Undefeatable – Ch794

Chapter 794 – Starting The Heavenly Flame Prize Draw

God Enel was simply too strong.

The power he possessed had reached Armageddon proportions!

Luo Tian was a huge fan of One Piece.

Out of all the One Piece Characters, God Enel was one of his favorites. The lightning devil fruit was a dream for Luo Tian, but that was something that existed in the fantasy world of his previous life. It would be impossible in this life as well.

After all, they were in two different worlds.

It was impossible for God Enel to appear inside the Geocentric Tower, and it was impossible that he would appear here as the Divine Origin Celestial Venerable.

Even though he really loved that character, Luo Tian’s mind was still very clear on what he had to do.

Luo Tian smiled faintly, “How could you be God Enel? There’s no way you can compare with God Enel.”

While saying that, Luo Tian’s brows furrowed as he shouted: “Level 9 Berserk!”

“Nine Dragons and Elephants, Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, and Azure Dragon bloodlines, come out for me!”

Luo Tian was too lazy to speak nonsense with him! Let’s just fight!

Chat after they die!

Divine Origin Celestial Venerable chuckled, “Is this all the strength you have?”

Just as his voice was heard, Luo Tian’s figure disappeared. He had released all his powers and slashed down with Annihilate. The endless power of the blade spirit caused the entire sky to shake from the blade qi.

This slash was extremely powerful!

A peak Profound God 9th ranker would be instantly killed by Luo Tian’s slash!

But this Divine Origin Celestial Venerable revealed a disdainful smile as his body merely moved a tiny bit.



Slashing air!

The distance from Divine Origin Celestial Venerable was less than ten centimeters. The attack didn’t land and the energy from the blade didn’t hurt him either. The impact force from the blade qi caused debris to smash flying tens of thousands of feet away but Divine Origin Celestial Venerable looked like he wasn’t affected in the slightest.

Too fast?!

So fast that Luo Tian couldn’t see?

Luo Tian was an expert at the Profound God 9th rank, and he was confident that he was the strongest person below the Profound God Sovereign realm. Based on his own power and accuracy calculation, it was unlikely even for a Profound God Sovereign expert to avoid his attack. But this Divine Origin Celestial Venerable did it in an easy manner!

“This is impossible, right?”

“No matter how strong a boss is, it cannot be strong to such a ridiculous level, right? Otherwise, the system would never issue me such a quest. Giving me a quest that cannot be completed?” Luo Tian grumbled to himself. His eyes turned fierce when he looked at the disdainful smile on Divine Origin Celestial Venerable. He then said to himself: “Could it be some sort of prediction ability?”


Being able to predict one’s attack before it lands requires a god-like spiritual sense.

Luo Tian was considered a professional gamer in his previous life but wanting to predict attacks relied on luck and was never 100% successful.

“Is this all the strength you have?”

“Too weak!”

“In front of a God, you are not even comparable to an ant! Hahaha…” mocked Divine Origin Celestial Venerable. He was standing there without moving and not placing Luo Tian in his eyes. His stance and expression was like telling Luo Tian to come and try again.

“Shadow Clone!”


“Shocking Heaven Slash, break for me!”


Mind numbingly fast! Shadow Clone Shadow Shift was basically an instantaneous movement skill. The speed became even faster with the last great perfection level Flashback. Together with the powerful Heaven Shocking Slash, those two skills were practically a match made in heaven. This was a surprise attack that can instantly kill an enemy!

Luo Tian was only ten meters away from Divine Origin Celestial Venerate. At such a distance, even a true god wouldn’t be able to dodge in time.

Luo Tian was 100% confident with Shadow Clone Shadow Shift that even a Profound God Sovereign expert wouldn’t be able to dodge in time!

But the most damning thing was that Divine Origin Celestial Venerate still managed to dodge the slash by shifting ten centimeters away. This…

Luo Tian retreated back to his original position. His expression sank as he muttered: “Impossible! Even a god-like consciousness cannot make such a quick prediction.”


Luo Tian observed Divine Origin Celestial Venerate carefully. He started recalling that God Enel in One Piece had an ability called Haki that can briefly predict what his opponent will do. This must be the case since both attacks were dodged so exquisitely.

So this was the power of prediction?

It can’t be!

Luo Tian suspected that this Divine Origin Celestial Venerate was absolutely God Enel from One Piece since even their abilities were the same!

Luo Tian suddenly laughed happily, “The heavens are treating me not too badly. It knows what my dreams are and is now giving me a chance to get God Enel’s lightning devil fruit…”

“This daddy will definitely be getting it!”


If he could learn Haki, he could react in the shortest amount of time to deal with attacks by strong experts. And he would be the first to know what his opponents are thinking of doing. This ability was too perverted! God Enel’s ability in One Piece was too perverted!

His dream!

He was suddenly very close to attaining it!

People are supposed to have dreams because what if it comes true one day?

He couldn’t achieve this in his previous life, but this life… Luo Tian couldn’t help but start laughing out loud. “Hahaha… Divine Origin Celestial Venerate is it? I’m going to explode you. I’m definitely going to explode you! Even if I have to use up my life, I will still explode you! Do you know how much I am in love with you… your ability! Hahaha…”

Divine Origin Celestial Venerable was dumbstruck.

He didn’t know what Luo Tian was talking about and didn’t know why he became so excited.

But the disdainful sneer on his face intensified a bit as he said: “Just based on you? You are just a little toy in my eyes. If I made a move against you, you would be instantly killed. It’s just that it’s been too boring after tens of millions of years in solitude, and it’s not often I would get a human visitor. That’s why I need to play around with you like playing around with a monkey.”

“Since you enjoy laughing, then you can go ahead and die while laughing!”

As his voice faded, Divine Origin Celestial Venerable raised his left food and didn’t use a fatal strike. “Teleport!”



It was as if he was faster than the speed of light by a little bit! This kind of power was too heaven-defying!

“Sure enough, I’m not wrong. This guy is God Enel and just happens to have a different name. The only thing I don’t know is whether this God Enel has eaten a lightning devil fruit or not. If a lightning devil fruit does explode out as loot, then that would be too awesome! This is the song that plays right before I get rich!”

“If I were to fuse with the lightning devil fruit, I can directly destroy this continent if I wanted to! What Profound God Sovereign expert? What son of a true dragon? They will all become ants in my eyes! I will be able to crush them however I want!” Luo Tian laughed excitedly.

“Ancient Golden Elephant’s Body!”


Luo Tian activated his new Ancient Golden Elephant’s Body skill without hesitation.

There was no way he could dodge an attack from Divine Origin Celestial Venerable because he was simply too fast. Even if he could detect Divine Origin Celestial Venerable’s incoming aura, he wouldn’t be able to react at all.


Luo Tian had a golden glow around him.

It was like achieving the golden body of legends but he didn’t enter an invincible state.

No matter how strong the defensive powers of the Ancient Golden Elephant was, it still wasn’t strong enough to resist Divine Origin Celestial Venerable. Luo Tian was smashed flying as he sprayed out a mouthful of blood. The pain was unbearable for him! At this moment, he made a thought: “Start the heavenly flame prize draw!”

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