Undefeatable – Ch771

Chapter 771 – Three Seconds, Everyone Dies

Not dead yet?

Eggy’s not dead?

And he became stronger?

Luo Tian was frozen in shock as he said to himself: “What’s going on? How come there’s no system alerts? Did Eggy level up?”

Jingang and Big Mustache were stunned briefly before laughing like crazy.

Zi Loulan, Daoist Lie Yang, and Liu Chengfeng were all dumbstruck.

The self-destruction of a Profound God 8th ranker’s soul was very powerful. Eggy didn’t die and actually became stronger!

How could this be possible?

This was beyond everyone’s imagination!

Someone definitely should be dead but wasn’t dead, and even became stronger.

For a brief moment, everyone felt like their brains had short-circuited and couldn’t react.

Luo Tian and Murong Bai were both originally in pain.

But now they were both laughing out loud. There was no way to express their emotions except for laughing like crazy. Laughing in unbridled arrogance! “Hahaha… Zi Loulan, weren’t you very awesome? You could make your subordinates detonate their souls! Hahaha… who would’ve thought they could only blow themselves up! Hahaha…”

At this time, Eggy flew down and chuckled. “Boss, how do you like my special move?”

“Dragon Devours!”


Eggy opened his mouth wide and a powerful suction force pulled the two sword slaves self-destructing their souls into his mouth. His mouth closed and his eyes became fierce and arrogant. He then looked at Zi Loulan coldly and said: “Have your subordinates do it again if you want.”



Two explosive sounds came from inside Eggy!

A golden light burst forth from the gaps of Eggy’s teeth. One could easily sense how powerful it was!

But Eggy was not injured in the slightest.

He actually had an enjoyable expression on his face. A few seconds later, Eggy opened his mouth and released a long burp.


“That was great!”

Eggy was a bit apologetic but his face still showed an indescribable joy. The aura coming from became slightly stronger once more. His expression then changed to one like he was trying to suck up to Luo Tian, “Boss, this one’s special move is very strong, right? Heh heh…”

A very cheap look on his face.

Luo Tian chuckled before flying directly onto Eggy and knocking his head. “Why didn’t you show up earlier if you didn’t die? Why are you pretending when you’re not dead? Do you know how worried we were? Did you ever consider our feelings at all?” Luo Tian gave Eggy several knocks on the head while he spoke.

But there wasn’t any strength behind them and it wasn’t even considered scratching an itch for Eggy.

Eggy grinned and said: “Boss, this one was wrong. This one shouldn’t have pretended to be handsome. This one doesn’t dare to do this ever again.”

Luo Tian smiled and said: “It’s good that you’re alive. Don’t do those stupid things in the future, and don’t rush in front of me ever again. Just trust my judgment. If someone needs to die, I will be the first to die and it won’t be your turn. Do you understand?”

Luo Tian also glanced over at Jingang who was scratching his head while he spoke.

He also looked over at Big Mustache who was playing with some puppet materials in his hand.

Then at Murong Bai whose entire body was wet.

Finally, he looked at Black Widow who was smiling like a blooming flower.

They all had a faint smile in response.

At this time, Liu Chengfeng said with a cold smile: “Okay, there’s no need to be pretentious here. You all will have to die here today so it doesn’t matter who dies first or last. None of you shall dream of escaping!”

“Devil Generals!”

“Activate the God Killing Formation!”

At this time, Zi Loulan’s face turned to the color of a pig’s liver. She then said: “Swords slaves, activate your Sword God Formation!”

She no longer had her sword slaves detonate their souls.

This made Eggy unhappy. He instantly pointed at Zi Loulan and said: “Hey, you damn vicious shrew! Why aren’t you letting your subordinates self-destruct their souls?! Have them come! Quickly! This one can’t wait any longer!”

His expression was like those girls in the red light district waving their handkerchiefs and trying to be coquettish. “Come, quickly come! Come here and play…”

Zi Loulan’s expression turned green before she coldly harrumphed: “You will see in just a bit longer…”



A devilish aura surged out and turned the surrounding area into one like the depths of hell.

The four sword slaves formed their Sword God Formation. Sword qi surged like wild and the killing intent from their bodies was exceptionally strong. Suddenly, the two formations started merging together. It seemed like it was their killing intent that allowed them to combine together effortlessly.

The two formations were created from killing intent.

Liu Chengfeng and Zi Loulan were both surprised by this and started smiling.

The injury on Liu Chengfeng’s chest made him gasp for air. He then viciously said: “Luo Tian, this is your fate. Two unrelated formations have actually fused together. This is ordained by the heavens. I don’t care what kind of dog’s fart reincarnation you are but you will never be in charge of the devil sect!”

Zi Loulan added: “A toad can never eat swan meat!”

“God Killing Sword Formation!”


“Kill them all for me!” Zi Loulan viciously shouted. She couldn’t endure seeing Luo Tian’s arrogant and evil smile anymore.

The formation was activated.

Heavy wind, sword qi, killing intent, and the flames of hell containing the aura of the dead were coming up from the feet of Luo Tian and the others.

It was eerie and horrifying, just like hell had descended.

“Wuuu~… wuuu~…”

The sound of ghosts crying could be heard.

The fusion of two formations made it powerful beyond imagination. Fourteen people moved about quickly like illusory specters. This formation was different from other formations and arrays because there were no cores.

Murong Bai and Black Widow quickly gathered near Luo Tian.

“Boss, what should we do?”

“Boss, how are we going to kill them?”

“Boss, do you want this one to test it out first?”

They enthusiastically rose up to the occasion.

The aura in the surrounding area became more dangerous and terrifying but these guys had no fear and were unusually excited. They were all battle maniacs so they became more excited the more dangerous it became.

Eggy then said: “Boss, it’s our turn.”

Luo Tian replied: “It is time for this year’s immortal sect disciple competition to come to an end. I’m not in the mood to keep playing with them anymore.”

Luo Tian then looked over at Zi Loulan from a distance. He then said with disdain: “Zi Loulan, keep watching. Open your eyes wide and watch!”



“Dragon’s Prestige!”


Luo Tian wasn’t in the mood to play anymore. These people were no longer bosses and had changed to normal elite mobs. Even Liu Chengfeng, who was at the Profound God 9th rank, had become an elite mob. Most likely, the only bosses to Luo Tian now were those old ancestors of their respective immortal sects.

A few months later, all the bosses will most likely gather at Shattered Sky City!

That will be the time for his loot explosion to flip the heavens! Now, Luo Tian just wanted to end this competition.

He then activated the joint-kill skill, “Dragon’s Prestige!”



Luo Tian and Eggy released their powers together and suppressed all the people in the surrounding area.

Stunned for several seconds!

What can one do with just a few seconds?

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