There was no hesitation as they circulated their powers to agitate their souls. Their bodies immediately started turning crimson red.

Zi Loulan didn’t have an ounce of mercy.

It was like she never treated those sword slaves as humans. In her eyes, she only treated them as a useful tool and never as a real human beings. In order to attain her goals, she can sacrifice any kind of tools in her possession. As long as her goal was achieved, she didn’t have half an ounce of empathy for whoever died in the process.

A cold-blooded woman as poisonous as a snake!


“Damn it, this vicious woman… How did the young phoenix have such a mother? I’m starting to suspect that she isn’t the biological mother of the young phoenix. Otherwise, how can one be so kind while the other is so sinister?”

“Quit talking so much nonsense! We’re dealing with two people self-destructing their souls this time!”

After speaking those words, Jingang and Big Mustache looked at each other and nodded.

After that, Jingang and Big Mustache looked over at Murong Bai and said in all seriousness: “Eldest senior brother…”

Murong Bai’s expression changed, “Good! If there is really an afterlife, we will all become brothers again. We will become real brothers ready to brave life or death!”

Murong Bai’s White Feather Sword flew out in an instance. Jingang and Big Mustache then leaped on top of it.

Murong Bai circulated his powers to their peak before he shouted: “Imperial Sword Technique, come out for me!”


Murong Bai’s body was steaming as he circulated all his powers. His clothes instantly became wet but he ignored it. The only thing he had on his mind was to send Jingang and Big Mustache over to Luo Tian to block those two sword slaves trying to self-destruct their souls.


The White Feather Sword flew off at the speed of lightning.

Big Mustache and Jingang started laughing like crazy. “Hahaha… hahaha… Boss, we will follow you in our next life! Hahaha…”

“No! Don’t!”

Seeing Big Mustache and Jingang appear in front of him, Luo Tian felt an indescribable pain. He then shouted: “Breaking Moon!”

He raised his speed to the max.

He couldn’t allow his brothers to die for him.

What qualifications does he have to be a boss if he couldn’t even take care of his own little brothers? How can he lead them to the peak of this world if he can’t even protect them?

Luo Tian used everything he had in order to block in front of Jingang and Big Mustache.


“What a bunch of idiots! They’re actually rushing to see who can die first? Luo Tian, oh Luo Tian. Even if you don’t die today, a person like you will still end up dying eventually. Brotherly love? Living and dying together? Hahaha… What a joke!” sneered Daoist Lie Yang.

Liu Chengfeng also revealed a disdainful sneer, “This Luo Tian must be brain dead. His brothers are also the same. They are all desperately rushing toward their own death. Could it be that none of them know that their own lives are the most important thing in this world?”

Zi Loulan had a sneer of contempt on her face as she added: “I really want to see how many brothers you have that’s willing to die for you. “Ah Si, get ready!”

They couldn’t understand this because they have never had friends that were willing to live and die with them.

That’s why they couldn’t understand what they were seeing.

In their eyes, Luo Tian, Jingang, and Big Mustache were a bunch of idiots. They were casting their lives aside in order to protect the people around them. If this wasn’t the definition of being an idiot, what is?

That young golden dragon was already dead. Death is the only outcome for someone trying to stop a Profound God ranker from detonating their soul!

Still charging to the forefront?

They were practically courting their own deaths!

Zi Loulan looked at Luo Tian and sneered, “Just go and die already.”

At this time, the sky shook as a strong golden light shot through the clouds. An eight-clawed golden dragon dove down with incomparable majesty and laughter could be heard. “Hahaha… Boss, I’m really going to use my special move this time!”

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