Undefeatable – Ch775

Chapter 775 – Luo Tian’s Worries

Ultimate quest – Save Tianxuan Continent

This quest looked like a huge undertaking of the highest grade.

But Luo Tian actually didn’t care about the life or death of the Tianxuan Continent. The only thing he wanted was the experience points related to it.

Half an hour later, four people arrived at Mount Hua’s main hall.

They had more or less suffered some injuries during the immortal sect disciple competition. Now, they should all be close to a full recovery.

Once they entered, Eggy exclaimed: “Boss, did you want us to hurry over because we’re about to fight the ten great immortal sects? Hahaha… I can’t wait any longer! Last time, we allowed that old dog Daoist Lie Yang to run away. This time, I would like to see where he can run off to!”

Jingang smiled foolishly and said: “Second brother, Daoist Lie Yang’s life belongs to me. No one is allowed to compete with me over it. Since he kept insulting the boss so many times, this one will not spare his life.”

“What the hell?!”

“Big Cow, what kind of position are you putting this eldest senior brother in? His life will definitely be taken by my White Feather Sword.” Murong Bai said with a smile.

Big Mustache widened his eyes, pretending to be angry: “Since I’m the one that’s going to kill him, I don’t care who his life belongs to.”

They were all battle maniacs.

After returning from the South Heavenly Gate, they were all desperately cultivating while recuperating at the same time. They were waiting for Luo Tian to give the order and lead them to kill their way over to the ten great immortal sects. They will f*ck them up one at a time so that they could eliminate any future problems.

Luo Tian’s eyes kind of froze from realization as he said to himself: “That’s right, I have no clue if I’ll get more experience points from killing demonic beasts inside the Geocentric Tower or screwing over the ten great immortal sects. I’m only missing about seven undefeated points. It would be great if I could use it for a qualitative breakthrough.”

Luo Tian hadn’t increased his bloodline level yet because he was planning on fusing the bloodlines of the four divine beasts first. If he increased his bloodline level, it would be considered a waste after fusing with the last divine beast bloodline.

Back then, he heard Murong Wanjian had raised his true dragon bloodline to a very high level and almost became a true dragon.

Most likely, Luo Tian’s current divine beast bloodline power isn’t his opponent. If Murong Wanjian could really transform into a true dragon, then… Luo Tian’s heart tightened as he said to himself: “I really need to find a way to increase my undefeated points and fuse all four divine beast bloodlines together. Only then will I be able to crush Murong Wanjian in an absolute manner.”

But then again, the ten great immortal sects were stronger than what Luo Tian imagined.

Now that all those experts at the Profound God Sovereign realm had exited seclusion, Mount Hua Immortal Sect won’t have enough people to fill the gaps of the teeth of those supreme experts if they tried to attack them.

A Profound God Sovereign expert was strong to the max!

They were existences standing at the peak of the Tianxuan Continent!

Luo Tian cleared his throat as he dropped the thought of killing his way to the ten great immortal sects. He couldn’t play around with the lives of his brothers. He then looked over at Murong Bai and said: “Do you remember the first time we met?”

“The Great Tang’s founding jade seal and the Heavenly Plume City’s city lord seal can be merged together to open an interdimensional space!”

Actually, it’s not really considered an interdimensional space. I should call it the most dangerous place on the Tianxuan Continent. There are otherworldly forces inside devouring the essence of the Tianxuan Continent. The reason why I have called you all to come here is to team up and save the entire Tianxuan Continent.”

After saying that, Luo Tian felt surprised at himself as he muttered: “Holy crap, am I really that noble? How did such words come out of my mouth with such a straight face?”

Eggy was stunned, “Boss, I feel like you have a golden glow around you.”

Jingang added, “It’s a blinding holy light for trying to save the entire Tianxuan Continent! So very noble of you!”

Murong Bai said with a smile: “Boss, is there something wrong with my ears or did you say the wrong thing? Are you sure you’re trying to save the entire Tianxuan Continent or are you trying to save some lost lonely girl? Or are you doing it for ‘that’ girl?”

Big Mustache directly asked: “Boss, what are you really trying to do?”

Those four have followed Luo Tian for a period of time now.

It felt out of place when Luo Tian said those words.

“Who would’ve thought that I would have such an image in your hearts?” Luo Tian shook his head with a bitter look on his face. “I can’t believe my personal image is so bad in your eyes. I’m still considered your boss here, so can you guys give me a bit of face?”

Murong Bai laughed, “What is a personal image? Can it be eaten?”



The five of them laughed together.

Immediately after, Luo Tian took out the Great Tang’s founding jade seal and the Heavenly Plume City’s city lord seal. Those two things looked like ordinary stones but they contained the power of inheritance from over ten thousand years. Those two pieces of stones were originally one.

Luo Tian started becoming more cautious.

At this time, Leng Hanshuang and the others ran over and said: “Where are you going? We want to go too!”

Black Widow said with a charming smile: “Sire, please bring this one along. This one can help you warm your bed.”

Luo Tian looked at Han Hua who instantly revealed an embarrassed expression. “The junior sisters saw me so I kind of mentioned it.”

“You are truly great!”

“Were you trying to hide this from us? Say it, are you going out to look for your other lovers?!” asked Leng Hanshuang.

Luo Tian had thoughts of killing himself right now. Upon seeing their expressions, it looked like it was impossible to stop them so he might as well bring them along. This can be considered a type of training for them and they might even make some further breakthroughs.

Moreover, their strengths have improved greatly so there shouldn’t be a problem in protecting themselves.

“Senior sister…”

“I will hand over Mount Hua Immortal Sect to you while I’m away. Oh right, please send someone over to Dark North City. Find the city lord and tell her to use whatever methods she can to stop those old devils from going to the devil sect. They absolutely cannot go, okay?” Luo Tian said with worry.

When they came back from South Heavenly Gate, the old devils from the Soul Refining Dungeon had already left.

Only piles upon piles of corpses from the ten great immortal sects were left behind. There was a mountain of bones, blood flowed like a river, and the sky was dyed red. It was a complete slaughter and the scene was too gruesome to behold.

They will eventually know of Tong Yan and Wei Mo’s death.

Once they find out it was Liu Chengfeng that killed them, those old fogeys will certainly go nuts and kill their way to the devil sect. This was one of the things Luo Tian was extremely worried about since the current devil sect was no longer the devil sect of the past.

Liu Chengfeng will definitely kill all the old devils.

Even if he can’t kill them all off, there’s still a supreme expert behind him that can.

The cultivation of those old devils has stalled for over ten thousand years. They won’t be able to recover in a short time so there’s no way they will be the devil sect’s opponent.

Han Hua nodded, “I will immediately send people out to take care of it, so don’t worry too much.”

Luo Tian then said to himself: “I really hope they don’t act recklessly.”

Immediately after, Luo Tian walked to the center of the main hall. One hand was holding the city lord’s seal and the other one a jade seal. He then clasped them together and shouted: “Open up for me!”


A power burst forth when the two stones were merged together.

The stone disappeared and a portal-like gate was condensed.

The portal to the Geocentric Tower!

Luo Tian firmly announced: “Let’s enter!”

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