Undefeatable – Ch790

Chapter 790 – A Blade Spirit Exploded Out

Geocentric Tower, the peak of the blade mountain.

Luo Tian’s hair was in disarray while he stood on top of the hilt of a huge blade. Annihilate in his hand was making a ringing sound filled with power and violence.

He looked like a raging mad demon at this time.

His eyes were peering through the darkness and into the void as he muttered: “Murong Wanjian broke through to the Profound God Sovereign realm. Little sister Xue’er also broke through. As for me…”

Luo Tian was still able to sense what was happening on the surface of the continent while inside the Geocentric Tower.

Even the Geocentric Tower was affected by the huge energy fluctuation. Luo Tian naturally associated that with Murong Wanjian breaking through to the Profound God Sovereign realm. His mind felt a mysterious connection and he realized Li Xue’er had broken through too.

He was the only one left.

Apart from his friends, no one else in this world would care about Luo Tian.

Glory will always remain for people like Murong Wanjian and Li Xue’er. They were the so-called heaven’s pride of the Tianxuan Continent. They were dragons among men, phoenixes among women. They had been entrusted with a grand mission ever since they were young, so stepping into the Profound God Sovereign realm was just their first hurdle.

Luo Tian looked up his experience bar.

He was still missing two-thirds of the bar in order to enter the Profound God Sovereign realm.

Luo Tian inexplicably felt another layer of pressure.

He still maintained an excited smile, “The higher you stand, the more painful the fall. Murong Wanjian, you’re in the Profound God Sovereign realm so I have to stand higher than you. I will absolutely crush you in all aspects!”

Immediately after, Luo Tian’s Devil Sovereign body sank as he stomped down. The huge blade hilt beneath his feet was issuing groaning sounds. Luo Tian frowned as he shouted: “Explode for me!”


The huge blade stabbed further down.

The blade plunged into the center of the blade mountain causing all kinds of blades to tumble out. The scene looked like loose rocks were rolling down from the mountain.

“Clang~, clang~, clang~…”

“Clang~, clang~, clang~…”

“Clang~, clang~, clang~…”

The towering mountain of blades that reached high into the void collapsed and seemed to have caused heaven and earth to shake.

The huge blade with an extremely long health bar finally bottomed out. The system then immediately gave off an alert tone.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Blade Spirit King. You have gained 100,000,000 experience points, 1,000,000 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining a Blade Spirit. Would you like to fuse with it?”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining Astral Iron!”

“Blade Spirit?”

Luo Tian was stunned by this. He has heard of a sword spirit but never a blade spirit.

“Could this be the soul of a blade?”

Luo Tian wasn’t someone that liked to use his brains.

He never planned to comprehend anything powerful.

A sword spirit was something you comprehended from sword intent.

A blade spirit was naturally the same thing.

Murong Wanjian was able to comprehend one while Luo Tian killed monsters and looted one!

Luo Tian looked at the hazy mist that was releasing an incomparably arrogant blade intent. It was just like a fiery violent man, which precisely fit his character well. He smiled and said in his mind: “Fuse with it!”


The hazy mist disappeared from his spatial ring and suddenly went right in-between the center of Luo Tian’s brows.

It dove in further and went inside Luo Tian’s mind.



His mind shook and a sharp glint of light flashed within Luo Tian’s eyes. It was as if his vision had suddenly become different and clearer. He could feel that Annihilate had become even crazier within the grasp of his hand.

A black domineering energy was coming out and made Luo Tian excited.

A blade can also be a hegemon!

Its power became wild, overbearing, and fierce!

No compromising, no backing out, only take it head-on!

At this time, the system gave off another alert tone.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for fusing with a blade spirit. Your Shocking Heaven Slash proficiency has gone up by one full level!”


“Such a good thing can happen?” Luo Tian was ecstatic as he checked his Shocking Heaven Slash which had indeed gone up by a level. The cooldown time was reduced by an hour and the power was stronger by several points.


Blade Spirit King was roaring inside Annihilate in anger as if his position was being threatened.

Luo Tian shouted: “Blade River King! What the hell are you screaming about?!”

Luo Tian made a thought and released his blade spirit aura.

In less than a second, Blade River King became an obedient little kitten. He curled into a ball and didn’t dare to make any more noise.

Was this still the insufferably arrogant boss of the Floodplain World?

He had completely lost his demeanor!

“What the f*ck?!”

“Does it have to be this awesome?” Luo Tian was stunned by this. How powerful was Blade River King? And his blade spirit caused this boss to completely stop throwing a tantrum? Wasn’t this a bit too strong?

Blade River King, the king of bladed beasts couldn’t comprehend a blade spirit.

When compared with Murong Wanjian’s sword spirit, it was much harder to comprehend a blade spirit.

It required a combination of powerful intentions.

This included the ‘crazy’ and ‘domineering’ intentions.

This blade was the king of the Blade Tomb. A king that came from beyond this world. It wasn’t able to comprehend a blade spirit or else Luo Tian wouldn’t be its opponent. It was only able to barely reach the threshold yet Luo Tian got the entire comprehension as a loot explosion.

Of course, this was related to An Chunchun and Xin Er.

After Murong Wanjian and Li Xue’er broke through, those girls didn’t do anything other than pray for Luo Tian. Those two had their own special abilities and no one in this world understood how powerful it was.

Even though they were millions of miles away, their abilities were able to penetrate through all and help Luo Tian.

Goddess of luck!

Goddess of fate!

The abilities of those two goddesses were able to penetrate through everything because even the Ancient World didn’t have someone with their powers. Their powers belong to an overlord in an even higher realm! One that was like a true god!

“Bloodline against bloodline!”

“Strength against strength!”

“Blade spirit against sword spirit!”

“I will absolutely crush you on all fronts!” Luo Tian clenched his fists as the pressure in his heart made him excited.

Luo Tian was practically a lunatic.

As long as there was a goal, he would turn into a mad bull and charge ahead without a care for his life. Even if he ends up dying, he will not stop until he achieves his goal!

Back then, he only knew Murong Wanjian had the true dragon’s bloodline and didn’t know his cultivation realm. Now that he knew it was the Profound God Sovereign realm, his goal was completely clear to him.

“Profound God Sovereign 1st rank, huh?”

“You just wait!”

Luo Tian laughed out loud like mad while his gaze became heated.

At this time…


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for completing the Geocentric Tower second level quest.”

“Your grading will start now!”

“Bing~, bing~, bing~…”

Numbers kept changing on the rating page.


“Kill one million blades – you have gained an S grade rating!”


“Killing Blade Spirit King – you have gained an S grade rating!”

“Overall rating, S grade!”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the heavenly flame lottery draw. Do you wish to start the draw now?”

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