Undefeatable – Ch791

Chapter 791 – Instant Kill!

“No!” Luo Tian gave up drawing for now.

“It’s not fun doing it one at a time.”

“It’s only exciting when I draw them ten at a time,” said Luo Tian with a smile. He was determined to get all the heavenly flames but drawing them one at a time was too annoying.

Completely beat the Geocentric Tower and then do the prize draw all at once!

Now that would be awesome!

The system gave an alert of saving the prize draw and then gave off another alert tone.


“Notice: Is the player going to enter the third level of the Geocentric Tower?”


Luo Tian didn’t hesitate since he was running out of time. Murong Wanjian already entered the Profound God Sovereign realm so he had to be even more diligent!


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for entering the third level of the Geocentric Tower – Heavenly Void World!”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for triggering the quest – Kill Heavenly Void Ancestor!”

“Quest limit is three days!”

“If the rating reaches the S grade, you will gain a heavenly flame prize draw!”

The system alerts ended.

The Blade Tomb around Luo Tian instantly disappeared and a world of illusory wind and clouds appeared.

The surroundings were misty and time seemed to come to a standstill. Nothing could be seen and even his senses couldn’t detect anything. Not to mention the Heavenly Void Ancestor, not even a panting demonic beast could be seen. What was he supposed to kill at this rate?

“Heavenly Void World?”

“What kind of crappy world is this?” Luo Tian grumbled to himself. He didn’t continue complaining and released his spiritual senses that spread out over a million kilometers. He still wasn’t able to detect the existence of any creatures even after that. Apart from nothing, there was still nothing.

“Emptiness World would be a more apt name for it, right?”

“What kind of existence is this Geocentric Tower?”

“There are all kinds of strange worlds. A world of rock people, a world full of blades, and now this Heavenly Void World. What kind of level will come after this?” Luo Tian felt that this Geocentric Tower wasn’t that simple.

Maybe the Tianxuan Continent wasn’t as simple as what Mount Hua’s progenitor believes it to be.

If it were truly some expert from another realm devouring Tianxuan Continent’s essence, then there should only be one world here. But each level gave Luo Tian a feeling that he was going into different worlds. One thing for sure is that all the demonic beasts and monsters inside the Geocentric Tower came from higher realms above the Tianxuan Continent.

“Could it be…”

Luo Tian made a bold guess but then rejected his thoughts. “It shouldn’t be that ridiculous! If it were really connected to eighteen higher realms, then that will be really too f*cked up. This will only be possible if the Tianxuan Continent is the origin world, the source of all things. Otherwise, it is impossible.”

The Geocentric Tower was split into eighteen levels.

If Luo Tian’s guess was right, then each level would be a snapshot of the higher realms related to the Tianxuan Continent.

Eighteen levels represented eighteen snapshots.

All of this inside the depths of the Tianxuan Continent? This… Unless the Tianxuan Continent was really the origin world, otherwise, this would be impossible. If this were to be true, what is this power of the great path that Mount Hua’s progenitor spoke about?


Luo Tian’s head felt his head growing bigger thinking about these questions.

Inexplicable annoyance.

Luo Tian smacked his head and said: “It looks like I’m truly someone not suitable for thinking of complicated things. My head is getting bigger just from thinking a bit about it!”

“Since this is the case, all I can do now is to kill.”

Luo Tian took a step forward the moment his voice faded.


There was a slight fluctuation in the mists of the Heavenly Void Word. The fluctuation felt like a breathing sound. Luo Tian still couldn’t sense anything so he scolded: “Heavenly Void Ancestor, your mom is calling you to go home for dinner!”

There was no reaction.

“Heavenly Void Ancestor! Why doesn’t an old bastard like you show yourself?!”

Still no reaction.

“Can you give me some face?!”

There was still no reaction from the Heavenly Void World after he shouted a few times.

There were no demonic beasts, no living auras, absolutely nothing.

“This is pissing me off!”

Luo Tian turned serious as he said: “In that case, then I can only do this.”



“Come out for me!”

Luo Tian’s pupils changed into multiple rhombus patterns. His blood-colored eyes were terrifying to behold as everything in front of him became blood-colored as well. At this instant, all the monsters were exposed before him.

“What the hell?!” Luo Tian was feeling shocked!

“It was fortunate that I learned Sharingan, otherwise, I will definitely be erased by the system today.” Luo Tian’s world was filled with demonic beasts. These demonic beasts had no living aura, no physical bodies, and only a misty physique just like a deceased spirit.

A few centimeters in front of Luo Tian’s face were a bunch of spiritual figures.

“Void spirits?!” Luo Tian tried to maintain his composure.

He could see those void spirits and those void spirits could see him. But these void spirits categorized as demonic beasts didn’t attack Luo Tian and only bared their fangs and claws at him.



Luo Tian’s gaze instantly changed and the surrounding area became a bloody world. The power of Kaleidoscope caused all the void spirits to fall under Luo Tian’s illusion. They started killing each other like crazy!



Continuous brutal slaughtering of each other.

Alert tones from the system kept sounding off inside Luo Tian’s mind.

His experience bar increased point by point.

The first day.

Luo Tian used Sharingan a total of nine times and his body almost couldn’t handle it anymore. The backlash of using Sharingan was too strong. The higher the level of proficiency, the stronger the repercussions. But Luo Tian didn’t stop his slaughter because he wouldn’t have such a chance in the future if he didn’t fight with his life on the line now.

The second day.

Luo Tian maintained his pace.

The third day.

The level had completely changed.

It was similar to the first level where the void spirits gradually converged together to form a huge spiritual body.

“Heavenly Void Ancestor!”

The corners of Luo Tian’s mouth curved into a smile. Annihilate was already on the move as he made a thought and activated his blade spirit. The two forces combined as Luo Tian exclaimed: “Let me experience how strong you are!”

“Blade spirit, come out!”


A domineering and arrogant power rushed out of Luo Tian’s body. A gas or vapor-like huge blade appeared floating in the air.

Luo Tian locked his vision on this Heavenly Void Ancestor as his body started moving, “Shocking Heaven Slash!”

A shocking amount of blade qi surged into the sky and disappeared into space.

Luo Tian released all his powers before chopping down.




The blade spirit penetrated inside Heavenly Void Ancestor’s body and started slashing around like crazy. Shocking Heaven Slash also landed on its body.



“Holy crap! This kind of damage is off the charts! Blade spirit, you are a bit too fierce! This can easily take people’s life! Hahaha…” Luo Tian laughed out loud. Heavenly Void Ancestor hadn’t fully condensed yet and its health bar had already bottomed out.

Luo Tian didn’t give it any chances and shouted: “Come out Green Lotus Core Flame!”

“Come out, Purifying Lotus Demon Flame!”

“Come out, Prison Flame!”

“Come out, Nine Dragon Lightning Flame!”

Instant kill!

“Goddamn these heavenly flames are fierce!”

Luo Tian’s smile was so wide that he couldn’t close his mouth. He had a feeling that the moment Murong Wanjian appears, he could smash him to death with all his heavenly flames!

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