Undefeatable – Ch788

Chapter 788 – Murong Wanjian Broke Through

Everyone was working hard.

That included Murong Bai, Jingang, and Eggy.

Leng Hanshuang and the others were cultivating with all they had.

Apart from them, Fatty Lei, Xuanyuan Yi, and Blindman Liu were doing the same thing.

An Chunchun and the others were also cultivating.

Xin Er was cultivating.

Li Xue’er was cultivating.

Everyone was cultivating!

Luo Tian was throwing his life on the line to cultivate!

There was also one other person cultivating with all they had – Murong Wanjian!

Back then, he didn’t place Luo Tian in his eyes. Now, he still didn’t place Luo Tian in his eyes. In his eyes, Luo Tian was basically a fly that kept flying around him non-stop. He was getting annoyed with the fly and wanted to swat him to death with a single slap!

During this period of time, he had received various news about Luo Tian.

Luo Tian had broken through, Luo Tian cultivated this sort of martial skill, and Luo Tian possessed this type of divine artifact. Murong Wanjian basically knew everything about Luo Tian.

As for this information, Murong Wanjian still looked down on everything.

At a mysterious altar.

“Fighting with me, Murong Wanjian, over a woman? Luo Tian, who do you think you are? What qualifications do you have?” Murong Wanjian coldly sneered.

He suddenly roared into the sky: “The sword gives birth to myriad forces! A true dragon breaks the void! Profound God Sovereign realm, break for me!”

Wind and clouds gathered above the altar. Thunder and lightning rumbled. Thousands of different powers converged above him from all over the Tianxuan Continent. They became a beam of light shining upon Murong Wanjian’s body. It was at this moment that it felt like the entire continent had come to a standstill.

All the experts peered through the void.

“It’s the sign of someone breaking through to the Profound God Sovereign realm!”

“The son of a true dragon is truly a son of a true dragon. He’s using the power of a true dragon to help him breakthrough into the Profound God Sovereign realm. There has never been anyone that has thought of such a method. Stepping into the Profound God Sovereign realm under the age of thirty, Murong Wanjian is truly the number one talent in all of history.”

“It looks like he might not just be the number one in all history when it comes to cultivation. He might break the void in the next few years and become the youngest person to enter the Ancient World.”

“We will see if he can succeed or not. Breaking into the Profound God Sovereign realm is like being baptized by a heavenly calamity. Whether he can withstand it or not will depend on his fortune.”

All those supreme experts at the Profound God Sovereign realm were discussing this in the void.

This was different when they discussed Luo Tian.

There was only endless praise when it came to Murong Wanjian. Something like the number one person of all ages, the youngest Profound God Sovereign expert in all of history, and that he would definitely become a hegemon in the Ancient World. All the most glamorous adjectives were used to praise Murong Wanjian.

It was the complete opposite when it came to Luo Tian.


Tens of thousands of forces entered Murong Wanjian’s body.

His eyes widened in ferocity and a small sword was seen at the center of his brow.

“A sword heart?!”

“He actually comprehended the supreme esoteric of the sword? No wonder he can easily learn any type of sword art. It’s a breeze for anyone to learn martial skills related to the sword if they’ve comprehended a sword heart.”

“Sword heart? Take a better look because that’s not a sword heart. That’s a sword spirit, something that’s even stronger than a sword heart!” Cang Tianlong started laughing in joy. He became happier and excited the more he looked at Murong Wanjian because this was the disciple he was the proudest of.

As Cang Tianlong’s voice faded, that small sword at the center of Murong Wanjian’s brow shot out like a mischievous little elf and broke through the void.

The power gathered from all over the place became even stronger.

Murong Wanjian’s body sank down before he sneered: “Is that all the power you’ve got? Become stronger for me!”

“True Dragon Manifestation!”

“Level 9, True Dragon’s Pride!”



A golden dragon broke out from his body! A huge golden adult dragon! Its body was radiating arrogance and violence, completely displaying its monarch’s aura to its fullest!

Many of those supreme experts at the Profound God Sovereign realm felt the pressure on their minds and their sea of consciousness. Some of them had to release their powers in order to defend against the pressure.

The earth quaked.

A dragon’s roar echoed throughout the sky of the Tianxuan Continent.

Countless people looked up at the sky.

“A true dragon!”

“The son of a true dragon! Murong Wanjian’s true dragon! The most talented immortal sect disciple of the human race! The hope of the human race!”

“The number one person of the human race!”

“So handsome! It would be great if I could marry him. A man like him is similar to the glittery stars beyond our sky!”

Everyone was cheering for Murong Wanjian.

Ever since Murong Wanjian was born, he was destined to carry the title of Tianxuan Continent’s strongest person. He was also destined to carry the mission of defending the human race. From little children to eighty year old elderly people, they were all paying attention to Murong Wanjian.


When the true dragon broke out from his body, it flew right into the sky and rampaged about in an unbridled manner. It kept releasing its dragon might and directly forced many people into a sprawling position on the ground.

Murong Wanjian laughed, “Go ahead and go crazy! Let that dog fart Dragon God’s descendant see what a real dragon is! Let that dog Luo Tian see that his Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise are all ants before you!”


Murong Wanjian’s voice seemed to cover the entire continent.

“Hahaha… What sort of Dragon God’s descendant are you talking about? Can he even compare to Murong Wanjian’s true dragon? They are absolutely not comparable at all!”

“So what if he managed to fuse some bloodlines together? In my eyes, Luo Tian isn’t even qualified to carry Murong Wanjian’s shoes for him.”

“Luo Tian? Who is that? I’ve never heard of that name before.”

“Who does Luo Tian think he is? What qualifications does he have to compete with my idol Murong Wanjian? What a joke! Why doesn’t he go take a piss on the ground and take a good look at his own reflection!”

The sound of contempt and mockery was heard.

This time, it was the entire continent mocking him!

Everyone was saying Luo Tian overestimates his own strength.

Even if he manages to fuse with more divine beasts’ bloodlines, it will be useless because he won’t be Murong Wanjian’s opponent.

Murong Wanjian was invincible in their hearts!




The sound of thunder became more severe over the altar. The power of a true dragon’s laws along with sword intent was getting stronger as it rampaged about. The power that was inside Murong Wanjian’s body started clashing with the new powers!

The colliding power was actually transforming his fleshly body!

His mind, sea of consciousness, internal organs, and even his capillary pores were undergoing tremendous changes. The more he could withstand the violent clashing force, the stronger the Profound God Sovereign powers he could display. Every bit of power merging with his body would become an ocean of power.

This was the definition of a metamorphosis.

A true baptism!

Murong Wanjian endured while clenching his teeth. It was painful to put up with the violent powers clashing with him but he became excited and arrogant the more pain he had to endure.

Murong Wanjian suddenly stood up with clenched fists as he shouted: “Profound God Sovereign’s realm, break for me!”


The power suddenly pulled back into his body and it instantly caused a dramatic change.

A few seconds later, Murong Wanjian started laughing like mad. “Hahaha… I broke through to the Profound God Sovereign realm!”

“Luo Tian!”

“Li Xue’er is my, Murong Wanjian’s woman! You dare to fight with me over a woman?! If you dare take a step into Shattered Sky City, I will take your dog life!”

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