Undefeatable – Ch789

Chapter 789 – A Place Where One Cannot Leave

The birth of a new Profound God Sovereign!

The first one in the past few thousand years!

This was a shocking but expected event!

Murong Wanjian, the son of a true dragon, the number one of all ages of the Tianxuan Continent.

The moment he broke through into the Profound God Sovereign realm, the entire continent started celebrating.

Murong Wanjian also issued a bold statement that if Luo Tian entered Shattered Sky City, he would take his life.

Half a minute after Murong Wanjian broke through, a sea of stars seemed to have covered the blazing sun. It caused the entire horizon to reflect the beautiful scene of millions of stars shining with eye-catching luster.

The stars slowly converged together and formed a huge phoenix.

The phoenix flew through the air and screeched.

The power of the stars silently shot down.

It was so quiet and peaceful that many people weren’t able to detect it. Compared to Murong Wanjian’s unbridled rampage, Li Xue’er’s star power was delicate and tender. It was as if Goddess Xuannu was floating down from the nine heavens.


So beautiful that words couldn’t describe it.

When the phoenix made up of star power entered Li Xue’er’s body, her strength, aura, mind, and sea of consciousness instantly changed.

“A breakthrough!”

“It’s the birth of another Profound God Sovereign expert.”

“Two in a single day! This is definitely the first time in all of history.”

“This is the fortune of the human race!”

“True dragon. Young Phoenix. Those two are truly a match!”


Everyone was cheering and celebrating with joyous smiles on their faces.

In the void.

“Hahaha… Congratulations brother Cang! Your disciple broke through to become an expert at the Profound God Sovereign realm and the number one person of all ages. An event worthy of great celebration!”

“Old Ancestor Starsea, your disciple is also quite capable. She was slower by a few minutes but her age is much younger. When compared to the rage of a true dragon, her powers are completely full of mystery. Her achievements in the future will definitely be immeasurable!”

“Young phoenix with a true dragon is truly a great match. They will definitely become legends in the Tianxuan Continent.”


There were all kinds of praises being given.

Cang Tianlong and Old Ancestor Starsea were both full of smiles.

There was a trace of triumph behind their smiles.

After that, those supreme Profound God Sovereign experts all started smiling.

What were they smiling about? No one on the outside knew.


Li Xue’er’s brow quivered as she looked up at the sky. There was a sense of longing in her eyes as she stared at the beautiful starry sky. She then said to herself: “Big brother Luo Tian, where are you now? Xue’er misses you. Xue’er wants to see you.”

She broke through to the Profound God Sovereign realm.

She can now leave the altar.

This was the agreement she made with Old Ancestor Starsea and the Soul King.

As long as she breaks through to the Profound God Sovereign realm, she can leave the Starsea Immortal Sect and go do whatever she wants to.

But a while ago, she started panicking when her vision of Luo Tian suddenly disappeared.

No matter how much she used the powers of the stars, she couldn’t find any trace of Luo Tian. It was as if he had suddenly disappeared from the face of the continent. Fear rose out from her heart so she desperately cultivated in order to leave the altar and go looking for him.

She didn’t care or bother with Murong Wanjian’s breakthrough.

She didn’t put him in her eyes.

This irritated Murong Wanjian and the hatred inside him increased exponentially.

Starsea Immortal Sect.

Li Xue’er walked down from the altar and approached the perimeter of the dark cage. This was the cage that had trapped her here for several years. Her eyebrows faintly quivered as she raised her right hand. She released a surge of Profound God Sovereign power and easily shattered the cage that had been confining her for so long.

“Xue’er, you have become a supreme expert at the Profound God Sovereign realm now.” Zi Loulan was the first person to approach her.

There were two other people behind her.

One was Old Ancestor Starsea, and the other was the Soul Hall’s Soul King!

There was a brief glint of light when Li Xue’er looked over at Zi Loulan. She bit her lips before saying: “Mother.”

Zi Loulan was ecstatic, “Finally!”

Zi Loulan then said to herself: “Luo Tian, it doesn’t matter how hard you try to please my Xue’er. She is my daughter and I am her mother!”

Old Ancestor Starsea walked over and said: “Xue’er, you’ve finally made your breakthrough.”

The Soul King smiled and couldn’t hold down his excitement, “I really didn’t misjudge you. Even though you weren’t the first one to break through, the power you’ve absorbed is no less than Murong Wanjian. Your cultivation will definitely reach shocking heights in the future.”

Li Xue’er politely called out: “Master.”

As for the Soul King, Li Xue’er didn’t even glance at him. She has always remembered the time when Luo Tian was surrounded by Devil Monarch Skysoul when he was at Heavenly Sword City. She was not going to forgive the Soul King.

She knew this matter was her mother interfering.

But since the Soul King had promised her but didn’t do anything, this was the reason she was holding a grudge.

Before the others could say anything more, Li Xue’er asked: “I can leave now, right?”

Her voice was cold and contained the pride of a phoenix.

The three of them were stunned.

Old Ancestor Starsea responded: “Xue’er, you just broke through to the Profound God Sovereign realm. What you should be doing is consolidating your power. This will be very helpful to your future cultivation…”

Li Xue’er interrupted him, “I want to look for big brother Luo Tian.”

She smiled when she said the four words big brother Luo Tian. Even though she noticed her mother and her master didn’t smile, she still had a charming smile on her face.

The expression on the three of them instantly changed.

Zi Loulan was unhappy but said carefully: “Xue’er, your wedding day will be here soon. You should be preparing for it instead. I don’t think it’s a good thing if you go out looking for Luo Tian at a time like this.”

Old Ancestor Starsea added: “That’s right. Xue’er, your top priority right now is the wedding. Your union with Murong Wanjian is a major event for the entire Tianxuan Continent so you need to keep the big picture in mind.”

The Soul King didn’t say anything.

Li Xue’er stopped smiling and said: “I will come back before the wedding day so you guys don’t have to worry about it. You three promised me that I can go do my own thing after I break through into the Profound God Sovereign realm. There are still more than two months before the wedding. I want to go everywhere to look around during this time. And who I spend my time with had no relations to you guys. If Murong Wanjian and the Imperial God Immortal Sect are unhappy with me, they can come to look for me themselves.”

After saying that, Li Xue’er left in a hurry. She didn’t want to spend an extra second in the Starsea Immortal Sect. Her heart had already left this place. What she wanted to do was to head to Mount Hua Immortal Sect and ask where Luo Tian went off to and why can’t she sense him.

At this time, the Soul King blocked in front of Li Xue’er and said: “Luo Tian went to the Geocentric Tower. Without me saying it, you should be clear on the consequences of that place.”

Li Xue’er became dumbstruck.

Her body shivered once and her legs couldn’t stand properly.

Her eyes stared at the Soul King without blinking. She could tell from his eyes that he wasn’t lying to her.

She knew about the Geocentric Tower!

She knew about it much earlier than Luo Tian.

That place was a location that no one could escape from!

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