Undefeatable – Ch776

Chapter 776 – Being Eliminated By The System

“Ommm~…” A humming noise was heard.

The portal immediately closed after Luo Tian and the others entered.

Yun Ling immediately asked: “The doorway has closed! How are we supposed to go back?”

“Big brother Luo Tian, what kind of place is this?”

“Sire, you need to properly protect this one.”

“Boss, what kind of ghastly place is this?”

“Damn, this place is huge! It’s just a flat plain where I can’t even see where it ends. And there doesn’t seem to be anything here.”

Everyone started chatting and discussing this new place.

Luo Tian was waiting the moment he entered the portal. He was waiting for the system alert tone but there wasn’t any after a good ten seconds. That meant that he hadn’t triggered any hints on what to do next.

He then sent his senses into the Xumi Ring and asked: “Old ancestor, I’ve entered the Geocentric Tower now. What should I be doing next?”

There wasn’t any reply.

Luo Tian asked once more: “Old ancestor, you wanted me to save the Tianxuan Continent in order to achieve greatness on your behalf. So you should at least tell me what to do next, right? There’s nothing here. Not even that expert from a higher plane that’s supposed to be devouring the Tianxuan Continent’s essence.”

There wasn’t any reply coming from the ring as if Mount Hua’s progenitor no longer existed.

Everything was like a dream.

Luo Tian started frowning, “Damn it, this can’t have been a scam, right? It shouldn’t be so. The system has never malfunctioned so far and its artificial intelligence wouldn’t give someone a fake quest, right? If I was really scammed, then there’s no way for me to leave this place!”

“Ommm~…” A buzzing sound came from the ground of the endless plains.

At this moment, the system finally gave an alert tone.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for entering the first level of the Geocentric Tower. You need to kill all the demonic beasts on the first level and you have ten days. If the player fails to do so, you will be eliminated!”

“If the quest is completed within ten days, the player will achieve an S-grade ranking and get a big Heavenly Flame prize draw!”

When Luo Tian first heard about killing them all in ten days, he bragged: “Ten days is a lot of time. I can clean them all up no matter how many demonic beasts there are here. This quest is quite too relaxing.”

But when he heard that he could be eliminated, he instantly tightened his butt hole and felt cold sweat drench his back.

Eliminated by the system?

What’s going on?

The system is going to kill the player?

If the system was really going to kill him, not even a God could stop it! And that means not even Mount Hua’s progenitor’s brand can protect him!

Luo Tian immediately scolded: “You damn bastard system!”

Luo Tian only smiled when he heard of the possible reward.

The Green Lotus Core Flame attack damage was five million, and the attack damage of the Purifying Lotus Demon Flame was eight million. Based on those figures, we can deduce that the damage of the 108 different heavenly flames will continue to increase.

If he were to get all 108 heavenly flames, he wouldn’t have to make a move himself and just blast out a heavenly flame for an instant kill.

One needs to remember the attack of a heavenly flame will ignore all defense, attack, and basically everything.

How can the strongest ability that Xiao Yan cultivated be ordinary?

Drool almost came out of Luo Tian’s mouth as he said to himself: “A prize drawing for a heavenly flame! This is the song that plays before I erupt into awesomeness! When this daddy gets another heavenly flame, I will have those Profound God Sovereign experts kneel before me and sing Conquered! Hahaha…”

Luo Tian’s clenched butt hole turned into an excited look on his face. It was similar to him having an orgasm on the spot.

When the system’s alert was over, the yellow sand covering the flat plains started shaking.

“Hong~!” A loud clearly defined sound was heard.

It was similar to a gate being opened.

Luo Tian immediately shouted: “Everyone in their battle stance! Quickly come closer to me!”

Luo Tian quickly activated his War Leader’s System and his enhancement powers surged out. Murong Bai was stunned by this as he commented: “How come I feel my powers have grown stronger?”




The roar of thunder was heard in the dark sky and the originally calm plains became rather eerie. In less than ten seconds, the cold aura of brutality erupted as demonic beasts emerged from the ground.

It was similar to the Reanimation Jutsu in Naruto but these demonic beasts looked like humans made out of stones. There were deep lines carved into their bodies that had a fluorescent glow to them. The fluorescence glow was slowly moving about the body before converging to the chest area.

In an instant, the eyes of one of those demonic beasts opened and gave off a flash of red light!

It was alive!

A Lava Beast!

Luo Tian was a bit dumbfounded and unconsciously blurted out: “Malphite¹ from the League of Legends? The size and figure are very similar! Each of them was over ten meters tall and they are practically giants! And I’m supposed to kill them all?”

“It shouldn’t be too hard as long as the thing doesn’t grow larger according to his armor, right?”

Before Luo Tian finished muttering to himself, countless Lava Beasts appeared in the plains with no end in sight.

“What the hell?!”

“This is going to take my life…” Luo Tian was sweating at the sight. It was impossible for them to kill all these demonic beasts within ten days. Moreover, those demonic beasts all looked very strong like they were at or above the Profound God realm.

After being surrounded by millions of Profound God experts, most likely even a Profound God Sovereign ranker would be hard-pressed to escape death.

“I’ve been screwed over!”

“Completely scammed!”

Luo Tian started cursing internally, “What saving the Tianxuan Continent? This was basically the system and Mount Hua’s progenitor f*cking digging a pit for him to fall into!”

Jingang grinned, “Boss, there’s a lot of rock monsters here. Are we here to kill them all?”

Cold sweat appeared on Murong Bai’s forehead as he said: “Boss, can you tell us what you’re planning? Do you really have to cause such a big scene? Someone might really die this time!”

“Big brother Luo Tian, I’m feeling a bit scared as well.”

“Sire, can you satisfy this one’s favor before we die? Please take me into your harem.” Black Widow shook her large white twin peaks while winking at Luo Tian.

“She’s taking my life!” Luo Tian could feel the evil flames inside him rising.

But who would be in the mood to think about those things at a time like this?

Luo Tian looked around and didn’t find any cover or hiding places. There were no walls and no natural defensive positions. It was just a flat plain without any topography for one to rely on.

“Fuuu~…” Luo Tian took a deep breath.

Rock figures one after another started waking up on the plains.

He might as well make the first move instead of waiting for them all to wake up!

Luo Tian’s gaze turned serious as he exclaimed: “Fellow brothers, get ready to fight!”

Once his voice faded, Luo Tian looked over at Murong Bai and said: “Let me go test them out first. Don’t move about in the plains and don’t do anything reckless.”

In an instant, Luo Tian’s figure moved as he shouted: “Breaking Moon!”


He appeared next to a Lava Beast and circulated his energy. His fists were lowered as the full power of a Profound God 8th ranker exploded forth. He then leaped high up into the air before smashing forth with all his might.


Before Luo Tian’s fist could land, the Lava Beast’s rock fist had already smashed him flying.

Luo Tian was dumbstruck, “What the hell?! This demonic beast is too powerful!”

He was going to end up dying at this point!


¹ –


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